Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1300 (Anna Frebel et al.)

The 300km/s stellar stream near Segue 1: Insights From high-resolution spectroscopy of its brightest star    [PDF]

Anna Frebel, Ragnhild Lunnan, Andrew R. Casey, John E. Norris, Rosemary F. G. Wyse, Gerard Gilmore

1305.1303 (R. M. Loughnane et al.)

Observation of HCN hyperfine line anomalies towards low- and high-mass star-forming cores    [PDF]

R. M. Loughnane, M. P. Redman, M. A. Thompson, N. Lo, B. O'Dwyer, M. R Cunningham

1305.1339 (M. Veneziani et al.)

Bayesian method for the analysis of the dust emission in the Far-Infrared and Submillimeter    [PDF]

M. Veneziani, F. Piacentini, A. Noriega-Crespo, S. Carey, R. Paladini, D. Paradis

1305.1408 (R. Rathulnath et al.)

Dynamics of prolate spheroidal mass distributions with varying eccentricity    [PDF]

R. Rathulnath, Chanda J. Jog

1305.1584 (Tristan Grégoire et al.)

Constraining the Galactic millisecond pulsar population using Fermi Large Area Telescope    [PDF]

Tristan Grégoire, Jürgen Knödlseder