Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1104.2513 (Timothy C. Beers et al.)

The Case for the Dual Halo of the Milky Way    [PDF]

Timothy C. Beers, Daniela Carollo, Zeljko Ivezic, Deokkeun An, Masashi Chiba, John E. Norris, Ken C. Freeman, Young Sun Lee, Jeffrey A. Munn, Paola Re Fiorentin, Thirupathi Sivarani, Ronald Wilhelm, Brian Yanny, Donald G. York

1109.6022 (Raymond G. Carlberg)

Dark Matter Sub-Halo Counts via Star Stream Crossings    [PDF]

Raymond G. Carlberg

1111.2688 (M. Bellazzini et al.)

Na-O anticorrelation and HB. IX. Kinematics of the program clusters. A link between systemic rotation and HB morphology?    [PDF]

M. Bellazzini, A. Bragaglia, E. Carretta, R. G. Gratton, S. Lucatello, G. Catanzaro, F. Leone

1111.5806 (Jorick S. Vink et al.)

In pursuit of gamma-ray burst progenitors: the identification of a sub-population of rotating Wolf-Rayet stars    [PDF]

Jorick S. Vink, G. Graefener, T. J. Harries

1112.0155 (Sven Olofsson et al.)

The mid-infrared extinction in molecular clouds Case study of B 335    [PDF]

Sven Olofsson, Göran Olofsson

1112.0179 (Ortwin Gerhard et al.)

The inner Galactic bulge: evidence for a nuclear bar?    [PDF]

Ortwin Gerhard, Inma Martinez-Valpuesta

1112.0243 (William Sheehan)

W. W. Morgan and the Discovery of the Spiral Arm Structure of our Galaxy    [PDF]

William Sheehan

1112.0272 (Paul M. E. Ruffle et al.)

Identification of Spitzer-IRS staring mode targets in the Magellanic Clouds    [PDF]

Paul M. E. Ruffle, Paul M. Woods, F. Kemper

1112.0306 (R. Michael Rich et al.)

Detailed abundances for M giants in two inner bulge fields from Infrared Spectroscopy    [PDF]

R. Michael Rich, Livia Origlia, Elena Valenti

1112.0315 (C. Scannapieco et al.)

The Aquila comparison Project: The Effects of Feedback and Numerical Methods on Simulations of Galaxy Formation    [PDF]

C. Scannapieco, M. Wadepuhl, O. H. Parry, J. F. Navarro, A. Jenkins, V. Springel, R. Teyssier, E. Carlson, H. M. P. Couchman, R. A. Crain, C. Dalla Vecchia, C. S. Frenk, C. Kobayashi, P. Monaco, G. Murante, T. Okamoto, T. Quinn, J. Schaye, G. S. Stinson, T. Theuns, J. Wadsley, S. D. M. White, R. Woods

1112.0313 (Katherine E. Whitaker et al.)

A Large Population of Massive Compact Post-Starburst Galaxies at z>1: Implications for the Size Evolution and Quenching Mechanism of Quiescent Galaxies    [PDF]

Katherine E. Whitaker, Mariska Kriek, Pieter G. van Dokkum, Rachel Bezanson, Gabriel Brammer, Marijn Franx, Ivo Labbe

1112.0312 (Michael C. Cooper et al.)

The Arizona CDFS Environment Survey (ACES): A Magellan/IMACS Spectroscopic Survey of the Chandra Deep Field South    [PDF]

Michael C. Cooper, R. Yan, M. Dickinson, S. Juneau, J. M. Lotz, J. A. Newman, C. Papovich, S. Salim, G. Walth, B. J. Weiner, C. N. A. Willmer

1112.0317 (Evan Scannapieco et al.)

Identification of a Fundamental Transition in a Turbulently-Supported Interstellar Medium    [PDF]

Evan Scannapieco, William J. Gray, Liubin Pan

1112.0321 (Ryan C. Hickox et al.)

The LABOCA Survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field South: Clustering of submillimetre galaxies    [PDF]

Ryan C. Hickox, J. L. Wardlow, Ian Smail, A. D. Myers, D. M. Alexander, A. M. Swinbank, A. L. R. Danielson, J. P. Stott, S. C. Chapman, K. E. K. Coppin, J. S. Dunlop, E. Gawiser, D. Lutz, P. van der Werf, A. Weiss

1112.0324 (Xinyu Dai et al.)

XMM-Newton Detects a Hot Gaseous Halo in the Fastest Rotating Spiral Galaxy UGC 12591    [PDF]

Xinyu Dai, Michael E. Anderson, Joel N. Bregman, Jon M. Miller

1112.0329 (F. Bocchino et al.)

YouASTRO: a web-based bibliography management system with distributed comments and rating features for SAO/NASA ADS papers    [PDF]

F. Bocchino, J. Lopez-Santiago, F. Albacete-Colombo, N. Bucciantini

1112.0414 (Ignacio Negueruela et al.)

The young open cluster Berkeley 55    [PDF]

Ignacio Negueruela, Amparo Marco

1112.0431 (B. Lemasle et al.)

VLT/FLAMES spectroscopy of Red Giant Branch stars in the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy    [PDF]

B. Lemasle, V. Hill, E. Tolstoy, K. A. Venn, M. D. Shetrone, M. J. Irwin, T. J. L. de Boer, E. Starkenburg, S. Salvadori

1112.0432 (M. W. Peel et al.)

Template fitting of WMAP 7-year data: anomalous dust or flattening synchrotron emission?    [PDF]

M. W. Peel, C. Dickinson, R. D. Davies, A. J. Banday, T. R. Jaffe, J. L. Jonas

1112.0438 (Ewa L. Lokas)

Dark matter in dwarf galaxies of the Local Group    [PDF]

Ewa L. Lokas

1112.0516 (L. A. Suad et al.)

GS100-02-41: a new large HI shell in the outer part of the Galaxy    [PDF]

L. A. Suad, S. Cichowolski, E. M. Arnal, J. C. Testori

1112.0533 (Q. Daniel Wang)

Galactic Neighborhood and Laboratory Astrophysics    [PDF]

Q. Daniel Wang

1112.0562 (P. Pietrukowicz et al.)

The first confirmed microlens in a globular cluster    [PDF]

P. Pietrukowicz, D. Minniti, Ph. Jetzer, J. Alonso-Garcia, A. Udalski

1112.0566 (S. Martín et al.)

Surviving the hole I: Spatially resolved chemistry around Sgr A*    [PDF]

S. Martín, J. Martín-Pintado, M. Montero-Castaño, P. T. P. Ho, R. Blundell

1112.0570 (Marko Stalevski et al.)

AGN Dusty Tori as a Clumpy Two-Phase Medium: The 10 Micron Silicate Feature    [PDF]

Marko Stalevski, Jacopo Fritz, Maarten Baes, Theodoros Nakos, Luka C. Popovic

1112.0571 (Thomas J. Maccarone et al.)

Novae from isolated white dwarfs as a source of helium for second generation stars in globular clusters    [PDF]

Thomas J. Maccarone, David R. Zurek

1112.0777 (E. Kankare et al.)

Discovery of Two Supernovae in the Nuclear Regions of the Luminous Infrared Galaxy IC 883    [PDF]

E. Kankare, S. Mattila, S. Ryder, P. Vaisanen, A. Alberdi, A. Alonso-Herrero, L. Colina, A. Efstathiou, J. Kotilainen, J. Melinder, M. -A. Perez-Torres, C. Romero-Canizales, A. Takalo

1112.0928 (P. D. Klaassen et al.)

Looking for outflow and infall signatures in high mass star forming regions    [PDF]

P. D. Klaassen, L. Testi, H. Beuther

1112.0936 (Jorick S. Vink et al.)

Wind Models for Very Massive Stars in the Local Universe    [PDF]

Jorick S. Vink, J. M. Bestenlehner, G. Graefener, A. de Koter, N. Langer

1112.0944 (L. E. Muijres et al.)

Predictions for mass-loss rates and terminal wind velocities of massive O-type stars    [PDF]

L. E. Muijres, Jorick S. Vink, A. de Koter, P. E. Mueller, N. Langer

1112.0952 (Jorick S. Vink)

The theory of stellar winds    [PDF]

Jorick S. Vink

1112.1009 (T. -C. Peng et al.)

The APEX-CHAMP+ view of the Orion Molecular Cloud 1 core - Constraining the excitation with submillimeter CO multi-line observations    [PDF]

T. -C. Peng, F. Wyrowski, L. A. Zapata, R. Güsten, K. M. Menten

1112.1013 (Euaggelos E. Zotos)

Disks controlling chaos in a 3D dynamical model for elliptical galaxies    [PDF]

Euaggelos E. Zotos

1112.1031 (Hidenobu Yajima et al.)

Were progenitors of local L* galaxies Lyman-alpha emitters at high redshift?    [PDF]

Hidenobu Yajima, Yuexing Li, Qirong Zhu, Tom Abel, Caryl Gronwall, Robin Ciardullo