Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1212.6565 (A. N. Alexandrov et al.)

Gravitational lens equation. Critical solutions and magnification near folds and cusps    [PDF]

A. N. Alexandrov, S. M. Koval, V. I. Zhdanov

1212.6616 (V. V. Bobylev)

Estimation of the SolarGalactocentric Distance and Rotation Velocity from Near-Solar-Circle Objects    [PDF]

V. V. Bobylev

1212.6630 (M. Dembska et al.)

Detailed studies of the PSR B1259-63 spectrum evolution and classification of radio pulsar spectra    [PDF]

M. Dembska, J. Kijak, W. Lewandowski

1212.6707 (Ivan L. Andronov)

Special Shapes for Optimal Phenomenological Approximations of Astronomical Signals    [PDF]

Ivan L. Andronov

1212.6708 (Ivan L. Andronov et al.)

Determination of Cycle Length of Quasi-Periodic Signals. Application to Semiregular Variables    [PDF]

Ivan L. Andronov, Lidia L. Chinarova

1212.6712 (Vitalii V. Breus et al.)

Period variations the intermediate polars EX Hya, FO Aqr and RXS J180340.0+401214    [PDF]

Vitalii V. Breus, Ivan L. Andronov, Tibor Hegedus, Pavol A. Dubovsky, Igor Kudzej, Karol Petrik, Stanisław Zoła

1212.6721 (Jeong-Sun Hwang et al.)

The initial conditions and evolution of isolated galaxy models: effects of the hot gas halo    [PDF]

Jeong-Sun Hwang, Changbom Park, Jun-Hwan Choi

1212.6724 (Larisa S. Kudashkina et al.)

Photometric Behavior of Five Long-Period Pulsating Stars    [PDF]

Larisa S. Kudashkina, Ivan L. Andronov, Lidia V. Grenishena

1212.6738 (Ivan L. Andronov et al.)

Two-Component Variability of the Semi-Regular Pulsating Star U Delphini    [PDF]

Ivan L. Andronov, Lidia L. Chinarova

1212.6741 (Ivan L. Andronov et al.)

Determination of characteristics of newly discovered eclipsing binary 2MASS J18024395 +4003309 = VSX J180243.9+400331    [PDF]

Ivan L. Andronov, Vitalii V. Breus, Stanislaw Zola

1212.6840 (Biman J. Medhi et al.)

Cluster Membership Probability: Polarimetric Approach    [PDF]

Biman J. Medhi, Motohide Tamura

1212.6854 (L. Fauvet et al.)

A characterization of the diffuse Galactic emissions in the anti-center of the Galaxy    [PDF]

L. Fauvet, J. F. Macias-Perez, S. R. Hildebrandt, F. -X. Desert

1212.6872 (Jihye Shin et al.)

Initial Size Distribution of the Galactic Globular Cluster System    [PDF]

Jihye Shin, Sungsoo Kim, Suk-Jin Yoon, Juhan Kim

1212.6966 (Paul M. Harvey et al.)

A First Look at the Auriga-California Giant Molecular Cloud With Herschel and the CSO: Census of the Young Stellar Objects and the Dense Gas    [PDF]

Paul M. Harvey, Cassandra Fallscheer, Adam Ginsburg, Susan Terebey, Philippe Andre, Tyler L. Bourke, James Di Francesco, Vera Konyves, Brenda C. Matthews, Dawn E. Peterson