Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1107.3152 (P. Pietrukowicz et al.)

The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment: Analysis of the bulge RR Lyrae population from the OGLE-III data    [PDF]

P. Pietrukowicz, A. Udalski, I. Soszynski, D. M. Nataf, L. Wyrzykowski, R. Poleski, S. Kozlowski, M. K. Szymanski, M. Kubiak, G. Pietrzynski, K. Ulaczyk

1203.5334 (Xiaolei Zhang et al.)

Galaxy Secular Mass Flow Rate Determination Using the Potential-Density Phase Shift Approach    [PDF]

Xiaolei Zhang, Ronald J. Buta

1203.5336 (Raminder Singh Samra et al.)

Proper Motions and Internal Dynamics in the Core of the Globular Cluster M71    [PDF]

Raminder Singh Samra, Harvey B. Richer, Jeremy S. Heyl, Ryan Goldsbury, Karun G. Thanjavur, Gordon A. Walker, Kristin A. Woodley

1203.5339 (R. E. Angulo et al.)

The journey of QSO haloes from z=6 to the present    [PDF]

R. E. Angulo, V. Springel, S. D. M. White, S. Cole, A. Jenkins, C. M. Baugh, C. S. Frenk

1203.5372 (Takashi Okamoto)

The origin of pseudobulges in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation    [PDF]

Takashi Okamoto

1203.5481 (Gabriela Raluca Mocanu)

Rms-flux relation in the optical fast variability data of BL Lacertae object S5 0716+714    [PDF]

Gabriela Raluca Mocanu

1203.5486 (Sarah Kendrew et al.)

The Milky Way Project: A statistical study of massive star formation associated with infrared bubbles    [PDF]

Sarah Kendrew, Robert J. Simpson, Eli Bressert, Matthew S. Povich, Reid Sherman, Chris Lintott, Thomas P. Robitaille, Kevin Schawinski, Grace Wolf-Chase

1203.5489 (B. I. Luchkov et al.)

Near stellar sources of gamma-ray bursts    [PDF]

B. I. Luchkov, P. D. Markin

1203.5492 (M. A. Voronkov et al.)

New class I methanol masers    [PDF]

M. A. Voronkov, J. L. Caswell, S. P. Ellingsen, S. L. Breen, T. R. Britton, J. A. Green, A. M. Sobolev, A. J. Walsh

1203.5506 (Renaud Papoular)

Infrared lines, bands and plateaus in emission: from molecules to grains    [PDF]

Renaud Papoular

1203.5571 (Huirong Yan et al.)

Tracing Magnetic Fields with Ground State Alignment    [PDF]

Huirong Yan, A. Lazarian

1203.5603 (N. Ben Bekhti et al.)

An absorption-selected survey of neutral gas in the Milky Way halo    [PDF]

N. Ben Bekhti, B. Winkel, P. Richter, J. Kerp, U. Klein, M. T. Murphy

1203.5662 (N. Prantzos)

Production and evolution of Li, Be and B isotopes in the Galaxy    [PDF]

N. Prantzos

1203.5667 (Claudio Dalla Vecchia et al.)

Simulating galactic outflows with thermal supernova feedback    [PDF]

Claudio Dalla Vecchia, Joop Schaye

1203.5700 (Michelle M. Buxton et al.)

Optical and Near Infrared Monitoring of the Black-Hole X-ray Binary GX 339-4 During 2002-2010    [PDF]

Michelle M. Buxton, Charles D. Bailyn, Holly L. Capelo, Ritaban Chatterjee, Tolga Dincer, Emrah Kalemci, John A. Tomsick

1203.5721 (L. D. Anderson et al.)

The Dust Properties of Bubble HII Regions as seen by Herschel    [PDF]

L. D. Anderson, A. Zavagno, L. Deharveng, A. Abergel, F. Motte, Ph. Andre, J. -P. Bernard, S. Bontemps, M. Hennemann, T. Hill, J. A. Rodon, H. Roussel, D. Russeil

1203.5734 (Anatoly K. Nekrasov et al.)

Streaming cold cosmic ray back-reaction and thermal instabilities    [PDF]

Anatoly K. Nekrasov, Mohsen Shadmehri

1203.5736 (C. H. Coimbra-Araujo et al.)

Gravity with extra dimensions and dark matter interpretation: A straightforward approach    [PDF]

C. H. Coimbra-Araujo, Roldao da Rocha