Friday, June 29, 2012

1206.6493 (Sherry C. C. Yeh et al.)

Ionization Parameter as a Diagnostic of Radiation and Wind Pressures in H II Regions and Starburst Galaxies    [PDF]

Sherry C. C. Yeh, Christopher D. Matzner

1206.6492 (S. Walch et al.)

Dispersal of molecular clouds by ionising radiation    [PDF]

S. Walch, A. P. Whitworth, T. Bisbas, R. Wunsch, D. Hubber

1206.6500 (Patricio Sanhueza et al.)

Chemistry in Infrared Dark Cloud Clumps: a Molecular Line Survey at 3 mm    [PDF]

Patricio Sanhueza, James M. Jackson, Jonathan B. Foster, Guido Garay, Andrea Silva, Susanna C. Finn

1206.6569 (George Heald)

Magnetic field transport from disk to halo via the galactic chimney process in NGC 6946    [PDF]

George Heald

1206.6691 (N. C. Amorisco et al.)

A Troublesome Past: Chemodynamics of the Fornax dwarf spheroidal    [PDF]

N. C. Amorisco, N. W. Evans

1206.6777 (Francisco Hernandez-Ibarra et al.)

Nuclear Activity In Isolated Galaxies    [PDF]

Francisco Hernandez-Ibarra, Deborah Dultzin, Yair Krongold, Ascencion Del Olmo, Jaime Perea, Jesus Gonzalez

1206.6784 (F. A. Gent et al.)

The supernova-regulated ISM. II. The mean magnetic field    [PDF]

F. A. Gent, A. Shukurov, A. Fletcher, G. R. Sarson, M. J. Mantere

1206.6788 (Cesar Alvarez et al.)

On the galactic rotation curves problem within an axisymmetric approach    [PDF]

Cesar Alvarez, Olindo Corradini, Alfredo Herrera-Aguilar, Ulises Nucamendi, Eli Santos

Thursday, June 28, 2012

1206.6104 (A. -N. Chené et al.)

Massive open star clusters using the VVV surveyI. Presentation of the data and description of the approach    [PDF]

A. -N. Chené, J. Borissova, J. R. A. Clarke, C. Bonatto, D. J. Majaess, C. Moni Bidin, S. E. Sale, F. Mauro, R. Kurtev, G. Baume, C. Feinstein, V. D. Ivanov, D. Geisler, M. Catelan, D. Minniti, P. Lucas, R. de Grijs, M. S. N. Kumar

1206.6107 (Dovi Poznanski et al.)

An Empirical Relation between Sodium Absorption and Dust Extinction    [PDF]

Dovi Poznanski, J. Xavier Prochaska, Joshua S. Bloom

1206.6159 (Terrence S. Tricco et al.)

Constrained Hyperbolic Divergence Cleaning for Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics    [PDF]

Terrence S. Tricco, Daniel J. Price

1206.6167 (M. Coleman Miller et al.)

An upper limit to the velocity dispersion of relaxed stellar systems without massive black holes    [PDF]

M. Coleman Miller, Melvyn B. Davies

1206.6220 (A. J. Korn)

Shedding Light on Lithium Evolution: The Globular Cluster Perspective    [PDF]

A. J. Korn

1206.6291 (E. Pancino et al.)

The Gaia-ESO Survey astrophysical calibration    [PDF]

E. Pancino, on behalf of the Gaia-ESO Survey consortium

1206.6301 (Rafael K. Kimura et al.)

Molecular chemistry and the missing mass problem in PNe    [PDF]

Rafael K. Kimura, Ruth Gruenwald, Isabel Aleman

1206.6350 (M. Morales-Calderón et al.)

YSOVAR: Six pre-main-sequence eclipsing binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster    [PDF]

M. Morales-Calderón, J. R. Stauffer, K. G. Stassun, F. J. Vrba, L. Prato, L. A. Hillenbrand, S. Terebey, K. R. Covey, L. M. Rebull, D. M. Terndrup, R. Gutermuth, I. Song, P. Plavchan, J. M. Carpenter, F. Marchis, E. V. García, S. Margheim, K. L. Luhman, J. Angione, J. M. Irwin

1206.6376 (Ata Sarajedini et al.)

An Ancient Metal-Poor Population in M32, and Halo Satellite Accretion in M31, Identified by RR Lyrae Stars    [PDF]

Ata Sarajedini, Soung-Chul Yang, Antonela Monachesi, Tod R. Lauer, Scott C. Trager

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1206.5799 (David L. Nidever et al.)

Lifting the Dusty Veil With Near- and Mid-Infrared Photometry: III. Two-Dimensional Extinction Maps of the Galactic Midplane Using the Rayleigh-Jeans Color Excess Method    [PDF]

David L. Nidever, Gail Zasowski, Steven R. Majewski

1206.5803 (Rahul Shetty et al.)

The linewidth-size relationship in the dense ISM of the Central Molecular Zone    [PDF]

Rahul Shetty, Christopher N. Beaumont, Michael G. Burton, Brandon C. Kelly, Ralf S. Klessen

1206.5804 (J. Ramos-Caro et al.)

Kinetic Theory of Collisionless Self-Gravitating Gases: II. Relativistic Corrections in Galactic Dynamics    [PDF]

J. Ramos-Caro, C. A. Agón, J. F. Pedraza

1206.5878 (Bharath Pattabiraman et al.)

A Parallel Monte Carlo Code for Simulating Collisional N-body Systems    [PDF]

Bharath Pattabiraman, Stefan Umbreit, Wei-Keng Liao, Alok Choudhary, Vassiliki Kalogera, Gokhan Memik, Frederic A. Rasio

1206.5885 (Guo-Cun Tao et al.)

A study of strong pulses detected from PSR B0656+14 using Urumqi 25-m radio telescope at 1540MHz    [PDF]

Guo-Cun Tao, Ali Esamdin, Hui-Dong Hu, Mao-Fei Qian, Jing Li, Na Wang

1206.5906 (I. Zinchenko et al.)

A Multi-Wavelength High Resolution Study of the S255 Star Forming Region. General structure and kinematics    [PDF]

I. Zinchenko, S. -Y. Liu, Y. -N. Su, S. Kurtz, D. K. Ojha, M. R. Samal, S. K. Ghosh

1206.5939 (R. Selier et al.)

Two compact HII regions at the remote outskirts of the Magellanic Clouds    [PDF]

R. Selier, M. Heydari-Malayeri

1206.6021 (Justin L. Neill et al.)

Laboratory and tentative interstellar detection of trans-methyl formate using the publicly available Green Bank Telescope PRIMOS survey    [PDF]

Justin L. Neill, Matt T. Muckle, Daniel P. Zaleski, Amanda L. Steber, Brooks H. Pate, Valerio Lattanzi, Silvia Spezzano, Michael C. McCarthy, Anthony J. Remijan

1206.6029 (Shlomi Hillel et al.)

Suppressing hot gas accretion to supermassive black holes by stellar winds    [PDF]

Shlomi Hillel, Noam Soker

1206.6037 (R. Alūzas et al.)

Numerical simulations of shocks encountering clumpy regions    [PDF]

R. Alūzas, J. M. Pittard, T. W. Hartquist, S. A. E. G. Falle, R. Langton

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1111.2863 (Philip F. Hopkins)

An Excursion-Set Model for the Structure of GMCs and the ISM    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins

1206.5339 (Luis F. Rodriguez et al.)

Compact radio sources in M17    [PDF]

Luis F. Rodriguez, Ricardo F. Gonzalez, Gabriela Montes, Hassan M. Asiri, Alejandro C. Raga, Jorge Canto

1206.5342 (Luis F. Rodríguez et al.)

Radio and Optical Observations of DG Tau B    [PDF]

Luis F. Rodríguez, Sergio A. Dzib, Laurent Loinard, Luis A. Zapata, Alejandro C. Raga, Jorge Cantó, Angels Riera

1206.5394 (Nicolaos D. Caranicolas et al.)

Investigating the nature of motion in 3D perturbed elliptic oscillators displaying exact periodic orbits    [PDF]

Nicolaos D. Caranicolas, Euaggelos E. Zotos

1206.5412 (Go Ogiya et al.)

The core-cusp problem in cold dark matter halos and supernova feedback: Effects of Oscillation    [PDF]

Go Ogiya, Masao Mori

1206.5422 (Jennifer Hatchell et al.)

The Spitzer Survey of Interstellar Clouds in the Gould Belt. V. Ophiuchus North Observed with IRAC and MIPS    [PDF]

Jennifer Hatchell, Susan Terebey, Tracy Huard, Eric Mamajek, Lori Allen, Tyler Bourke, Michael Dunham, Robert Gutermuth, Paul Harvey, Jes Jorgensen, Bruno Merin, Albert Noriega-Crespo, Dawn Peterson

1206.5442 (M. Juvela et al.)

A Corona Australis cloud filament seen in NIR scattered light. III. Modelling and comparison with Herschel sub-millimetre data    [PDF]

M. Juvela, V. -M. Pelkonen, G. J. White, V. Konyves, J. Kirk, P. Andre

1206.5507 (Takashi Okamoto)

Cosmological pseudobulge formation    [PDF]

Takashi Okamoto

1206.5570 (O. N. Snaith et al.)

The Halo Shape and Evolution of Polar Disc Galaxies    [PDF]

O. N. Snaith, B. K. Gibson, C. B. Brook, A. Knebe, R. J. Thacker, T. R. Quinn, F. Governato, P. B. Tissera

1206.5578 (M. R. Samal et al.)

Star Formation and Young Population of the HII Complex Sh2-294    [PDF]

M. R. Samal, A. K. Pandey, D. K. Ojha, N. Chauhan, J. Jose, B. Pandey

1206.5620 (T. P. Downes)

Driven Multifluid MHD Molecular Cloud Turbulence    [PDF]

T. P. Downes

1206.5708 (Gopal Narayanan et al.)

Molecular Outflows Identified in the FCRAO CO Survey of the Taurus Molecular Cloud    [PDF]

Gopal Narayanan, Ronald Snell, Ashley Bemis

1206.5730 (S. C. Chapman et al.)

Dynamics in the satellite system of Triangulum: Is AndXXII a dwarf satellite of M33?    [PDF]

S. C. Chapman, L. Widrow, M. L. M. Collins, J. Dubinski, R. A. Ibata, M. Rich, A. M. N. Ferguson, M. J. Irwin, G. F. Lewis, N. Martin, A. McConnachie, J. Penarrubia, N. Tanvir

1206.5769 (John Girash)

A Fokker-Planck Study of Dense Rotating Stellar Clusters    [PDF]

John Girash

Monday, June 25, 2012

1206.4999 (Raoul Haschke et al.)

Chemical abundances of metal-poor RR Lyrae stars in the Magellanic Clouds    [PDF]

Raoul Haschke, Eva K. Grebel, Anna Frebel, Sonia Duffau, Camilla Hansen, Andreas Koch

1206.5002 (J. P. Naiman et al.)

Stellar Wind Mass Retention in Star Clusters: Implications for Subsequent Episodes of Star Formation    [PDF]

J. P. Naiman, E. Ramirez-Ruiz, D. N. C. Lin

1206.5004 (Michael Hilz et al.)

How do minor mergers promote inside-out growth of ellipticals, transforming the size, density profile and dark matter fraction?    [PDF]

Michael Hilz, Thorsten Naab, Jeremiah P. Ostriker

1206.5010 (Nikolay Kacharov et al.)

Precise abundance analysis of the outer halo globular cluster M 75    [PDF]

Nikolay Kacharov, Andreas Koch

1206.5020 (Kevin R. V. Casteels et al.)

Galaxy Zoo: Quantifying Morphological Indicators of Galaxy Interaction    [PDF]

Kevin R. V. Casteels, Steven P. Bamford, Ramin A. Skibba, Karen L. Masters, Chris J. Lintott, William C. Keel, Kevin Schawinski, Robert C. Nichol, Arfon M. Smith

1206.5022 (Demosthenes Kazanas et al.)

Toward a Unified AGN Structure    [PDF]

Demosthenes Kazanas, Keigo Fukumura, Ehud Behar, Ioannis Contopoulos, Chris Shrader

1206.5024 (X. Hernandez et al.)

Flattened velocity dispersion profiles in Globular Clusters: Newtonian tides or modified gravity?    [PDF]

X. Hernandez, M. A. Jimenez, C. Allen

1206.5032 (Hongsheng Zhao et al.)

Gravity theories, Transverse Doppler and Gravitational Redshifts in Galaxy Clusters    [PDF]

Hongsheng Zhao, John Peacock, Baojiu Li

1206.5053 (J. Y. Koay et al.)

Why Do Compact Active Galactic Nuclei at High Redshift Scintillate Less?    [PDF]

J. Y. Koay, J. -P. Macquart, B. J. Rickett, H. E. Bignall, D. L. Jauncey, T. Pursimo, C. Reynolds, J. E. J. Lovell, L. Kedziora-Chudczer, R. Ojha

1206.5076 (Asunción Fuente et al.)

Warm HCN in the planet formation zone of GV Tau N    [PDF]

Asunción Fuente, José Cernicharo, Marcelino Agúndez

1206.5095 (G. Ioannidis et al.)

YSO jets in the Galactic Plane from UWISH2: II - Outflow Luminosity and Length distributions in Serpens and Aquila    [PDF]

G. Ioannidis, D. Froebrich

1206.5173 (Allison H. Savage et al.)

Probing the Rosette Nebula Stellar Bubble with Faraday Rotation    [PDF]

Allison H. Savage, Steven R. Spangler, Patrick D. Fischer

1206.5215 (Jaime E. Pineda et al.)

The First ALMA view of IRAS 16293-2422: Direct detection of infall onto source B and high-resolution kinematics of source A    [PDF]

Jaime E. Pineda, Anaëlle J. Maury, Gary A. Fuller, Leonardo Testi, Diego García-Appadoo, Alison B. Peck, Eric Villard, Stuartt A. Corder, Tim A. van Kempen, Jean L. Turner, Kengo Tachihara, William Dent

Friday, June 22, 2012

1007.2647 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Analytic Model of Angular Momentum Transport by Gravitational Torques: From Galaxies to Massive Black Holes    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1011.3045 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Explanation for the Slopes of Stellar Cusps in Galaxy Spheroids    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1110.4636 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

The Structure of the Interstellar Medium of Star Forming Galaxies    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1110.4638 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Stellar Feedback in Galaxies and the Origin of Galaxy-scale Winds    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1206.4694 (Dimitri Veras et al.)

Disrupting Primordial Planet Signatures: The Close Encounter of Two Single-Planet Exosystems in the Galactic Disc    [PDF]

Dimitri Veras, Nickolas Moeckel

1206.4698 (A. Lazarian et al.)

Magnetization of cloud cores and envelopes and other observational consequences of reconnection diffusion    [PDF]

A. Lazarian, A. Esquivel, R. Crutcher

1206.4703 (Blakesley Burkhart et al.)

Hierarchical Structure of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence In Position-Position-Velocity Space    [PDF]

Blakesley Burkhart, A. Lazarian, Alyssa Goodman, Erik Rosolowsky

1206.4722 (Sourabh Nampalliwar et al.)

Detection of pulsar beams deflected by the black hole in Sgr A*: effects of black hole spin    [PDF]

Sourabh Nampalliwar, Richard H. Price, Teviet Creighton, Fredrick A. Jenet

1206.4730 (Michael M. Dunham et al.)

Revealing The Millimeter Environment of the New FU Orionis Candidate HBC722 with the Submillimeter Array    [PDF]

Michael M. Dunham, Hector G. Arce, Tyler L. Bourke, Xuepeng Chen, Tim A. van Kempen, Joel D. Green

1206.4828 (A. Sollima et al.)

A comparison between the stellar and dynamical masses of six globular clusters    [PDF]

A. Sollima, M. Bellazzini, J. -W. Lee

1206.4837 (J. Malinen et al.)

Profiling filaments: comparing near-infrared extinction and submillimetre data in TMC-1    [PDF]

J. Malinen, M. Juvela, M. G. Rawlings, D. Ward-Thompson, P. Palmeirim, Ph. Andre

1206.4858 (S. Aalto et al.)

Winds of change - a molecular outflow in NGC 1377? The anatomy of an extreme FIR-excess galaxy    [PDF]

S. Aalto, S. Muller, K. Sakamoto, J. S. Gallagher, S. Martin, F. Costagliola

1206.4904 (C. L. Dobbs et al.)

Giant Molecular clouds: what are they made from, and how do they get there?    [PDF]

C. L. Dobbs, J. E. Pringle, A. Burkert

1206.4905 (Julien Daranlot et al.)

Elemental nitrogen partitioning in dense interstellar clouds    [PDF]

Julien Daranlot, Ugo Hincelin, Astrid Bergeat, Michel Costes, Jean-Christophe Loison, Valentine Wakelam, Kevin M. Hickson

Thursday, June 21, 2012

1206.4308 (Tim Linden et al.)

Exploring the Nature of the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Source with the Cherenkov Telescope Array    [PDF]

Tim Linden, Stefano Profumo

1206.4306 (Ross Fadely et al.)

Star-Galaxy Classification in Multi-Band Optical Imaging    [PDF]

Ross Fadely, David W. Hogg, Beth Willman

1206.4302 (Andreas Koch et al.)

Small-scale hero: massive-star enrichment in the Hercules dwarf spheroidal    [PDF]

Andreas Koch, Francesca Matteucci, Sofia Feltzing

1206.4310 (A. A. Dutton et al.)

The SWELLS survey - V. A Salpeter stellar initial mass function in the bulges of massive spiral galaxies    [PDF]

A. A. Dutton, T. Treu, B. J. Brewer, P. J. Marshall, M. W. Auger, M. Barnabe, D. C. Koo, A. S. Bolton, L. V. E. Koopmans

1206.4314 (Prateek Sharma et al.)

On the Structure of Hot Gas in Halos: Implications for the Lx-Tx Relation & Missing Baryons    [PDF]

Prateek Sharma, Michael McCourt, Ian J. Parrish, Eliot Quataert

1206.4318 (E. B. Amôres et al.)

Galaxies behind the Galactic plane: First results and perspectives from the VVV Survey    [PDF]

E. B. Amôres, L. Sodré, D. Minniti, M. V. Alonso, N. Padilla, S. Gurovich, V. Arsenijevic, E. J. Tollerud, A. Rodríguez-Ardila, J. Díaz Tello, P. W. Lucas

1206.4319 (C. F. Manara et al.)

HST measures of Mass Accretion Rates in the Orion Nebula Cluster    [PDF]

C. F. Manara, M. Robberto, N. Da Rio, G. Lodato, L. A. Hillenbrand, K. G. Stassun, D. R. Soderblom

1206.4552 (Mary Barsony et al.)

A Significant Population of Candidate New Members of the Rho Ophiuchi Cluster    [PDF]

Mary Barsony, Karl E. Haisch, Jr., Kenneth A. Marsh, Chris McCarthy

1206.4565 (G. Prieto et al.)

Variable stars in the globular cluster M28 (NGC 6626)    [PDF]

G. Prieto, M. Catelan, R. Contreras Ramos, B. J. Pritzl, H. A. Smith, J. Alonso-Garcia

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

0902.4002 (Daisuke Kawata et al.)

The Implementation of a Modern SPH Scheme within GCD+    [PDF]

Daisuke Kawata, Takashi Okamoto, Brad K. Gibson, David J. Barnes, Renyue Cen

1206.4051 (Jorge L. Pineda et al.)

Submillimeter Line Emission from LMC 30Dor: The Impact of a Starburst on a Low Metallicity Environment    [PDF]

Jorge L. Pineda, Norikazu Mizuno, Markus Roellig, Juergen Stutzki, Carsten Kramer, Ulrich Klein, Monica Rubio

1206.4057 (Warren R. Brown et al.)

The Nature of Hypervelocity Stars and the Time Between Their Formation and Ejection    [PDF]

Warren R. Brown, Judith G. Cohen, Margaret J. Geller, Scott J. Kenyon

1206.4059 (Jason Li et al.)

Rotating Accretion Flows: From Infinity to the Black Hole    [PDF]

Jason Li, Jeremiah Ostriker, Rashid Sunyaev

1206.4090 (N. V. Voshchinnikov)

Interstellar extinction and interstellar polarization: old and new models    [PDF]

N. V. Voshchinnikov

1206.4098 (David S. Meier et al.)

Spatially Resolved Chemistry in Nearby Galaxies II. The Nuclear Bar in Maffei 2    [PDF]

David S. Meier, Jean L. Turner

1206.4102 (Bi-Qing For et al.)

Gas and Star Formation in the Circinus Galaxy    [PDF]

Bi-Qing For, Bärbel Koribalski, Tom Jarrett

1206.4115 (R. L. Porter et al.)

Improved He I Emissivities in the Case B Approximation    [PDF]

R. L. Porter, G. J. Ferland, P. J. Storey, M. J. Detisch

1206.4237 (S. Michael Fall et al.)

Similarities in Populations of Star Clusters    [PDF]

S. Michael Fall, Rupali Chandar

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1206.3571 (Andrew R. Wetzel et al.)

Galaxy evolution in groups and clusters: satellite star formation histories and quenching timescales in a hierarchical Universe    [PDF]

Andrew R. Wetzel, Jeremy L. Tinker, Charlie Conroy, Frank C. van den Bosch

1206.3575 (Yueyang Zhang et al.)

The LEGUE High Latitude Bright Survey Design for the LAMOST Pilot Survey    [PDF]

Yueyang Zhang, Jeffrey L. Carlin, Fan Yang, Chao Liu, Licai Deng, Heidi Jo Newberg, Haotong Zhang, Sebastien Lepine, Yan Xu, Shuang Gao, Norbert Christlieb, Zhanwen Han, Jinliang Hou, Hsutai Lee, Xiaowei Liu, Kaike Pan, Hongchi Wang

1206.3576 (Fan Yang et al.)

The LEGUE Input Catalogue for Dark Night Observing in the LAMOST Pilot Survey    [PDF]

Fan Yang, Jeffrey L. Carlin, Chao Liu, Yueyang Zhang, Shuang Gao, Yan Xu, Licai Deng, Heidi Jo Newberg, Sebastien Lepine, Jinliang Hou, Xiaowei Liu, Norbert Christlieb, Haotong Zhang, Hsutai Lee, Kaike Pan, Zhanwen Han, Hongchi Wang

1206.3577 (Jeffrey L. Carlin et al.)

An Algorithm for Preferential Selection of Spectroscopic Targets in LEGUE    [PDF]

Jeffrey L. Carlin, Sebastien Lepine, Heidi Jo Newberg, Licai Deng, Timothy C. Beers, Yuqin Chen, Norbert Christlieb, Xiaoting Fu, Shuang Gao, Carl J. Grillmair, Puragra Guhathakurta, Zhanwen Han, Jinliang Hou, Hsu-Tai Lee, Jing Li, Chao Liu, Xiaowei Liu, Kaike Pan, J. A. Sellwood, Hongchi Wang, Fan Yang, Brian Yanny, Yueyang Zhang, Zheng Zheng, Zi Zhu

1206.3578 (Licai Deng et al.)

LAMOST Experiment for Galactic Understanding and Exploration (LEGUE) The survey science plan    [PDF]

Licai Deng, Heidi Jo Newberg, Chao Liu, Jeffrey L. Carlin, Timothy C. Beers, Li Chen, Yuqin Chen, Norbert Christlieb, Carl J. Grillmair, Puragra Guhathakurta, Zhanwen Han, Jinliang Hou, Tsu-Tai Lee, Sébastien Lépine, Jing Li, Xiaowei Liu, Kaike Pan, J. A. Sellwood, Hongchi Wang, Fan Yang, Brian Yanny, Haotong Zhang, Yueyang Zhang, Zheng Zheng, Zi Zhu

1206.3600 (Luis A. Zapata et al.)

ALMA observations of the outflow from the Source I in the Orion-KL region    [PDF]

Luis A. Zapata, Luis F. Rodriguez, Johannes Schmid-Burgk, Laurent Loinard, Karl M. Menten, Salvador Curiel

1206.3616 (Thomas L Curtright et al.)

Geons of Galileons    [PDF]

Thomas L Curtright, David B Fairlie

1206.3646 (Satoshi Hamano et al.)

Type-Ia Supernova Remnant Shell At $Z=3.5$ Seen In The Three Sightlines Toward The Gravitationally Lensed Qso B1422+231    [PDF]

Satoshi Hamano, Naoto Kobayashi, Sohei Kondo, Takuji Tsujimoto, Katsuya Okoshi, Toshikazu Shigeyama

1206.3779 (Zhao-Yu Li et al.)

The Vertical X-shaped Structure in the Milky Way: Evidence from a Simple Boxy Bulge Model    [PDF]

Zhao-Yu Li, Juntai Shen

1206.3788 (Donnino Anderhalden et al.)

The Galactic Halo in Mixed Dark Cosmologies    [PDF]

Donnino Anderhalden, Juerg Diemand, Gianfranco Bertone, Andrea V. Maccio, Aurel Schneider

1206.3842 (Jing Li et al.)

On Rings and Streams in the Galactic Anti-Center    [PDF]

Jing Li, Heidi Jo Newberg, Jeffrey L. Carlin, Licai Deng, Matthew Newby, Benjamin A. Willett, Yan Xu, Zhiquan Luo

1206.3843 (Xiao-Bo Dong et al.)

A Uniformly Selected Sample of Low-mass Black Holes in Seyfert 1 Galaxies    [PDF]

Xiao-Bo Dong, Luis C. Ho, Weimin Yuan, Ting-Gui Wang, Xiaohui Fan, Hongyan Zhou, Ning Jiang

1206.3888 (Kohei Hayashi et al.)

Probing non-spherical dark halos in the Galactic dwarf galaxies    [PDF]

Kohei Hayashi, Masashi Chiba

1206.3890 (Carlo Nipoti et al.)

Magnetothermal stability of a rotating stratified plasma    [PDF]

Carlo Nipoti, Lorenzo Posti

1206.3976 (Salomé Dibi et al.)

GRMHD simulations of accretion onto Sgr A*: How important are radiative losses?    [PDF]

Salomé Dibi, Samia Drappeau, P. Chris Fragile, Sera Markoff, Jason Dexter

1206.4031 (Ilaria Musella et al.)

Stellar Archaeology in the Galactic halo with Ultra-Faint Dwarfs: VII. Hercules    [PDF]

Ilaria Musella, Vincenzo Ripepi, Marcella Marconi, Gisella Clementini, Massimo Dall'Ora, Victoria Scowcroft, Maria Ida Moretti, Luca Di Fabrizio, Claudia Greco, Giuseppina Coppola, David Bersier, Márcio Catelan, Aniello Grado, Luca Limatola, Horace A. Smith, Karen Kinemuchi

Monday, June 18, 2012

1206.3314 (S. A. Mao et al.)

New Constraints on the Galactic Halo Magnetic Field using Rotation Measures of Extragalactic Sources Towards the Outer Galaxy    [PDF]

S. A. Mao, N. M. McClure-Griffiths, B. M. Gaensler, J. C. Brown, C. L. van Eck, M. Haverkorn, P. P. Kronberg, J. M. Stil, A. Shukurov, A. R. Taylor

1206.3322 (Priti Mishra et al.)

Galaxy rotation curves from a fourth order gravity    [PDF]

Priti Mishra, Tejinder P. Singh

1206.3330 (George Younes et al.)

XMM-Newton view of Swift J1834.9-0846 and its Magnetar Wind Nebula    [PDF]

George Younes, Chryssa Kouveliotou, Oleg Kargaltsev, George G. Pavlov, Ersin Gogus, Stefanie Wachter

1206.3331 (J. A. Rodón et al.)

Fragmentation in the Massive Star-Forming Region IRAS 19410+2336    [PDF]

J. A. Rodón, H. Beuther, P. Schilke

1206.3343 (X. H. Sun et al.)

Polarisation properties of Milky-Way-like galaxies    [PDF]

X. H. Sun, W. Reich

1206.3378 (Li Chen et al.)

The LEGUE disk target selection for the LAMOST pilot survey    [PDF]

Li Chen, Jinliang Hou, Jincheng Yu, Chao Liu, Licai Deng, Heidi Jo Newberg, Jeffrey L. Carlin, Fan Yang, Yueyang Zhang, Shiyin Shen, Haotong Zhang, Jianjun Chen, Yuqing Chen, Norbert Christlieb, Zhanwen Han, Hsu-Tai Lee, Xiaowei Liu, Kaike Pan, Jianrong Shi, Hongchi Wang, Zi Zhu

1206.3391 (Robert Estalella et al.)

The counterjet of HH 30: new light on its binary driving source    [PDF]

Robert Estalella, Rosario López, Guillem Anglada, Gabriel Gómez, Angels Riera, Carlos Carrasco-González

1206.3413 (G. Meeus et al.)

GASPS observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars with PACS/Herschel. The atomic and molecular content of their protoplanetary discs    [PDF]

G. Meeus, B. Montesinos, I. Mendigutia, I. Kamp, W. F. Thi, the GASPS HAEBE team

1206.3469 (Stefan Uttenthaler et al.)

Constraining the structure and formation of the Galactic bulge from a field in its outskirts. FLAMES-GIRAFFE spectra of $\sim400$ red giants around $(l,b)=(0\degr,-10\degr)$    [PDF]

Stefan Uttenthaler, Mathias Schultheis, David. M. Nataf, Annie C. Robin, Thomas Lebzelter, B. Chen

1206.3494 (Adriana Mancini Pires)

Peculiar isolated neutron stars and the source in the Carina Nebula    [PDF]

Adriana Mancini Pires

Thursday, June 14, 2012

1109.2118 (David M. Nataf et al.)

Red Giant Branch Bump Brightness and Number Counts in 72 Galactic Globular Clusters Observed with the Hubble Space Telescope    [PDF]

David M. Nataf, Andrew P. Gould, Marc H. Pinsonneault, Andrzej Udalski

1206.2650 (Wesley T. Irons et al.)

Ionized Gas in the Galactic Center: New Observations and Interpretation    [PDF]

Wesley T. Irons, John H. Lacy, Matthew J. Richter

1206.2752 (S. Karaali et al.)

Absolute Magnitude Calibration for Giants based on the Colour-Magnitude Diagrams of Galactic Clusters. II-Calibration with SDSS    [PDF]

S. Karaali, S. Bilir, E. Yaz Gokce

1206.2762 (W. G. Ji et al.)

The infrared dust bubble N22: an expanding HII region and the star formation around it    [PDF]

W. G. Ji, J. J. Zhou, J. Esimbek, Y. F. Wu, G. Wu, X. D. Tang

1206.2837 (Oscar Morata et al.)

Probing the physical and chemical structure of the CS core in LDN 673. Multitransitional and continuum observations    [PDF]

Oscar Morata, Josep Miquel Girart, Robert Estalella, Robin T. Garrod

1206.2899 (Charles D. Dermer)

Diffuse Galactic Gamma Rays from Shock-Accelerated Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

Charles D. Dermer

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1206.2352 (Yann Mambrini et al.)

Complementarity of Galactic radio and collider data in constraining WIMP dark matter models    [PDF]

Yann Mambrini, Michel H. G. Tytgat, Gabrijela Zaharijas, Bryan Zaldivar

1206.2359 (Amina Helmi et al.)

Dark satellites and the morphology of dwarf galaxies    [PDF]

Amina Helmi, L. V. Sales, E. Starkenburg, T. K. Starkenburg, C. A. Vera-Ciro, G. De Lucia, Y. -S. Li

1206.2363 (Jacco Vink)

Supernova Remnants as the Sources of Galactic Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

Jacco Vink

1206.2395 (Tassos Fragos et al.)

X-ray Binary Evolution Across Cosmic Time    [PDF]

Tassos Fragos, Bret Lehmer, Michael Tremmel, Panayiotis Tzanavaris, Antara Basu-Zych, Krzysztof Belczynski, Ann Hornschemeier, Leigh Jenkins, Vassiliki Kalogera, Andrew Ptak, Andreas Zezas

1206.2396 (Fabio Iocco)

The lithium problem, a phenomenologist's perspective    [PDF]

Fabio Iocco

1206.2419 (S. Trippe et al.)

A search for linear polarization in the active galactic nucleus 3C 84 at 239 and 348 GHz    [PDF]

S. Trippe, M. Bremer, T. P. Krichbaum, M. Krips, R. Neri, V. Pietu, J. M. Winters

1206.2434 (Akos Bogdan et al.)

The diverse hot gas content and dynamics of optically similar low-mass elliptical galaxies    [PDF]

Akos Bogdan, Laurence P. David, Christine Jones, William R. Forman, Ralph P. Kraft

1206.2444 (Euaggelos E. Zotos)

Trapped and escaping orbits in an axially symmetric galactic-type potential    [PDF]

Euaggelos E. Zotos

1206.2569 (Renyu Hu et al.)

Quasars' Optical Polarization and Balmer Edge Feature Revealed by Ultra-Violet, and Polarized Visible to Near Infrared Emissions    [PDF]

Renyu Hu, Shuang-Nan Zhang

1206.2614 (Simón Torres Robledo et al.)

Bibliographic compilation of NIR spectroscopy for stars in the Galactic O-Star Catalog    [PDF]

Simón Torres Robledo, Rodolfo Barbá, Julia Arias, Nidia Morrell

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1109.5943 (Enrico Borriello et al.)

Constraints on sterile neutrino dark matter from XMM--Newton observation of M33    [PDF]

Enrico Borriello, Maurizio Paolillo, Gennaro Miele, Giuseppe Longo, Richard Owen

1206.1855 (Aaron A. Dutton)

The baryonic Tully-Fisher relation and galactic outflows    [PDF]

Aaron A. Dutton

1206.1902 (G. Ramos-Larios et al.)

The Structure of the Planetary Nebula NGC 2371 in the Visible and Mid-Infrared    [PDF]

G. Ramos-Larios, J. P. Phillips

1206.2115 (Lei Qian et al.)

13CO Cores in Taurus Molecular Cloud    [PDF]

Lei Qian, Di Li, Paul Goldsmith

1206.2139 (A. Bik et al.)

Age spread in Galactic star forming region W3 Main    [PDF]

A. Bik, Th. Henning, A. Stolte, W. Brandner, D. A. Gouliermis, M. Gennaro, A. Pasquali, B. Rochau, H. Beuther, N. Ageorges, W. Seifert, Y. Wang, N. Kudryavtseva

1206.2140 (T. -C. Peng et al.)

Deuterated methanol in Orion BN/KL    [PDF]

T. -C. Peng, D. Despois, N. Brouillet, B. Parise, A. Baudry

1206.2309 (B. McKernan et al.)

Intermediate mass black holes in AGN disks: I. Production & Growth    [PDF]

B. McKernan, K. E. S. Ford, W. Lyra, H. B. Perets

Monday, June 11, 2012

0901.3173 (B. S. Lieberman et al.)

Whilst this Planet Has Gone Cycling On: What Role for Periodic Astronomical Phenomena in Large Scale Patterns in the History of Life?    [PDF]

B. S. Lieberman, A. L. Melott

1206.1593 (E. A. Helder et al.)

Observational signatures of particle acceleration in supernova remnants    [PDF]

E. A. Helder, J. Vink, A. M. Bykov, Y. Ohira, J. C. Raymond, R. Terrier

1206.1594 (I. Ferreras et al.)

Systematic variation of the stellar Initial Mass Function with velocity dispersion in early-type galaxies    [PDF]

I. Ferreras, F. La Barbera, R. R. de Carvalho, I. G. de la Rosa, A. Vazdekis, J. Falcon-Barroso, E. Ricciardelli

1206.1597 (Michael Hilz et al.)

Relaxation and Stripping: The Evolution of Sizes, Dispersions and Dark Matter Fractions in Major and Minor Mergers of Elliptical Galaxies    [PDF]

Michael Hilz, Thorsten Naab, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Jens Thomas, Andreas Burkert, Roland Jesseit

1206.1607 (Ilias Cholis)

Searching for the High Energy Neutrino counterpart of the Fermi Bubbles signal or from Dark Matter annihilation    [PDF]

Ilias Cholis

1206.1612 (Louise O. V. Edwards et al.)

Close companions to Brightest Cluster Galaxies: Support for minor mergers and downsizing    [PDF]

Louise O. V. Edwards, David R. Patton

1206.1804 (Adrian L. Melott et al.)

A ~60 Myr periodicity is common to marine-87Sr/86Sr, fossil biodiversity, and large-scale sedimentation: what does the periodicity reflect?    [PDF]

Adrian L. Melott, Richard K. Bambach, K. D. Petersen, John M. McArthur

1206.1824 (Bruce S. Lieberman et al.)

Declining Volatility, a General Property of Disparate Systems: From Fossils, to Stocks, to the Stars    [PDF]

Bruce S. Lieberman, Adrian L. Melott

Friday, June 8, 2012

1206.1325 (J. M. Diederik Kruijssen)

Collateral Damage: the Implications of Utrecht Star Cluster Astrophysics for Galaxy Evolution    [PDF]

J. M. Diederik Kruijssen

1206.1340 (Jie Wang et al.)

The Spatial Distribution of Galactic Satellites in the LCDM Cosmology    [PDF]

Jie Wang, Carlos S. Frenk, Andrew P. Cooper

1206.1345 (J. A. Eisner)

Disk Masses at the end of the main accretion phase: CARMA Observations and Multi-Wavelength Modeling of Class I Protostars    [PDF]

J. A. Eisner

1206.1360 (Damiano Caprioli)

Cosmic-ray acceleration in supernova remnants: non-linear theory revised    [PDF]

Damiano Caprioli

1206.1364 (Jordan M. Stone et al.)

Disentangling Confused Stars at the Galactic Center with Long Baseline Infrared Interferometry    [PDF]

Jordan M. Stone, J. A. Eisner, J. D. Monnier, J. Woillez, P. Wizinowich, J. -U. Pott, A. M. Ghez

1206.1384 (M. A. Malkov et al.)

On the mechanism for breaks in the cosmic ray spectrum    [PDF]

M. A. Malkov, P. H. Diamond, R. Z. Sagdeev

1206.1481 (D. Paul et al.)

Imaging polarimetry of the Bok globule CB56    [PDF]

D. Paul, H. S. Das, A. K. Sen

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1110.0022 (Alessandro Mirizzi et al.)

Instability in the dense supernova neutrino gas with flavor-dependent angular distributions    [PDF]

Alessandro Mirizzi, Pasquale D. Serpico

1206.1054 (Brian J. Williams et al.)

Dust in a Type Ia Supernova Progenitor: Spitzer Spectroscopy of Kepler's Supernova Remnant    [PDF]

Brian J. Williams, Kazimierz J. Borkowski, Stephen P. Reynolds, Parviz Ghavamian, William P. Blair, Knox S. Long, Ravi Sankrit

1206.1056 (Christopher Wegg et al.)

White Dwarf Kinematics vs Mass    [PDF]

Christopher Wegg, E. Sterl Phinney

1206.1057 (David J. Radburn-Smith et al.)

Outer-Disk Populations in NGC 7793: Evidence for Stellar Radial Migration    [PDF]

David J. Radburn-Smith, Rok Roskar, Victor P. Debattista, Julianne J. Dalcanton, David Streich, Roelof S. de Jong, Marija Vlajic, Benne W. Holwerda, Chris W. Purcell, Andrew E. Dolphin, Daniel B. Zucker

1206.1157 (Devesh P. Sariya et al.)

Proper motions and membership probabilities of stars in the region of globular cluster NGC 6809    [PDF]

Devesh P. Sariya, R. K. S. Yadav, A. Bellini

1206.1234 (Annette Geng et al.)

Synthetic X-ray and radio maps for two different models of Stephan's Quintet    [PDF]

Annette Geng, Alexander M. Beck, Klaus Dolag, Florian Bürzle, Marcus C. Beck, Hanna Kotarba, Peter Nielaba

1206.1243 (M. Hennemann et al.)

The spine of the swan: A Herschel study of the DR21 ridge and filaments in Cygnus X    [PDF]

M. Hennemann, F. Motte, N. Schneider, P. Didelon, T. Hill, D. Arzoumanian, S. Bontemps, T. Csengeri, Ph. Andre, V. Konyves, F. Louvet, A. Marston, A. Men'shchikov, V. Minier, Q. Nguyen Luong, P. Palmeirim, N. Peretto, M. Sauvage, A. Zavagno, L. D. Anderson, J. -Ph. Bernard, J. Di Francesco, D. Elia, J. Z. Li, P. G. Martin, S. Molinari, S. Pezzuto, D. Russeil, K. L. J. Rygl, E. Schisano, L. Spinoglio, T. Sousbie, D. Ward-Thompson, G. J. White

1206.1249 (P. Pilleri et al.)

Herschel / HIFI observations of CO, H2O and NH3 in Mon R2    [PDF]

P. Pilleri, A. Fuente, J. Cernicharo, V. Ossenkopf, O. Berné, M. Gerin, J. Pety, J. R. Goicoechea, J. R. Rizzo, J. Montillaud, M. González-García, C. Joblin, J. Le Bourlot, F. Le Petit, C. Kramer

1206.1266 (Stacy H. Teng et al.)

Chandra Observations of Galaxy Zoo Mergers: Frequency of Binary Active Nuclei in Massive Mergers    [PDF]

Stacy H. Teng, Kevin Schawinski, C. Megan Urry, Dan W. Darg, Sugata Kaviraj, Kyuseok Oh, Erin W. Bonning, Carolin N. Cardamone, William C. Keel, Chris J. Lintott, Brooke D. Simmons, Ezequiel Treister

1206.1273 (P. C. Frisch et al.)

The Interstellar Magnetic Field Close to the Sun II    [PDF]

P. C. Frisch, B-G Andersson, A. Berdyugin, V. Piirola, R. DeMajistre, H. O. Funsten, A. M. Magalhaes, D. B. Seriacopi, D. J. McComas, N. A. Schwadron, J. D. Slavin, S. J. Wiktorowicz

1206.1281 (Jussi Lindgren)

On the Lamb vector divergence, evolution of pressure fields and Navier-Stokes regularity    [PDF]

Jussi Lindgren

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1206.0909 (L. Greggio et al.)

Resolved stellar population of distant galaxies in the ELT era    [PDF]

L. Greggio, R. Falomo, S. Zaggia, D. Fantinel, M. Uslenghi

1206.0731 (D. Sluse et al.)

Microlensing of the broad line region in 17 lensed quasars    [PDF]

D. Sluse, D. Hutsemékers, F. Courbin, G. Meylan, J. Wambsganss

1206.0733 (M. Cignoni et al.)

Star Formation History in two fields of the Small Magellanic Cloud Bar    [PDF]

M. Cignoni, A. A. Cole, M. Tosi, J. S. Gallagher, E. Sabbi, J. Anderson, E. K. Grebel, A. Nota

1206.0736 (Fabio Iocco et al.)

Lithium synthesis in microquasar accretion    [PDF]

Fabio Iocco, Miguel Pato

1206.0740 (C. B. Brook et al.)

Thin disc, Thick Disc and Halo in a Simulated Galaxy    [PDF]

C. B. Brook, G. S. Stinson, B. K. Gibson, D. Kawata, E. L. House, M. S. Miranda, A. V. Macciò, K. Pilkington, R. Roškar, J. Wadsley, T. R. Quinn

1206.0784 (Elizabeth Wylie-de Boer et al.)

Tracing the origin of the Aquarius Stream: I    [PDF]

Elizabeth Wylie-de Boer, Kenneth Freeman, Mary Williams, Matthias Steinmetz, Ulisse Munari, Stefan Keller

1206.0804 (Chao Liu et al.)

A resonant feature near the Perseus arm revealed by red clump stars    [PDF]

Chao Liu, Xiangxiang Xue, Min Fang, Glenn van de Ven, Yue Wu, Martin C. Smith, Kenneth Carrell

1206.0817 (Ryosuke S. Asano et al.)

Dust formation history of galaxies: a critical role of metallicity for the dust mass growth by accreting materials in the interstellar medium    [PDF]

Ryosuke S. Asano, Tsutomu T. Takeuchi, Hiroyuki Hirashita, Akio K. Inoue

1206.0826 (Soyoung Youn et al.)

Fourier Analysis of the OMC1 Image at 1.1 mm Wavelength    [PDF]

Soyoung Youn, Sungeun Kim

1206.0863 (Sara C. Beck et al.)

[S IV] in the NGC 5253 Supernebula: Ionized Gas Kinematics at High Resolution    [PDF]

Sara C. Beck, John H. Lacy, Jean L. Turner, Andrew Kruger, Matt Richter, Lucian P. Crosthwaite

1206.0873 (Antonio Parravano et al.)

The Dependence of Prestellar Core Mass Distributions on the Structure of the Parental Cloud    [PDF]

Antonio Parravano, Nestor Sanchez, Emilio J. Alfaro

1206.0941 (Thomas M. Brown et al.)

The Primeval Populations of the Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies    [PDF]

Thomas M. Brown, Jason Tumlinson, Marla Geha, Evan N. Kirby, Don A. VandenBerg, Ricardo R. Munoz, Jason S. Kalirai, Joshua D. Simon, Roberto J. Avila, Puragra Guhathakurta, Alvio Renzini, Henry C. Ferguson

1206.1022 (Sergio B. Dieterich et al.)

The Solar Neighborhood XXVIII: The Multiplicity Fraction of Nearby Stars from 5 to 70 AU and the Brown Dwarf Desert Around M Dwarfs    [PDF]

Sergio B. Dieterich, Todd J. Henry, David A. Golimowski, John E. Krist, Angelle M. Tanner

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1206.0011 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Star Formation in Galaxy Mergers with Realistic Models of Stellar Feedback & the Interstellar Medium    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Thomas J. Cox, Lars Hernquist, Desika Narayanan, Christopher C. Hayward, Norman Murray

1206.0015 (Silvia Garbari et al.)

A new determination of the local dark matter density from the kinematics of K dwarfs    [PDF]

Silvia Garbari, Chao Liu, Justin I. Read, George Lake

1206.0020 (Else Starkenburg et al.)

The satellites of the Milky Way - Insights from semi-analytic modelling in a LambdaCDM cosmology    [PDF]

Else Starkenburg, Amina Helmi, Gabriella De Lucia, Yang-Shyang Li, Julio F. Navarro, Andreea S. Font, Carlos S. Frenk, Volker Springel, Carlos A. Vera-Ciro, Simon D. M. White

1206.0269 (B. Sesar et al.)

Two Distant Halo Velocity Groups Discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory    [PDF]

B. Sesar, J. G. Cohen, D. Levitan, C. J. Grillmair, M. Juric, E. N. Kirby, R. R. Laher, E. O. Ofek, J. A. Surace, S. R. Kulkarni, T. A. Prince

1206.0299 (A. E. Schulz et al.)

Gravitational Collapse in One Dimension    [PDF]

A. E. Schulz, Walter Dehnen, Gerard Jungman, Scott Tremaine

1206.0300 (J. D. Pandian et al.)

Physical conditions around 6.7 GHz methanol masers-I: Ammonia    [PDF]

J. D. Pandian, F. Wyrowski, K. M. Menten

1206.0342 (Harvey Liszt et al.)

The abundance of C3H2 and other small hydrocarbons in the diffuse interstellar medium    [PDF]

Harvey Liszt, Paule Sonnentrucker, Martin Cordiner, Maryvonne Gerin

1206.0394 (T. L. Hoffmann et al.)

Numerical Models for the Diffuse Ionized Gas in Galaxies. I. Synthetic spectra of thermally excited gas with turbulent magnetic reconnection as energy source    [PDF]

T. L. Hoffmann, S. Lieb, A. W. A. Pauldrach, H. Lesch, P. J. N. Hultzsch, G. T. Birk

1206.0403 (V. Guzmán et al.)

The IRAM-30m line survey of the Horsehead PDR: I. CF+ as a tracer of C+ and a measure of the Fluorine abundance    [PDF]

V. Guzmán, J. Pety, P. Gratier, J. R. Goicoechea, M. Gerin, E. Roueff, D. Teyssier

1206.0428 (J. P. W. Verbiest et al.)

On Pulsar Distance Measurements and their Uncertainties    [PDF]

J. P. W. Verbiest, J. M. Weisberg, A. A. Chael, K. J. Lee, D. R. Lorimer

1206.0721 (Andrea J. Ruff et al.)

New Constraints on the Quasar Broad Emission Line Region    [PDF]

Andrea J. Ruff, David J. E. Floyd, Rachel L. Webster, Kirk T. Korista, Hermine Landt

1206.0726 (Jaime E. Forero-Romero et al.)

Effects of Star Formation Stochasticity on the Lyα & Lyman Continuum Emission from Dwarf Galaxies    [PDF]

Jaime E. Forero-Romero, Mark Dijkstra

Friday, June 1, 2012

1205.6802 (Jason Kalirai)

The Age of the Milky Way Inner Halo    [PDF]

Jason Kalirai

1205.6807 (Eugenio Carretta et al.)

Aluminum abundances of multiple stellar generations in the globular cluster NGC 1851    [PDF]

Eugenio Carretta, Valentina D'Orazi, Raffaele G. Gratton, Sara Lucatello

1205.6810 (B. T. Draine et al.)

The Submm and mm Excess of the SMC: Magnetic Dipole Emission from Magnetic Nanoparticles?    [PDF]

B. T. Draine, Brandon Hensley

1205.6863 (Sangmo Tony Sohn et al.)

The M31 Velocity Vector. I. Hubble Space Telescope Proper Motion Measurements    [PDF]

Sangmo Tony Sohn, Jay Anderson, Roeland P. van der Marel

1205.6864 (Roeland P. van der Marel et al.)

The M31 Velocity Vector. II. Radial Orbit Towards the Milky Way and Implied Local Group Mass    [PDF]

Roeland P. van der Marel, Mark Fardal, Gurtina Besla, Rachael L. Beaton, Sangmo Tony Sohn, Jay Anderson, Tom Brown, Puragra Guhathakurta

1205.6865 (Roeland P. van der Marel et al.)

The M31 Velocity Vector. III. Future Milky Way-M31-M33 Orbital Evolution, Merging, and Fate of the Sun    [PDF]

Roeland P. van der Marel, Gurtina Besla, T. J. Cox, Sangmo Tony Sohn, Jay Anderson

1205.6876 (John C. Barentine et al.)

Two Pseudobulges in the "Boxy Bulge" Galaxy NGC 5746    [PDF]

John C. Barentine, John Kormendy

1205.6890 (Sascha P. Quanz et al.)

Searching for young Jupiter analogs around AP Col: L-band high-contrast imaging of the closest pre-main sequence star    [PDF]

Sascha P. Quanz, Justin R. Crepp, Markus Janson, Henning Avenhaus, Michael R. Meyer, Lynne A. Hillenbrand

1205.6995 (N. Castelló-Mor et al.)

The X-ray luminous galaxies optically classified as star forming are mostly narrow line Seyfert 1s    [PDF]

N. Castelló-Mor, X. Barcons, L. Ballo, F. J. Carrera, M. J. Ward, C. Jin

1205.7001 (Jincheng Yu et al.)

A Test for Radial Mixing Using Local Star Samples    [PDF]

Jincheng Yu, J. A. Sellwood, Carlton Pryor, Li Chen, Jinliang Hou

1205.7021 (B. T. Draine et al.)

Magnetic Nanoparticles in the Interstella Medium: Emission Spectrum and Polarization    [PDF]

B. T. Draine, Brandon Hensley