Thursday, April 25, 2013

1304.6412 (Joshua Ridley et al.)

Eight New Radio Pulsars in the Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

Joshua Ridley, Fronefield Crawford, Duncan Lorimer, Suzannah Bailey, John Madden, Ryan Anella, Jayanth Chennamangalam

1304.6427 (S. Vásquez et al.)

3D kinematics through the X-shaped Milky Way bulge    [PDF]

S. Vásquez, M. Zoccali, V. Hill, A. Renzini, O. A. González, E. Gardner, Victor P. Debattista, A. C. Robin, M. Rejkuba, M. Baffico, M. Monelli, V. Motta, D. Minniti

1304.6457 (Siavash Aslanbeigi et al.)

An Optimal and Model-Independent Measurement of the Intracluster Pressure Profile I: Methodology and First Applications    [PDF]

Siavash Aslanbeigi, Guilhem Lavaux, Amir Hajian, Niayesh Afshordi

1304.6490 (Anthony Moraghan et al.)

Density distributions of outflow driven turbulence    [PDF]

Anthony Moraghan, Jongsoo Kim, Suk-Jin Yoon

1304.6520 (Judith Ngoumou et al.)

The Mysterious Sickle Object in the Carina Nebula: A stellar wind induced bow shock grazing a clump?    [PDF]

Judith Ngoumou, Thomas Preibisch, Thorsten Ratzka, Andreas Burkert

1304.6622 (Harpreet Dhanoa et al.)

Is acetylene essential for carbon dust formation?    [PDF]

Harpreet Dhanoa, Jonathan M. C. Rawlings

1304.6637 (Patrick Hennebelle et al.)

Analytical theory for the initial mass function: III time dependence and star formation rate    [PDF]

Patrick Hennebelle, Gilles Chabrier