Monday, March 12, 2012

1203.1922 (Kevin Heng et al.)

On the Stability of Super Earth Atmospheres    [PDF]

Kevin Heng, Pushkar Kopparla

1203.1944 (M. Chernyakova et al.)

Superorbital modulation of X-ray emission from gamma-ray binary LSI +61 303    [PDF]

M. Chernyakova, A. Neronov, S. Molkov, D. Malyshev, A. Lutovinov, G. Pooley

1203.1996 (K. Pilkington et al.)

The Distribution of Young Stars and Metals in Simulated Cosmological Disk Galaxies    [PDF]

K. Pilkington, B. K. Gibson, D. H. Jones

1203.2012 (U. U. Graf et al.)

[12CII] and [13CII] 158 mum emission from NGC 2024: Large column densities of ionized carbon    [PDF]

U. U. Graf, R. Simon, J. Stutzki, S. W. J. Colgan, X. Guan, R. Güsten, R. Hartogh, C. E. Honingh, H. -W. Hübers

1203.2026 (Mathias Steglich et al.)

On the smoothness of the interstellar extinction curve in the UV. Comparison with recent laboratory measurements of PAH mixtures    [PDF]

Mathias Steglich, Yvain Carpentier, Cornelia Jäger, Friedrich Huisken, Hans-Joachim Räder, Thomas Henning

1203.2055 (Alexander A. Mushtukov et al.)

Relativistic kinetic equation for Compton scattering of polarized radiation in strong magnetic field    [PDF]

Alexander A. Mushtukov, Dmitrij I. Nagirner, Juri Poutanen

1203.2117 (F. Z. Molina et al.)

The Density Variance--Mach Number Relation in Supersonic Turbulence: I. Isothermal, magnetised gas    [PDF]

F. Z. Molina, S. C. O. Glover, C. Federrath, R. S. Klessen

1203.2146 (T. D. Kinman et al.)

The Kinematic Properties of BHB and RR Lyrae stars towards the Anticentre and the North Galactic Pole: The Transition between the Inner and the Outer Halo    [PDF]

T. D. Kinman, C. Cacciari, A. Bragaglia, R. Smart, A. Spagna