Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.1227 (Chien-Ting J. Chen et al.)

A correlation between star formation rate and average black hole accretion in star forming galaxies    [PDF]

Chien-Ting J. Chen, Ryan C. Hickox, Stacey Alberts, Mark Brodwin, Christine Jones, Stephen S. Murray, David M. Alexander, Roberto J. Assef, Michael J. Brown, Arjun Dey, William R. Forman, Varoujan Gorjian, Andrew D. Goulding, Emeric Le Floc'h, Buell T. Jannuzi, James R. Mullaney, Alexandra Pope

1306.1229 (Carsten Weidner et al.)

The mmax-Mecl relation, the IMF and IGIMF: probabilistically sampled functions?    [PDF]

Carsten Weidner, Pavel Kroupa, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg

1306.1228 (D. G. Turner et al.)

The Pulsation Mode and Distance of the Cepheid FF Aquilae    [PDF]

D. G. Turner, V. V. Kovtyukh, R. E. Luck, L. N. Berdnikov

1306.1287 (Jia-Cheng Liu et al.)

Aberration in proper motions for stars in our Galaxy    [PDF]

Jia-Cheng Liu, Yi Xie, Zi Zhu

1306.1305 (R. Foot et al.)

Thin disk of co-rotating dwarfs: a fingerprint of dissipative (mirror) dark matter?    [PDF]

R. Foot, Z. K. Silagadze

1306.1374 (Stefan Gillessen et al.)

Pericenter passage of the gas cloud G2 in the Galactic Center    [PDF]

Stefan Gillessen, Reinhard Genzel, Tobias K Fritz, Frank Eisenhauer, Oliver Pfuhl, Thomas Ott, Marc Schartmann, Alessandro Ballone, Andreas Burkert

1306.1381 (L. Zaninetti)

Three dimensional evolution of SN 1987A in a self-gravitating disk    [PDF]

L. Zaninetti

1306.1411 (R. Bernabei et al.)

Dark Matter investigation by DAMA at Gran Sasso    [PDF]

R. Bernabei, P. Belli, S. d'Angelo, A. Di Marco, F. Montecchia, F. Cappella, A. d'Angelo, A. Incicchitti, V. Caracciolo, S. Castellano, R. Cerulli, C. J. Dai, H. L. He, X. H. Ma, X. D. Sheng, R. G. Wang, Z. P. Ye