Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1208.3551 (T. Manos et al.)

Interplay Between Chaotic and Regular Motion in a Time-Dependent Barred Galaxy Model    [PDF]

T. Manos, T. Bountis, Ch. Skokos

1208.3675 (I. Ramirez et al.)

Oxygen abundances in low- and high-alpha field halo stars and the discovery of two field stars born in globular clusters    [PDF]

I. Ramirez, J. Melendez, J. Chaname

1208.3682 (R. Sánchez-Janssen et al.)

Evidence for Secular Evolution of Disc Structural Parameters in Barred Galaxies    [PDF]

R. Sánchez-Janssen, D. Gadotti

1208.3713 (Shantanu Basu et al.)

The Ejection of Low Mass Clumps During Star Formation    [PDF]

Shantanu Basu, Eduard I. Vorobyov, Alexander L. DeSouza

1208.3736 (G. Bruni et al.)

The central structure of Broad Absorption Line QSOs: observational characteristics in the cm-mm wavelength domain    [PDF]

G. Bruni, K. -H. Mack, D. Dallacasa, F. M. Montenegro-Montes, C. R. Benn, R. Carballo, J. I. González-Serrano, J. Holt, F. Jiménez-Luján

1208.3737 (Juergen Ott et al.)

VLA-ANGST: A high-resolution HI Survey of Nearby Dwarf Galaxies    [PDF]

Juergen Ott, Adrienne M. Stilp, Steven R. Warren, Evan D. Skillman, Julianne J. Dalcanton, Fabian Walter, W. J. G. de Blok, Baerbel Koribalski, Andrew A. West

1208.3758 (Paolo Padoan et al.)

A Simple Law of Star Formation    [PDF]

Paolo Padoan, Troels Haugboelle, AAke Nordlund

1208.3846 (M. S. Fujii et al.)

Destruction of star clusters due to the radial migration in spiral galaxies    [PDF]

M. S. Fujii, J. Baba

1208.3899 (Andrés E. Piatti et al.)

The age-metallicity relationship of the Large Magellanic Cloud field star population from wide-field Washington photometry    [PDF]

Andrés E. Piatti, Doug Geisler

1208.3931 (Clifford M. Will)

Capture of non-relativistic particles in eccentric orbits by a Kerr black hole    [PDF]

Clifford M. Will

1208.3979 (C. M. Persson et al.)

Nitrogen hydrides in interstellar gas II. Analysis of Herschel/HIFI observations towards W49N and G10.6-0.4 (W31C)    [PDF]

C. M. Persson, M. De Luca, B. Mookerjea, A. O. H. Olofsson, J. H. Black, M. Gerin, E. Herbst, T. A. Bell, A. Coutens, B. Godard, J. R. Goicoechea, G. E. Hassel, P. Hily-Blant, K. M. Menten, H. S. P Muller, J. C. Pearson, S. Yu