Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1101.4024 (Torgny Karlsson et al.)

Pre-galactic metal enrichment - The chemical signatures of the first stars    [PDF]

Torgny Karlsson, Volker Bromm, Joss Bland-Hawthorn

1209.1638 (Peter Anninos et al.)

3D Moving-Mesh Simulations of Galactic Center Cloud G2    [PDF]

Peter Anninos, P. Chris Fragile, Julia Wilson, Stephen D. Murray

1209.1641 (Joanna M. Brown et al.)

Matryoshka Holes: Nested Emission Rings in the Transitional Disk Oph IRS 48    [PDF]

Joanna M. Brown, Katherine A. Rosenfeld, Sean M. Andrews, David J. Wilner, Ewine F. van Dishoeck

1209.1657 (S. G. Crowder et al.)

Observed Limits on Charge Exchange Contributions to the Diffuse X-ray Background    [PDF]

S. G. Crowder, K. A. Barger, D. E. Brandl, M. E. Eckart, M. Galeazzi, R. L. Kelley, C. A. Kilbourne, D. McCammon, C. G. Pfendner, F. S. Porter, L. Rocks, A. E. Szymkowiak, I. M. Teplin

1209.1672 (D. Riquelme et al.)

Kinetic temperatures toward X1/X2 orbit interceptions regions and Giant Molecular Loops in the Galactic center region    [PDF]

D. Riquelme, M. A. Amo-Baladron, J. Martin-Pintado, R. Mauersberger, S. Martin, L. Bronfman

1209.1708 (Euaggelos E. Zotos)

A new dynamical indicator for chaos detection in galactic Hamiltonian systems    [PDF]

Euaggelos E. Zotos

1209.1709 (J. Maíz Apellániz)

A multipurpose 3-D grid of stellar models    [PDF]

J. Maíz Apellániz

1209.1722 (Márton Tápai et al.)

Spin-dominated waveforms for unequal mass compact binaries    [PDF]

Márton Tápai, Zoltán Keresztes, László Árpád Gergely

1209.1741 (R. G. Carlberg et al.)

The Pal 5 Star Stream Gaps    [PDF]

R. G. Carlberg, C. J. Grillmair, Nathan Hetherington

1209.1774 (Sung-Ju Kang et al.)

IRAS 01202+6133 : A Possible Case of Protostellar Collapse Triggered by a Small HII Region    [PDF]

Sung-Ju Kang, C. R. Kerton

1209.1786 (Patrick Hennebelle et al.)

Theories of the massive star formation: a (short) review    [PDF]

Patrick Hennebelle, Benoit Commercon

1209.1846 (M. R. M. Leão et al.)

Cloud core collapse and the role of turbulent magnetic reconnection diffusion    [PDF]

M. R. M. Leão, E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino, R. Santos-Lima, A. Lazarian

1209.1898 (S. Bessho et al.)

Collapse of Primordial Filamentary Clouds under Far-Ultraviolet Radiation    [PDF]

S. Bessho, T. Tsuribe

1209.2071 (Mark Gieles)

Mass loss of stars in star clusters: an energy source for dynamical evolution    [PDF]

Mark Gieles

1209.2080 (Giovanni Carraro et al.)

The distance to the young open cluster Westerlund 2    [PDF]

Giovanni Carraro, David Turner, Daniel Majaess, Gustavo Baume

1209.2092 (Nicholas S. Hakobian et al.)

First Interstellar HCO$^+$ Maser    [PDF]

Nicholas S. Hakobian, Richard M. Crutcher