Friday, December 16, 2011

1111.5013 (Andreas H. W. Kuepper et al.)

More on the structure of tidal tails    [PDF]

Andreas H. W. Kuepper, Richard R. Lane, Douglas C. Heggie

1112.3344 (A. Lazarian)

Power of Turbulent Reconnection: Star Formation, Acceleration of Cosmic Rays, Heat Transfer, Flares and Gamma Ray Bursts    [PDF]

A. Lazarian

1112.3386 (Els Peeters et al.)

The 15-20 um emission in the reflection nebula NGC2023    [PDF]

Els Peeters, Alexander G. G. M. Tielens, Louis J. Allamandola, Mark G. Wolfire

1112.3409 (Thiem Hoang et al.)

Acceleration of Small Dust Grains due to Charge Fluctuations    [PDF]

Thiem Hoang, A. Lazarian

1112.3510 (Angeles Perez-Villegas et al.)

Pitch Angle Restrictions in Late Type Spiral Galaxies Based on Chaotic and Ordered Orbital Behavior    [PDF]

Angeles Perez-Villegas, Barbara Pichardo, Edmundo Moreno, Antonio Peimbert, Hector M. Velazquez

1112.3525 (Kentaro Nagamine et al.)

Gas Accretion onto a Supermassive Black Hole: a step to model AGN feedback    [PDF]

Kentaro Nagamine, Paramita Barai, Daniel Proga

1112.3592 (Dirk Lennarz et al.)

A unified supernova catalogue    [PDF]

Dirk Lennarz, David Altmann, Christopher Wiebusch

1112.3635 (Todd Timberlake)

Mapping the Milky Way: William Herschel's Star-Gages    [PDF]

Todd Timberlake

1112.3651 (Yanping Chen et al.)

XSL: The X-Shooter Spectral Library    [PDF]

Yanping Chen, Scott Trager, Reynier Peletier, Ariane Lançon