Friday, September 28, 2012

1209.6052 (B. Vollmer et al.)

A dynamical model for the Taffy galaxies UGC 12914/5    [PDF]

B. Vollmer, J. Braine, M. Soida

1209.6057 (V. Lebouteiller et al.)

Physical conditions in the gas phases of the giant HII region LMC-N11 unveiled by Herschel - I. Diffuse [CII] and [OIII] emission in LMC-N11B    [PDF]

V. Lebouteiller, D. Cormier, S. C. Madden, F. Galliano, R. Indebetouw, N. Abel, M. Sauvage, S. Hony, A. Contursi, A. Poglitsch, A. Remy, E. Sturm, R. Wu

1209.6059 (Blagoy Rangelov et al.)

X-ray Binaries and Star Clusters in the Antennae: Optical Cluster Counterparts    [PDF]

Blagoy Rangelov, Rupali Chandar, Andrea Prestwich, Bradley C. Whitmore

1209.6069 (B. F. Griffen et al.)

The inhomogenous reionization of the inter-galactic medium by metal-poor globular clusters    [PDF]

B. F. Griffen, M. J. Drinkwater, Ilian T. Iliev, P. A. Thomas, Garrelt Mellema

1209.6082 (Onno R. Pols et al.)

The occurrence of nitrogen-enhanced metal-poor stars: implications for the initial mass function in the early Galactic halo    [PDF]

Onno R. Pols, Robert G. Izzard, Richard J. Stancliffe, Evert Glebbeek

1209.6253 (Mark B. Peacock et al.)

Spatially resolved spectroscopy of the globular cluster RZ 2109 and the nature of its black hole    [PDF]

Mark B. Peacock, Stephen E. Zepf, Arunav Kundu, Thomas J. Maccarone, Katherine L. Rhode, John J. Salzer, Christopher Z. Waters, Robin Ciardullo, Caryl Gronwall, Daniel Stern

1209.6280 (G. Kordopatis)

Gaia constraints on the Galactic thick disc    [PDF]

G. Kordopatis

1209.6289 (Germán Chaparro Molano et al.)

The role of OH in the chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks II. Gas-rich environments    [PDF]

Germán Chaparro Molano, Inga Kamp

1209.6310 (James Dale)

Large-scale effects of ionizing feedback    [PDF]

James Dale

1209.6320 (Jon C. Mauerhan et al.)

The Unprecedented Third Outburst of SN 2009ip: A Luminous Blue Variable Becomes a Supernova    [PDF]

Jon C. Mauerhan, Nathan Smith, Alexei Filippenko, Kyle Blanchard, Peter Blanchard, Chadwick F. E. Casper, S. Bradley Cenko, Kelsey I. Clubb, Daniel Cohen, Gary Li, Jeffrey M. Silverman