Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1208.2690 (Gregory Dobler)

Identifying the Radio Bubble Nature of the Microwave Haze    [PDF]

Gregory Dobler

1208.2689 (Juna A. Kollmeier et al.)

The Absolute Magnitude of RRc Variables From Statistical Parallax    [PDF]

Juna A. Kollmeier, Dorota M. Szczygiel, Christopher R. Burns, Andrew Gould, Ian B. Thompson, George W. Preston, Christopher Sneden, Jeffrey D. Crane, Subo Dong, Barry F. Madore, Nidia Morrell, Jose L. Prieto, Stephen Shectman, Joshua D. Simon, Edward Villanueva

1208.2799 (Todor V. Veltchev et al.)

Modeling mass functions of clumps formed during the early MC evolution    [PDF]

Todor V. Veltchev, Sava Donkov

1208.2813 (Jason Sanders)

Angle-action estimation in a general axisymmetric potential    [PDF]

Jason Sanders

1208.2845 (M. Wezgowiec et al.)

The magnetic fields of large Virgo cluster spirals: Paper II    [PDF]

M. Wezgowiec, M. Urbanik, R. Beck, K. T. Chyzy, M. Soida

1208.2894 (Eva K. Grebel)

Metal-poor Galaxies in the Local Universe    [PDF]

Eva K. Grebel