Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1304.1801 (Eva Schinnerer et al.)

The PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey (PAWS). I. A Cloud-Scale/Multi-Wavelength View of the Interstellar Medium in a Grand-Design Spiral Galaxy    [PDF]

Eva Schinnerer, Sharon E. Meidt, Jerome Pety, Annie Hughes, Dario Colombo, Santiago Garcia-Burillo, Karl F. Schuster, Gaelle Dumas, Clare L. Dobbs, Adam K. Leroy, Carsten Kramer, Todd A. Thompson, Michael W. Regan

1304.1840 (Ilias Cholis et al.)

Dark Matter and Pulsar Origins of the Rising Cosmic Ray Positron Fraction in Light of New Data From AMS    [PDF]

Ilias Cholis, Dan Hooper

1304.1894 (Holger S P Müller et al.)

The CDMS view on molecular data needs of Herschel, SOFIA, and ALMA    [PDF]

Holger S P Müller, C P Endres, J Stutzki, S Schlemmer

1304.1949 (J. L. Han et al.)

Radio polarization observations of large supernova remnants at 6cm    [PDF]

J. L. Han, X. Y. Gao, X. H. Sun, W. Reich, L. Xiao, P. Reich, J. W. Xu, W. B. Shi, E. Fuerst, R. Wielebinski

1304.1956 (Shantanu Basu et al.)

Magnetic Fields and the Formation of Cores and Disks    [PDF]

Shantanu Basu, Nicole D. Bailey, Wolf B. Dapp

1304.1967 (S. H. Lee et al.)

Deep and Wide Photometry of Two Open Clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506: Dynamical Evolution and Halo    [PDF]

S. H. Lee, Y. -W. Kang, H. B. Ann

1304.1980 (Dipanjan Mitra)

Observations that can unravel the coherent radio emission mechanism in pulsars    [PDF]

Dipanjan Mitra

1304.2041 (K. Immer et al.)

Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions: G012.88+0.48 and W33    [PDF]

K. Immer, M. J. Reid, K. M. Menten, A. Brunthaler, T. M. Dame

1304.2209 (Vianney Taquet et al.)

Water deuterium fractionation in the inner regions of two solar type protostars    [PDF]

Vianney Taquet, Ana Lòpez-Sepulcre, Cecilia Ceccarelli, Roberto Neri, Claudine Kahane, Audrey Coutens, Charlotte Vastel

1304.2235 (H. Raichur et al.)

Multi-wavelength Observations of the Giant X-ray Flare Galaxy NGC 5905: signatures of tidal disruption    [PDF]

H. Raichur, M. Das, A. Alonso Herrero, P. Shastri, N. G. Kantharia

1304.2280 (Jun Ji et al.)

Binary Frequencies in a Sample of Globular Clusters. I. Methodology and Initial Results    [PDF]

Jun Ji, Joel N. Bregman

1304.2299 (Song Huang et al.)

Fossil Evidence for the Two-phase Formation of Elliptical Galaxies    [PDF]

Song Huang, Luis C. Ho, Chien Y. Peng, Zhao-Yu Li, Aaron J. Barth