Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1009.4324 (Elena Yu. Bannikova et al.)

Gravitational potential of a homogeneous circular torus: new approach    [PDF]

Elena Yu. Bannikova, Victor G. Vakulik, Valery M. Shulga

1210.7807 (L. Coccato et al.)

Spectroscopic evidence of distinct stellar populations in the counter-rotating stellar disks of NGC 3593 and NGC 4550    [PDF]

L. Coccato, L. Morelli, A. Pizzella, E. M. Corsini, L. M. Buson, E. Dalla Bonta'

1210.7820 (Ronnie Jansson et al.)

The Galactic Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Ronnie Jansson, Glennys R. Farrar

1210.7829 (Takuji Tsujimoto et al.)

Diversity of Type Ia Supernovae Imprinted in Chemical Abundances    [PDF]

Takuji Tsujimoto, Toshikazu Shigeyama

1210.7854 (Valentina D'Orazi et al.)

Fluorine variations in the globular cluster NGC 6656 (M22): implications for internal enrichment timescales    [PDF]

Valentina D'Orazi, Sara Lucatello, Maria Lugaro, Raffaele G. Gratton, George Angelou, Angela Bragaglia, Eugenio Carretta, Alan Alves-Brito, Inese I. Ivans, Thomas Masseron, Alessio Mucciarelli

1210.7886 (A. Arellano Ferro et al.)

Physical parameters of three field RR Lyrae stars    [PDF]

A. Arellano Ferro, J. H. Pena, R. Figuera Jaimes

1210.7891 (Jean-Pierre Macquart)

Interstellar scattering - New diagnostics of pulsars and the ISM    [PDF]

Jean-Pierre Macquart

1210.7900 (Takuhiro Aota et al.)

Phosphorous chemistry in the shocked region L1157 B1    [PDF]

Takuhiro Aota, Yuri Aikawa

1210.7998 (Gregory R. Ruchti et al.)

Unveiling systematic biases in 1D LTE excitation-ionisation balance of Fe for FGK stars. A novel approach to determination of stellar parameters    [PDF]

Gregory R. Ruchti, Maria Bergemann, Aldo Serenelli, Luca Casagrande, Karin Lind

1210.8009 (K. Dolag et al.)

Resolving infall caustics in dark matter halos    [PDF]

K. Dolag, A. D. Dolgov, I. I. Tkachev

1210.8017 (Iain McDonald et al.)

On the impossible NGC 4372 V1 and V2: an extended AGB to the [Fe/H] = -2.2 cluster    [PDF]

Iain McDonald, Albert A. Zijlstra, Andry Rajoelimanana, Christian I. Johnson

1210.8029 (Ebru Devlen)

The Anisotropic Transport Effects On The Dilute Plasmas    [PDF]

Ebru Devlen

1210.8036 (Patryk Mach et al.)

Estimating masses of Keplerian disk systems: the case of AGN in NGC 4258    [PDF]

Patryk Mach, Michal Pirog, Edward Malec

1210.8058 (Aigen Li et al.)

Nanodust in the Interstellar Medium in Comparison to the Solar System    [PDF]

Aigen Li, Ingrid Mann

1210.8130 (Jouni Kainulainen et al.)

High-dynamic-range extinction mapping of infrared dark clouds: Dependence of density variance with sonic Mach number in molecular clouds    [PDF]

Jouni Kainulainen, Jonathan C. Tan

1210.8136 (Keith T. Smith et al.)

Small-scale structure in the interstellar medium: time-varying interstellar absorption towards κ Velorum    [PDF]

Keith T. Smith, Stephen J. Fossey, Martin A. Cordiner, Peter J. Sarre, Arfon M. Smith, Tom A. Bell, Serena Viti

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1210.7307 (Patricia Ann Whitelock)

Asymptotic Giant Branch Variables as Extragalactic Distance Indicators    [PDF]

Patricia Ann Whitelock

1210.7429 (K. Pilkington et al.)

Chemical Evolution of the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal    [PDF]

K. Pilkington, B. K. Gibson

1210.7481 (T. Sakamoto et al.)

Discovery of Mira variable stars in the metal-poor Sextans dwarf spheroidal galaxy    [PDF]

T. Sakamoto, N. Matsunaga, T. Hasegawa, Y. Nakada

1210.7518 (N. Wex et al.)

Prospects for probing strong gravity with a pulsar-black hole system    [PDF]

N. Wex, K. Liu, R. P. Eatough, M. Kramer, J. M. Cordes, T. J. W. Lazio

1210.7527 (Prajwal R. Kafle et al.)

Kinematics of the stellar halo and the mass distribution of the Milky Way using BHB stars    [PDF]

Prajwal R. Kafle, Sanjib Sharma, Geraint F. Lewis, Joss Bland-Hawthorn

1210.7616 (Masayuki Umemura et al.)

Formation and Radiative Feedback of First Objects and First Galaxies    [PDF]

Masayuki Umemura, Hajime Susa, Kenji Hasegawa, Tamon Suwa, Benoit Semelin

1210.7654 (Wing-Fai Thi et al.)

Radiation thermo-chemical models of protoplanetary discs. IV Modelling CO ro-vibrational emission from Herbig Ae discs    [PDF]

Wing-Fai Thi, Inga Kamp, Peter Woitke, Gerrit van des Plas, Rosina Bertelsen, Laurent Wiesenfeld

1210.7723 (Mordecai-Mark Mac Low)

From Gas to Stars over Cosmic Time    [PDF]

Mordecai-Mark Mac Low

1210.7790 (D. C. Warren et al.)

Three-dimensional numerical investigations of the morphology of type Ia SNRs    [PDF]

D. C. Warren, J. M. Blondin

Monday, October 29, 2012

1210.6980 (Rubab Khan et al.)

Finding η Car Analogs in Nearby Galaxies Using Spitzer: I. Candidate Selection    [PDF]

Rubab Khan, K. Z. Stanek, C. S. Kochanek

1210.6983 (Pau Amaro-Seoane et al.)

Fake plunges are very eccentric real EMRIs in disguise ... they dominate the rates and are blissfully ignorant of angular momentum barriers    [PDF]

Pau Amaro-Seoane, Carlos Sopuerta, Patrick Brem

1210.6988 (Ji-hoon Kim et al.)

Dwarf Galaxies with Ionizing Radiation Feedback. II: Spatially-resolved Star Formation Relation    [PDF]

Ji-hoon Kim, Mark R. Krumholz, John H. Wise, Matthew J. Turk, Nathan J. Goldbaum, Tom Abel

1210.6990 (Nick Z. Scoville)

Evolution of star formation and gas    [PDF]

Nick Z. Scoville

1210.6999 (Timothy Harrison)

Tidal Tails of Interacting Galaxies    [PDF]

Timothy Harrison

1210.7029 (JinLin Han)

Pulsars as excellent probes for the magnetic structure in our Milky Way    [PDF]

JinLin Han

1210.7066 (J. A. Noble et al.)

The thermal reactivity of HCN and NH3 in interstellar ice analogues    [PDF]

J. A. Noble, P. Theule, F. Borget, G. Danger, M. Chomat, F. Duvernay, F. Mispelaer, T. Chiavassa

1210.7067 (Israel Hermelo et al.)

The dust SED of dwarf galaxies I. The case of NGC 4214    [PDF]

Israel Hermelo, Ute Lisenfeld, Monica Relaño, Richard J. Tuffs, Cristina C. Popescu, Brent Groves

1210.7159 (Anna M. M. Scaife)

Radio Emission from Low Mass Young Stellar Objects    [PDF]

Anna M. M. Scaife

1210.7178 (B. Nisini et al.)

Mapping water in protostellar outflows with Herschel: PACS and HIFI observations of L1448-C    [PDF]

B. Nisini, G. Santangelo, S. Antoniucci, M. Benedettini, C. Codella, T. Giannini, A. Lorenzani, R. Liseau, M. Tafalla, P. Bjerkeli, S. Cabrit, P. Caselli, L. Kristensen, D. Neufeld, G. Melnick, E. F. van Dishoeck

1210.7185 (M. Tremmel T. Fragos et al.)

Modeling the Redshift Evolution of the Normal Galaxy X-ray Luminosity Function    [PDF]

M. Tremmel T. Fragos, B. D. Lehmer, P. Tzanavaris, K. Belczynski, V. Kalogera, A. R. Basu-Zych, W. M. Farr, A. Hornschemeier, L. Jenkins, A. Ptak, A. Zezas

1210.7200 (J. E. Colucci et al.)

The Detailed Chemical Abundance Patterns of M31 Globular Clusters    [PDF]

J. E. Colucci, R. A. Bernstein, J. Cohen

1210.7214 (P. C. Frisch)

The Heliosphere---Blowing in the Interstellar Wind    [PDF]

P. C. Frisch

Friday, October 26, 2012

1210.6653 (Ruobing Dong et al.)

X-ray Properties of Intermediate-mass Black Holes in Active Galaxies. III. Spectral Energy Distribution and Possible Evidence for Intrinsically X-ray-weak AGNs    [PDF]

Ruobing Dong, Jenny E. Greene, Luis C. Ho

1210.6658 (Dimitri Veras et al.)

Planetary Orbital Equations in Externally-Perturbed Systems: Position and Velocity-Dependent Forces    [PDF]

Dimitri Veras, N. Wyn Evans

1210.6676 (P. S. Ray et al.)

Radio Detection of the Fermi LAT Blind Search Millisecond Pulsar J1311-3430    [PDF]

P. S. Ray, S. M. Ransom, C. C. Cheung, M. Giroletti, I. Cognard, F. Camilo, B. Bhattacharyya, J. Roy, R. W. Romani, E. C. Ferrara, L. Guillemot, S. Johnston, M. Keith, M. Kerr, M. Kramer, H. J. Pletsch, P. M. Saz Parkinson, K. S. Wood

1210.6753 (F. Fusco et al.)

On the distance and reddening of the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822    [PDF]

F. Fusco, R. Buonanno, G. Bono, S. Cassisi, M. Monelli, A. Pietrinferni

1210.6801 (Marco Iacobelli et al.)

Rotation measure synthesis at the 2 m wavelength of the FAN region: Unveiling screens and bubbles    [PDF]

Marco Iacobelli, Marijke Haverkorn, Peter Katgert

1210.6808 (V. Heard et al.)

XMM-Newton observations of the Galactic Centre Region - I: The distribution of low-luminosity X-ray sources    [PDF]

V. Heard, R. S. Warwick

1210.6835 (Jonathan D. Henshaw et al.)

Complex, Quiescent Kinematics in a Highly Filamentary Infrared Dark Cloud    [PDF]

Jonathan D. Henshaw, Paola Caselli, Francesco Fontani, Izaskun Jimenez-Serra, Jonathan C. Tan, Audra K. Hernandez

1210.6856 (J. Zhang et al.)

Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Cationic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Zero Kinetic Energy Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Pentacene Vaporized from Laser Desorption    [PDF]

J. Zhang, F. Han, L. Pei, W. Kong, Aigen Li

1210.6903 (Mallory S. E. Roberts)

Surrounded by Spiders! New Black Widows and Redbacks in the Galactic Field    [PDF]

Mallory S. E. Roberts

1210.6947 (Mario A. Rodriguez-Meza)

Study of rotation curves of spiral galaxies with a scalar field dark matter model    [PDF]

Mario A. Rodriguez-Meza

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1210.6349 (J. Koda et al.)

Physical Conditions in Molecular Clouds in the Arm and Interarm Regions of M51    [PDF]

J. Koda, N. Scoville, T. Hasegawa, D. Calzetti, J. Donovan Meyer, F. Egusa, R. Kennicutt, N. Kuno, M. Louie, R. Momose, T. Sawada, K. Sorai, M. Umei

1210.6353 (Zachary G. Jennings et al.)

Supernova Remnant Progenitor Masses in M31    [PDF]

Zachary G. Jennings, Benjamin F. Williams, Jeremiah W. Murphy, Julianne J. Dalcanton, Karoline M. Gilbert, Andrew E. Dolphin, Morgan Fouesneau, Daniel R. Weisz

1210.6362 (Samaya Nissanke et al.)

Identifying Elusive Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Mergers: an end-to-end simulation    [PDF]

Samaya Nissanke, Mansi Kasliwal, Alexandra Georgieva

1210.6368 (Paola Caselli et al.)

Our astrochemical heritage    [PDF]

Paola Caselli, Cecilia Ceccarelli

1210.6409 (J. S. Heiner et al.)

Hydrogen volume densities in nearby galaxies I - an automated approach    [PDF]

J. S. Heiner, J. R. Sánchez-Gallego, L. Rousseau-Nepton, J. H. Knapen

1210.6470 (J. Braine et al.)

A detailed view of a Molecular Cloud in the far outer disk of M33    [PDF]

J. Braine, P. Gratier, Y. Contreras, K. F. Schuster, N. Brouillet

1210.6558 (Aigen Li et al.)

The Carriers of the Interstellar Unidentified Infrared Emission Features: Aromatic or Aliphatic?    [PDF]

Aigen Li, B. T. Draine

1210.6562 (Melanie Koehler et al.)

On the Anomalous Silicate Absorption Feature of the Prototypical Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 1068    [PDF]

Melanie Koehler, Aigen Li

1210.6563 (David W. Hogg et al.)

Replacing standard galaxy profiles with mixtures of Gaussians    [PDF]

David W. Hogg, Dustin Lang

1210.6597 (F. Y. Xiang et al.)

A Tale of Two Mysteries in Interstellar Astrophysics: The 2175 Angstrom Extinction Bump and Diffuse Interstellar Bands    [PDF]

F. Y. Xiang, Aigen Li, J. X. Zhong

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1201.0060 (Z. Liang et al.)

All-sky Observational Evidence for An Inverse Correlation between Dust Temperature and Emissivity Spectral Index    [PDF]

Z. Liang, D. J. Fixsen, B. Gold

1210.6028 (Rosa A. Gonzalez-Lopezlira et al.)

Gas surface density, star formation rate surface density, and the maximum mass of young star clusters in a disk galaxy. I. The flocculent galaxy M33    [PDF]

Rosa A. Gonzalez-Lopezlira, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Pavel Kroupa

1210.6032 (Chul Chung et al.)

Yonsei Evolutionary Population Synthesis (YEPS) Model. I. Spectroscopic Evolution of Simple Stellar Populations    [PDF]

Chul Chung, Suk-Jin Yoon, Sang-Yoon Lee, Young-Wook Lee

1210.6037 (Desika Narayanan et al.)

The Cosmic Evolution of the IMF Under the Jeans Conjecture with Implications for Bottom-Heavy Ellipticals    [PDF]

Desika Narayanan, Romeel Davé

1210.6039 (Sangmo Tony Sohn et al.)

The Space Motion of Leo I: Hubble Space Telescope Proper Motion and Implied Orbit    [PDF]

Sangmo Tony Sohn, Gurtina Besla, Roeland P. van der Marel, Michael Boylan-Kolchin, Steven R. Majewski, James S. Bullock

1210.6050 (Todd A. Thompson et al.)

A Quadruple or Triple Origin For Tycho B and SN 1572    [PDF]

Todd A. Thompson, Andrew Gould

1210.6125 (Shogo Nishiyama et al.)

Young, Massive Star Candidates Detected throughout the Nuclear Star Cluster of the Milky Way    [PDF]

Shogo Nishiyama, Rainer Schödel

1210.6169 (Michele Bellazzini)

Dwarf Galaxies and Globular Clusters    [PDF]

Michele Bellazzini

1210.6207 (Jeong-Gyu Kim et al.)

Gravitational Instability of Rotating, Pressure-Confined, Polytropic Gas Disks With Vertical Stratification    [PDF]

Jeong-Gyu Kim, Woong-Tae Kim, Young Min Seo, Seung Soo Hong

1210.6211 (S. M. Andrievsky et al.)

Barium Abundances in Cepheids    [PDF]

S. M. Andrievsky, J. R. D. Lepine, S. A. Korotin, R. E. Luck, V. V. Kovtyukh, W. J. Maciel

1210.6285 (Sachiko Onodera et al.)

NRO M33 All-Disk Survey of Giant Molecular Clouds (NRO MAGiC): II. Dense Gas Formation within Giant Molecular Clouds in M33    [PDF]

Sachiko Onodera, Nario Kuno, Tomoka Tosaki, Kazuyuki Muraoka, Rie Miura, Kotaro Kohno, Kouichiro Nakanishi, Tsuyoshi Sawada, Shinya Komugi, Hiroyuki Kaneko, Akihiko Hirota, Ryohei Kawabe

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

0910.1609 (J. Di Francesco et al.)

The Science Case for Building a Band 1 Receiver Suite for ALMA    [PDF]

J. Di Francesco, D. Johnstone, B. Matthews, N. Bartel, L. Bronfman, S. Casassus, S. Chitsazzadeh, M. Cunningham, G. Duchene, A. Hales, M. Houde, D. Iono, P. M. Koch, R. Kothes, S. -P. Lai, S. -Y. Liu, B. Mason, T. Maccarone, G. Schieven, A. M. M. Scaife, D. Scott, H. Shang, S. Takakuwa, J. Wagg, A. Wootten, F. Yusef-Zadeh

1106.0757 (Danielle Nielsen et al.)

The current star formation rate of K+A galaxies    [PDF]

Danielle Nielsen, Roberto De Propris, Susan E. Ridgway, Tomotsugu Goto

1210.5521 (Jason A. S. Hunt et al.)

Disc galaxy modelling with a particle-by-particle M2M method    [PDF]

Jason A. S. Hunt, Daisuke Kawata

1210.5528 (C. J. Cyganowski et al.)

A Water Maser and Ammonia Survey of GLIMPSE Extended Green Objects (EGOs)    [PDF]

C. J. Cyganowski, J. Koda, E. Rosolowsky, S. Towers, J. Donovan Meyer, F. Egusa, R. Momose, T. P. Robitaille

1210.5537 (Juan Rafael Martínez-Galarza et al.)

Ongoing Massive Star Formation in NGC 604    [PDF]

Juan Rafael Martínez-Galarza, Deidre Hunter, Brent Groves, Bernhard Brandl

1210.5596 (Olivier Berne et al.)

The Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in Orion: a source of turbulence and chemical mixing    [PDF]

Olivier Berne, Yosuke Matsumoto

1210.5633 (Alvio Renzini)

IAUS295 -- The Intriguing Life of Massive Galaxies: Introducing the Final Discussion    [PDF]

Alvio Renzini

1210.5738 (A. Kasparova et al.)

On the possibility of the long lifetime of molecular clouds    [PDF]

A. Kasparova, A. Zasov

1210.5743 (Pierre-Henri Chavanis)

Kinetic theory of spatially inhomogeneous stellar systems without collective effects    [PDF]

Pierre-Henri Chavanis

1210.5770 (Amparo Marco et al.)

An obscured cluster associated with the HII region RCW173    [PDF]

Amparo Marco, Ignacio Negueruela

1210.5847 (Xinyue Er et al.)

Mass Segregation of Embedded Clusters in the Milky Way    [PDF]

Xinyue Er, Zhibo Jiang, Yanning Fu

1210.5938 (Padelis P. Papadopoulos et al.)

The molecular gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies: a new emergent picture    [PDF]

Padelis P. Papadopoulos, Zhi-Yu Zhang, Axel Weiss, Paul van der Werf, Kate Isaak, Yu Gao, Manolis Xilouris, Thomas R. Greve

1210.5951 (E. Momjian et al.)

Comparison of Two Epochs of the Zeeman Effect in the 44 GHz Class I methanol (CH3OH) maser line in OMC-2    [PDF]

E. Momjian, A. P. Sarma

Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5246 (Nigel L. Mitchell et al.)

Collisionless Stellar Hydrodynamics as an Efficient Alternative to N-body Methods    [PDF]

Nigel L. Mitchell, Eduard I. Vorobyov, Gerhard Hensler

1210.5261 (Samar Safi-Harb et al.)

On the environments and progenitors of supernova remnants associated with highly magnetized neutron stars    [PDF]

Samar Safi-Harb, Harsha S. Kumar

1210.5264 (Samar Safi-Harb et al.)

A High-Energy Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae    [PDF]

Samar Safi-Harb, Gilles Ferrand, Heather Matheson

1210.5341 (L. Guillemot et al.)

Radio counterparts of gamma-ray pulsars    [PDF]

L. Guillemot, for the Fermi LAT Collaboration, for the Fermi Pulsar Search Consortium, for the Fermi Pulsar Timing Consortium

1210.5343 (Edward Liverts et al.)

Non-Dissipative Saturation of the Magnetorotational Instability in Thin Disks    [PDF]

Edward Liverts, Yuri Shtemler, Michael Mond, Orkan M. Umurhan, Dmitry V. Bisikalo

1210.5352 (S. Bilir et al.)

Luminosity-Colour Relations for Red Clump Stars    [PDF]

S. Bilir, O. Onal, S. Karaali, A. Cabrera-Lavers, H. Cakmak

1210.5368 (Torsten Boeker)

Formation, Growth, and Destruction of Nuclear Star Clusters    [PDF]

Torsten Boeker

1210.5385 (Jonathan Mackey et al.)

Effects of Strong Magnetic Fields on Photoionised Clouds    [PDF]

Jonathan Mackey, Andrew J. Lim

1210.5402 (Barbara Ercolano et al.)

The spectral energy distribution of protoplanetary diss around Massive Young Stellar Objects    [PDF]

Barbara Ercolano, Antonia Bevan, Thomas Robitaille

1210.5406 (Samar Safi-Harb)

Plerionic Supernova Remnants    [PDF]

Samar Safi-Harb

1210.5447 (George Younes et al.)

Multiwavelength analysis as a probe of accretion and radiative processes in LINERs    [PDF]

George Younes, Delphine Porquet

1210.5459 (J. C. Muzzio et al.)

Models of cuspy triaxial stellar systems. II. Regular orbits    [PDF]

J. C. Muzzio, H. D. Navone, A. F. Zorzi

Friday, October 19, 2012

1210.4929 (A. J. Deason et al.)

Broken and unbroken: the Milky Way and M31 stellar haloes    [PDF]

A. J. Deason, V. Belokurov, N. W. Evans, K. V. Johnston

1210.4956 (M. G. Rawlings et al.)

Observations of 6 - 200 μm emission of the Ophiuchus cloud LDN 1688    [PDF]

M. G. Rawlings, M. Juvela, K. Lehtinen, K. Mattila, D. Lemke

1210.4957 (Oscar Agertz et al.)

Towards a complete accounting of energy and momentum from stellar feedback in galaxy formation simulations    [PDF]

Oscar Agertz, Andrey V. Kravtsov, Samuel N. Leitner, Nickolay Y. Gnedin

1210.5054 (O. M. Ulyanov et al.)

Origin of pulsar pulse fine structure    [PDF]

O. M. Ulyanov, A. A. Seredkina, A. I. Shevtsova

1210.5057 (O. M. Ulyanov et al.)

Polarization sounding of pulsar magnetosphere    [PDF]

O. M. Ulyanov, A. I. Shevtsova, A. A. Seredkina

1210.5075 (O. M. Ulyanov et al.)

Some evolutionary aspects of the binary stellar systems containing neutron star    [PDF]

O. M. Ulyanov, S. M. Andrievsky, V. F. Gopka, A. V. Shavrina

1210.5094 (J. Hatchell et al.)

The JCMT Gould Belt Survey: SCUBA-2 observations of radiative feedback in NGC1333    [PDF]

J. Hatchell, T. Wilson, E. Drabek, E. Curtis, J. Richer, D. Nutter, J. Di Francesco, D. Ward-Thompson on behalf of the JCMT GBS consortium

1210.5193 (J. M. Oliveira et al.)

Early-stage young stellar objects in the Small Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

J. M. Oliveira, J. Th. van Loon, G. C. Sloan, M. Sewilo, K. E. Kraemer, P. R. Wood, R. Indebetouw, M. D. Filipovic, E. J. Crawford, G. F. Wong, J. L. Hora, M. Meixner, T. P. Robitaille, B. Shiao, J. D. Simon

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1210.4559 (Noam I. Libeskind et al.)

The velocity shear tensor: tracer of halo alignment    [PDF]

Noam I. Libeskind, Yehuda Hoffman, Jaime Forero-Romero, Stefan Gottlöber, Alexander Knebe, Matthias Steinmetz, Anatoly Klypin

1210.4562 (Yashar Hezaveh et al.)

Dark Matter Substructure Detection Using Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Lensed Dusty Galaxies    [PDF]

Yashar Hezaveh, Neal Dalal, Gilbert Holder, Michael Kuhlen, Daniel Marrone, Norman Murray, Joaquin Vieira

1210.4568 (G. G. Howes et al.)

Toward Astrophysical Turbulence in the Laboratory    [PDF]

G. G. Howes, D. J. Drake, K. D. Nielson, T. A. Carter, C. A. Kletzing, F. Skiff

1210.4571 (Rebeca Aladro et al.)

A lambda=3 mm molecular line survey of NGC1068. Chemical signatures of an AGN environment    [PDF]

Rebeca Aladro, Serena Viti, Estelle Bayet, Denise Riquelme, Sergio Martin, Rainer Mauersberger, Jesus Martin-Pintado, Miguel Angel Requena Torres, Carsten Kramer, Axel Weiss

1210.4602 (M. Z. Pavlovic et al.)

The radio surface brightness to diameter relation for galactic supernova remnants: sample selection and robust analysis with various fitting offsets    [PDF]

M. Z. Pavlovic, D. Urosevic, B. Vukotic, B. Arbutina, U. D. Goker

1210.4702 (K. Ulaczyk et al.)

Photometric Maps Based on the OGLE-III Shallow Survey in the Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

K. Ulaczyk, M. K. Szymanski, A. Udalski, M. Kubiak, G. Pietrzynski, I. Soszynski, L. Wyrzykowski, R. Poleski, W. Gieren, A. Walker, A. Garcia-Varela

1210.4750 (A. Ulubay-Siddiki et al.)

On the possibility of a warped disc origin of the inclined stellar discs at the Galactic Centre    [PDF]

A. Ulubay-Siddiki, H. Bartko, O. Gerhard

1210.4769 (Xiao Zhang et al.)

On the Hadronic Gamma-ray Emission from Tycho's Supernova Remnant    [PDF]

Xiao Zhang, Yang Chen, Hui Li, Xin Zhou

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1210.4159 (Bence Béky et al.)

Stellar transits in active galactic nuclei    [PDF]

Bence Béky, Bence Kocsis

1210.4172 (David G. Turner et al.)

A Search for OB Associations Near Southern Long-Period Cepheids. V. AQ Puppis and V620 Puppis    [PDF]

David G. Turner, Sidney van den Bergh, Frank Younger, Daniel J. Majaess, Mario H. Pedreros, Leonid Berdnikov

1210.4173 (Edmond Cheung et al.)

The Dependence of Quenching upon the Inner Structure of Galaxies at 0.5    [PDF]

Edmond Cheung, S. M. Faber, David C. Koo, Aaron A. Dutton, Luc Simard, Elizabeth J. McGrath, J. -S. Huang, Eric F. Bell, Avishai Dekel, Jerome J. Fang, Samir Salim, G. Barro, K. Bundy, A. L. Coil, Michael C. Cooper, C. J. Conselice, M. Davis, A. Dominguez, Susan A. Kassin, Dale D. Kocevski, Anton M. Koekemoer, Lihwai Lin, Jennifer M. Lotz, J. A. Newman, Andrew C. Phillips, D. J. Rosario, Benjamin J. Weiner, C. N. A. Willmer

1210.4316 (A. -L. Melchior et al.)

A cold gas reservoir to fuel M31 nuclear black hole and stellar cluster    [PDF]

A. -L. Melchior, F. Combes

1210.4373 (J. -F. Desmurs)

Maser emission during post-AGB evolution    [PDF]

J. -F. Desmurs

1210.4389 (J. -F. Desmurs et al.)

Preliminary results on SiO v=3 J=1-0 maser emission from AGB stars    [PDF]

J. -F. Desmurs, V. Bujarrabal, M. Lindqvist, J. Alcolea, R. Soria-Ruiz, P. Bergman

1210.4447 (Jacco Th. van Loon et al.)

The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. IX. The interstellar medium seen through Diffuse Interstellar Bands and neutral sodium    [PDF]

Jacco Th. van Loon, Mandy Bailey, Benjamin L. Tatton, Jesus Maiz Apellaniz, Paul A. Crowther, Alex de Koter, Christopher J. Evans, Vincent Henault-Brunet, Ian D. Howarth, Philipp Richter, Hugues Sana, Sergio Simon-Diaz, William Taylor, Nolan R. Walborn

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1210.3621 (Jay Strader et al.)

Deep Chandra Monitoring Observations of NGC 4649: II. Wide-Field Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of the Globular Clusters    [PDF]

Jay Strader, Giuseppina Fabbiano, Bin Luo, Dong-Woo Kim, Jean P. Brodie, Tassos Fragos, John S. Gallagher, Vassiliki Kalogera, Andrew King, Andreas Zezas

1210.3631 (R. Paladini et al.)

Spitzer and Herschel multiwavelength characterization of the dust content of evolved HII regions    [PDF]

R. Paladini, G. Umana, M. Veneziani, A. Noriega-Crespo, L. D. Anderson, F. Piacentini, D. Pinheiro Goncalves, D. Paradis, C. T. Tibbs, J. -P. Bernard, P. Natoli

1210.3695 (Patricia A. Whitelock et al.)

The Local Group Galaxy NGC 6822 and its Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars    [PDF]

Patricia A. Whitelock, John W. Menzies, Michael W. Feast, Francois Nsengiyumva, Noriyuki Matsunaga

1210.3732 (M. S. Fujii et al.)

The growth of massive stars via stellar collisions in ensemble star clusters    [PDF]

M. S. Fujii, S. Portegies Zwart

1210.3754 (D. M. Clark et al.)

Probing the Super Star Cluster Environment of NGC 1569 Using FISICA    [PDF]

D. M. Clark, S. S. Eikenberry, S. N. Raines, N. Gruel, R. Elston, R. Guzman, G. Boreman, P. E. Glenn

1210.3766 (Yuefang Wu et al.)

Follow-up observations of Planck cold clumps in $^{12}$CO/$^{13}$CO/C$^{18}$O (1--0) transitions    [PDF]

Yuefang Wu, Tie Liu, Fanyi Meng

1210.3770 (R. P. Eatough et al.)

Can we see pulsars around Sgr A*? - The latest searches with the Effelsberg telescope    [PDF]

R. P. Eatough, M. Kramer, B. Klein, R. Karuppusamy, D. J. Champion, P. C. C. Freire, N. Wex, K. Liu

1210.3801 (Rie E. Miura et al.)

GMC Evolutions in the Nearby Spiral Galaxy M33    [PDF]

Rie E. Miura, Kotaro Kohno, Tomoka Tosaki, Daniel Espada, Narae Hwang, Nario Kuno, Sachiko K. Okumura, Akihiko Hirota, Kazuyuki Muraoka, Sachiko Onodera, Tetsuhiro Minamidani, Shinya Komugi, Kouichiro Nakanishi, Takeshi Sawada, Hiroyuki Kaneko, Ryohei Kawabe

1210.3883 (S. F. Zou et al.)

The consequence of jet interacting with a warped disc    [PDF]

S. F. Zou, B. P. Gong

1210.3923 (Nicolaos D. Caranicolas et al.)

Transition between order and chaos in a composite disk galaxy model with a massive nucleus and a dark matter halo    [PDF]

Nicolaos D. Caranicolas, Euaggelos E. Zotos

1210.3968 (Kenji Bekki et al.)

Chemical evolution of the Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

Kenji Bekki, Takuji Tsujimoto

1210.3984 (Paulo C. C. Freire)

The Pulsar Population in Globular Clusters and in the Galaxy    [PDF]

Paulo C. C. Freire

1210.3985 (M. M. Hanson et al.)

Summary of IAU GA SpS5 - I. Obscured and distant clusters    [PDF]

M. M. Hanson, D. Froebrich, F. Martins, A. -N. Chene, C. Rosslowe, A. Herrero, H. -J. Kim

1210.4019 (Xiaoxia Zhang et al.)

The cosmic evolution of massive black holes and galaxy spheroids: global constraints at redshift z<~1.2    [PDF]

Xiaoxia Zhang, Youjun Lu, Qingjuan Yu

1210.4079 (Michael D. Pavel et al.)

HII Region Driven Galactic Bubbles and Their Relationship to the Galactic Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Michael D. Pavel, Dan P. Clemens

1210.4114 (Robert Cockcroft et al.)

Unearthing Foundations of a Cosmic Cathedral: Searching the Stars for M33's Halo    [PDF]

Robert Cockcroft, Alan W. McConnachie, William E. Harris, Rodrigo Ibata, Mike J. Irwin, Annette M. N. Ferguson, Mark A. Fardal, Arif Babul, Scott C. Chapman, Geraint F. Lewis, Nicolas F. Martin, Thomas H. Puzia

Monday, October 15, 2012

1210.3361 (Ji-hoon Kim et al.)

Dwarf Galaxies with Ionizing Radiation Feedback. I: Escape of Ionizing Photons    [PDF]

Ji-hoon Kim, Mark R. Krumholz, John H. Wise, Matthew J. Turk, Nathan J. Goldbaum, Tom Abel

1210.3362 (Karoline M. Gilbert et al.)

Global Properties of M31's Stellar Halo from the SPLASH Survey: I. Surface Brightness Profile    [PDF]

Karoline M. Gilbert, Puragra Guhathakurta, Rachael L. Beaton, James Bullock, Marla C. Geha, Jason S. Kalirai, Evan N. Kirby, Steven R. Majewski, James C. Ostheimer, Richard J. Patterson, Erik J. Tollerud, Mikito Tanaka, Masashi Chiba

1210.3366 (C. J. Cyganowski et al.)

The Protocluster G18.67+0.03: A Test Case for Class I Methanol Masers as Evolutionary Indicators for Massive Star Formation    [PDF]

C. J. Cyganowski, C. L. Brogan, T. R. Hunter, Q. Zhang, R. K. Friesen, R. Indebetouw, C. J. Chandler

1210.3387 (Louis E. Strigari)

Astrophysical Interplay in Dark Matter Searches    [PDF]

Louis E. Strigari

1210.3407 (A. W. Mitschang et al.)

Quantifying Chemical Tagging: Towards Robust Group Finding in the Galaxy    [PDF]

A. W. Mitschang, G. De Silva, S. Sharma, D. B. Zucker

1210.3453 (Olivier Berne et al.)

Blind decomposition of Herschel-HIFI spectral maps of the NGC 7023 nebula    [PDF]

Olivier Berne, Christine Joblin, Yannick Deville, Paolo Pilleri, Jerome Pety, David Teyssier, Maryvonne Gerin, Asuncion Fuente

1210.3459 (Laurent Chemin et al.)

Know (better) your neighbour: New HI structures in Messier 33 unveiled by a multiple peak analysis of high-resolution 21-cm data    [PDF]

Laurent Chemin, Claude Carignan, Tyler Foster, Zacharie Sie Kam

1210.3465 (Daisuke Kato et al.)

AKARI Infrared Camera Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud. I. Point Source Catalog    [PDF]

Daisuke Kato, Yoshifusa Ita, Takashi Onaka, Toshihiko Tanabe, Takashi Shimonishi, Itsuki Sakon, Hidehiro Kaneda, Akiko Kawamura, Takehiko Wada, Fumihiko Usui, Bon-Chul Koo, Mikako Matsuura, Hidenori Takahashi

1210.3496 (A. Contursi et al.)

Spectroscopic FIR mapping of the disk and galactic wind of M82 with Herschel-PACS    [PDF]

A. Contursi, A. Poglitsch, J. Graciá-Carpio, S. Veilleux, E. Sturm, J. Fischer, A. Verma, S. Hailey-Dunsheath, D. Lutz, R. Davies, E. González-Alfonso, A. Sternberg, R. Genzel, L. Tacconi

1210.3558 (Z. Yoshida et al.)

Generalized Beltrami flow -- a model of thin-disk and narrow-jet system    [PDF]

Z. Yoshida, N. L. Shatashvili

1210.3582 (Paramita Barai et al.)

Galactic Winds in Cosmological Simulations of the Circumgalactic Medium    [PDF]

Paramita Barai, Matteo Viel, Stefano Borgani, Edoardo Tescari, Luca Tornatore, Klaus Dolag, Madhura Killedar, Pierluigi Monaco, Valentina D'Odorico, Stefano Cristiani

1210.3614 (Reid Sherman)

Investigation of Molecular Cloud Structure around Infrared Bubbles: CARMA Observations of N14, N22, and N74    [PDF]

Reid Sherman

Friday, October 12, 2012

1210.3034 (Gabriele Ponti et al.)

Traces of past activity in the Galactic Centre    [PDF]

Gabriele Ponti, Mark R. Morris, Regis Terrier, Andrea Goldwurm

1210.3033 (Heng Hao et al.)

Spectral Energy Distributions of Type 1 AGN in XMM-COSMOS Survey II - Shape Evolution    [PDF]

Heng Hao, Martin Elvis, Francesca Civano, Gianni Zamorani, Luis C. Ho, Andrea Comastri, Angela Bongiorno, Andrea Merloni, Marcella Brusa, Jonathan R. Trump, Mara Salvato, Chris D. Impey, Anton M. Koekemoer, Giorgio Lanzuisi, Annalisa Celotti, Knud Jahnke, Cristian Vignali, John D. Silverman, C. Megan Urry, Kevin Schawinski, Peter Capak

1210.3036 (R. Srianand et al.)

Parsec-scale structures and diffuse bands in a translucent interstellar medium at z 0.079    [PDF]

R. Srianand, N. Gupta, H. Rahmani, E. Momjian, P. Petitjean, P. Noterdaeme

1210.3044 (Heng Hao et al.)

A Quasar-Galaxy Mixing Diagram: Quasar Spectral Energy Distribution Shapes in the Optical to Near-Infrared    [PDF]

Heng Hao, Martin Elvis, Brandon C. Kelly, Francesca Civano, Angela Bongiorno, Gianni Zamorani, Annalisa Celotti, Luis C. Ho, Andrea Merloni, Knud Jahnke, Andrea Comastri, Jonathan R. Trump, Vincenzo Mainieri, Mara Salvato, Marcella Brusa, Chris D. Impey, Anton M. Koekemoer, Giorgio Lanzuisi, Cristian Vignali, John D. Silverman, C. Megan Urry, Kevin Schawinski

1210.3222 (W. W. Duley et al.)

The 217.5 nm band, infrared absorption and infrared emission features in hydrogenated amorphous carbon nanoparticles    [PDF]

W. W. Duley, Anming Hu

1210.3263 (C. Buchbender et al.)

Dense Gas in M33 (HerM33es)    [PDF]

C. Buchbender, C. Kramer, M. Gonzalez-Garcia, F. P. Israel, S. García-Burillo, P. van der Werf, J. Braine, E. Rosolowsky, B. Mookerjea, S. Aalto, M. Boquien, P. Gratier, C. Henkel, G. Quintana-Lacaci, S. Verley, F. van der Tak

Thursday, October 11, 2012

1210.2721 (Yao-Yuan Mao et al.)

Halo-to-Halo Similarity and Scatter in the Velocity Distribution of Dark Matter    [PDF]

Yao-Yuan Mao, Louis E. Strigari, Risa H. Wechsler, Hao-Yi Wu, Oliver Hahn

1210.2724 (Desika Narayanan et al.)

Why is the Milky Way X-factor Constant?    [PDF]

Desika Narayanan, Philip Hopkins

1210.2746 (Duncan R. Lorimer)

The Galactic Millisecond Pulsar Population    [PDF]

Duncan R. Lorimer

1210.2753 (Antonella Marchesiello et al.)

Resonances and bifurcations in systems with elliptical equipotentials    [PDF]

Antonella Marchesiello, Giuseppe Pucacco

1210.2778 (C. P. L. Berry et al.)

Observing the Galaxy's massive black hole with gravitational wave bursts    [PDF]

C. P. L. Berry, J. R. Gair

1210.2781 (A. Y. De Horta et al.)

Radio confirmation of Galactic supernova remnant G308.3-1.4    [PDF]

A. Y. De Horta, J. D. Collier, M. D. Filipovic, E. J. Crawford, D. Urosevic, F. H. Stootman, N. F. H. Tothill

1210.2824 (Kenneth Carrell et al.)

Metallicity Gradients of Thick Disk Dwarf Stars    [PDF]

Kenneth Carrell, Yuqin Chen, Gang Zhao

1210.2836 (Lou Nigra et al.)

Probing the Structure and Kinematics of the transition Layer between the Magellanic Stream and the Halo in HI    [PDF]

Lou Nigra, Snezana Stanimirovic, John S. Gallagher III, Kenneth Wood, David Nidever, Steven Majewski

1210.2899 (F. Marin et al.)

UV and optical polarization modeling of thermal active galactic nuclei : impact of the narrow line region    [PDF]

F. Marin, R. W. Goosmann

1210.2928 (Oliver Gressel et al.)

On the magnetic quenching of mean-field effects in supersonic interstellar turbulence    [PDF]

Oliver Gressel, Abhijit Bendre, Detlef Elstner

1210.2936 (Francois Mernier et al.)

An XMM-Newton view of the M17 nebula    [PDF]

Francois Mernier, Gregor Rauw

1210.2997 (Jiang-Tao Li et al.)

Chandra Survey of Nearby Highly-Inclined Disk Galaxies I: X-ray Measurements of Galactic Coronae    [PDF]

Jiang-Tao Li, Q. Daniel Wang

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1002.3558 (Kenneth Carrell et al.)

Red Clump Stars in the Sagittarius Tidal Streams    [PDF]

Kenneth Carrell, Ronald Wilhelm, Yuqin Chen

1210.2391 (Jonathan B. Foster et al.)

Evidence for Grain Growth in Molecular Clouds: A Bayesian Examination of the Extinction Law in Perseus    [PDF]

Jonathan B. Foster, Kaisey S. Mandel, Jaime E. Pineda, Kevin R. Covey, Héctor G. Arce, Alyssa A. Goodman

1210.2414 (Anna Bonaldi et al.)

The Planck-ATCA Co-eval Observations (PACO) project: the spectrally-selected sample    [PDF]

Anna Bonaldi, Laura Bonavera, Marcella Massardi, Gianfranco De Zotti

1210.2445 (D. M. Clark et al.)

A Detailed Spatiokinematic Model of the Conical Outflow of the Multipolar Planetary Nebula, NGC 7026    [PDF]

D. M. Clark, J. A. López, W. Steffen, M. G. Richer

1210.2475 (Kenji Bekki et al.)

Feedback effects of aspherical supernovae explosions on galaxies    [PDF]

Kenji Bekki, Toshikazu Shigeyama, Takuji Tsujimoto

1210.2476 (Yuri Aikawa et al.)

From Prestellar to Protostellar Cores II. Time Dependence and Deuterium Fractionation    [PDF]

Yuri Aikawa, Valentine Wakelam, Franck Hersant, Robin T. Garrod, Eric Herbst

1210.2566 (C. Lardo et al.)

Carbon and nitrogen abundances of stellar populations in the globular cluster M 2    [PDF]

C. Lardo, E. Pancino, A Mucciarelli, A. P. Milone

1210.2647 (William J. Dirienzo et al.)

Triggered Star Formation in Six H II Regions    [PDF]

William J. Dirienzo, Rémy Indebetouw, Crystal Brogan, Claudia J. Cyganowski, Edward B. Churchwell, Rachel K. Friesen

1210.2709 (Jose H. Groh et al.)

A companion as the cause of latitude-dependent effects in the wind of Eta Carinae    [PDF]

Jose H. Groh, Thomas I. Madura, D. J. Hillier, C. J. H. Kruip, G. Weigelt

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1209.2230 (Eric G. Blackman et al.)

On the resilience of helical magnetic fields to turbulent diffusion and the provocative astrophysical implications    [PDF]

Eric G. Blackman, Kandaswamy Subramanian

1210.1850 (Nicola Da Rio et al.)

TA-DA: a Tool for Astrophysical Data Analysis    [PDF]

Nicola Da Rio, Massimo Robberto

1210.1901 (Fupeng Zhang et al.)

S-stars in the Galactic center and hypervelocity stars in the Galactic halo: two faces of the tidal breakup of stellar binaries by the central massive black hole?    [PDF]

Fupeng Zhang, Youjun Lu, Qingjuan Yu

1210.1911 (Evgeny Polyachenko)

Galactic bar: normal mode of the stellar disk or superposition of transient spirals?    [PDF]

Evgeny Polyachenko

1210.1946 (Wako Aoki et al.)

High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Extremely Metal-Poor Stars from SDSS/SEGUE: I. Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Compositions    [PDF]

Wako Aoki, Timothy C. Beers, Young Sun Lee, Satoshi Honda, Hiroko Ito, Masahide Takada-Hidai, Anna Frebel, Takuma Suda, Masatuki Y. Fujimoto, Daniela Carollo, Thirupathi Sivarani

1210.1948 (Jonay I. Gonzalez Hernandez et al.)

No surviving evolved companions to the progenitor of supernova SN 1006    [PDF]

Jonay I. Gonzalez Hernandez, Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente, Hugo M. Tabernero, David Montes, Ramon Canal, Javier Mendez, Luigi R. Bedin

1210.1954 (Efstratios Kapakos et al.)

RR Lyrae variables in the Small Magellanic Cloud - II. The extended area: chemical and structural analysis    [PDF]

Efstratios Kapakos, Despina Hatzidimitriou

1210.1998 (Louis Marmet)

Rotation Dynamics of a Galaxy with a Double Mass Distribution    [PDF]

Louis Marmet

1210.2024 (Wei Sun et al.)

Giant H II Regions in M101. I. X-ray Analysis of Hot Gas    [PDF]

Wei Sun, Yang Chen, Li Feng, You-Hua Chu, C. -H. Rosie Chen, Q. Daniel Wang, Jiang-Tao Li

1210.2063 (K. L. J. Rygl et al.)

Initial phases of massive star formation in high infrared extinction clouds. II. Infall and onset of star formation    [PDF]

K. L. J. Rygl, F. Wyrowski, F. Schuller, K. M. Menten

1210.2139 (S. P. Ellingsen et al.)

An Evolutionary Timeline for High-mass Star Formation    [PDF]

S. P. Ellingsen, S. L. Breen, M. A. Voronkov, J. L. Caswell, X. Chen, A. Titmarsh

1210.2191 (Edvard Mortsell)

Calibrating Milky Way dust extinction using cosmological sources    [PDF]

Edvard Mortsell

1210.2200 (Carine Babusiaux)

Stellar populations in the Galactic Bulge (review)    [PDF]

Carine Babusiaux

1210.2217 (Hiroyuki Kaneko et al.)

Properties of Molecular Gas in Galaxies in Early and Mid Stage of the Interaction: I. Distribution of Molecular Gas    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Kaneko, Nario Kuno, Daisuke Iono, Yoichi Tamura, Tomoka Tosaki, Koichiro Nakanishi, Tsuyoshi Sawada

1210.2256 (J. Brand et al.)

Molecular gas and stars in the translucent cloud MBM 18 (LDN 1569)    [PDF]

J. Brand, J. G. A. Wouterloot, L. Magnani

1210.2285 (Aina Palau et al.)

IRAS 19520+2759: a 10^5 Lsun massive young stellar object driving a collimated outflow    [PDF]

Aina Palau, Carmen Sánchez Contreras, Raghvendra Sahai, Álvaro Sánchez-Monge, J. Ricardo Rizzo

1210.2295 (M Penadés Ordaz et al.)

A study of the ISM with large massive-star optical spectroscopic surveys    [PDF]

M Penadés Ordaz, J. Maíz Apellániz, A. Sota

1210.2328 (Pijushpani Bhattacharjee et al.)

Sizing-up the WIMPs of Milky Way : Deriving the velocity distribution of Galactic Dark Matter particles from the rotation curve data    [PDF]

Pijushpani Bhattacharjee, Soumini Chaudhury, Susmita Kundu, Subhabrata Majumdar

1210.2355 (Florent Renaud et al.)

Star formation laws and thresholds from ISM structure and turbulence    [PDF]

Florent Renaud, Katarina Kraljic, Frédéric Bournaud

Monday, October 8, 2012

1210.1582 (Rowan J. Smith et al.)

WIMP DM and first stars: suppression of fragmentation in primordial star formation    [PDF]

Rowan J. Smith, Fabio Iocco, Simon C. O. Glover, Dominik R. G. Schleicher, Ralf S. Klessen, Shingo Hirano, Naoki Yoshida

1210.1663 (Naonori S. Sugiyama et al.)

An Application of Wiener Hermite Expansion to Non-linear Evolution of Dark Matter    [PDF]

Naonori S. Sugiyama, Toshifumi Futamase

1210.1730 (Jan Cami)

Fullerenes in circumstellar and interstellar environments    [PDF]

Jan Cami

1210.1736 (Reinhold Bien et al.)

Simulating Sinking Satellites with SUPERBOX-10    [PDF]

Reinhold Bien, Tobias Brandt, Andreas Just

1210.1781 (Diego de la Fuente et al.)

Discovery and spectroscopic study of the massive Galactic cluster Mercer 81    [PDF]

Diego de la Fuente, Francisco Najarro, Ben Davies, Donald F. Figer

1210.1837 (Ian D. Howarth)

Improved astrometry for the Bohannan & Epps catalogue    [PDF]

Ian D. Howarth

Friday, October 5, 2012

1210.1526 (F. Yusef-Zadeh)

Imprints of Molecular Clouds in Radio Continuum Images    [PDF]

F. Yusef-Zadeh

1210.1127 (Jonathan D. Slavin et al.)

Trajectories and Distribution of Interstellar Dust Grains in the Heliosphere    [PDF]

Jonathan D. Slavin, Priscilla C. Frisch, Hans-Reinhard Mueller, Jacob Heerikhuisen, Nikolai V. Pogorelov, William T. Reach, Gary Zank

1210.1211 (Pavel Kroupa)

Recent advances on IMF research    [PDF]

Pavel Kroupa

1210.1220 (Dan Hooper et al.)

Testing The Light Dark Matter Hypothesis With AMS    [PDF]

Dan Hooper, Wei Xue

1210.1294 (L. Meyer et al.)

The Shortest Known Period Star Orbiting our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole    [PDF]

L. Meyer, A. M. Ghez, R. Schoedel, S. Yelda, A. Boehle, J. R. Lu, T. Do, M. R. Morris, E. E. Becklin, K. Matthews

1210.1303 (Akihiro Doi et al.)

Kiloparsec-scale Radio Structures in Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies    [PDF]

Akihiro Doi, Hiroshi Nagira, Nozomu Kawakatu, Motoki Kino, Hiroshi Nagai, Keiichi Asada

1210.1333 (Kimitake Hayasaki et al.)

Finite, Intense Accretion Bursts from Tidal Disruption of Stars on Bound Orbits    [PDF]

Kimitake Hayasaki, Nicholas Stone, Abraham Loeb

1210.1346 (F. de Gasperin et al.)

M87 at metre wavelengths: the LOFAR picture    [PDF]

F. de Gasperin, E. Orru', M. Murgia, A. Merloni, H. Falcke, R. Beck, R. Beswick, L. Birzan, A. Bonafede, M. Bruggen, G. Brunetti, K. Chyzy, J. Conway, J. H. Croston, T. Ensslin, C. Ferrari, G. Heald, S. Heidenreich, N. Jackson, G. Macario, J. McKean, G. Miley, R. Morganti, A. Offringa, R. Pizzo, D. Rafferty, H. Roettgering, A. Shulevski, M. Steinmetz, C. Tasse, S. van der Tol, W. van Driel, R. J. van Weeren, J. E. van Zwieten, A. Alexov, J. Anderson, A. Asgekar, M. Avruch, M. Bell, M. R. Bell, M. Bentum, G. Bernardi, P. Best, F. Breitling, J. W. Broderick, A. Butcher, B. Ciardi, R. J. Dettmar, J. Eisloeffel, W. Frieswijk, H. Gankema, M. Garrett, M. Gerbers, J. M. Griessmeier, A. W. Gunst, T. E. Hassall, J. Hessels, M. Hoeft, A. Horneffer, A. Karastergiou, J. Koehler, Y. Koopman, G. Kuper, P. Maat, G. Mann, M. Mevius, D. D. Mulcahy, H. Munk, R. Nijboer, M. Kuniyoshi, J. Noordam, H. Paas, M. Pandey, V. N. Pandey, A. Polatidis, W. Reich, A. . P. Schoenmakers, J. Sluman, O. Smirnov, C. Sobey, B. Stappers, J. Swinbank, M. Tagger, Y. Tang, I. van Bemmel, W. van Cappellen, A. P. van Duin, M. van Haarlem, J. van Leeuwen, R. Vermeulen, C. Vocks, S. White, M. Wise, O. Wucknitz, P. Zarka

1210.1359 (A. Abramowski et al.)

Probing the extent of the non-thermal emission from the Vela X region at TeV energies with H.E.S.S    [PDF]

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1210.1413 (Roberto Galvan-Madrid et al.)

ALMA and VLA Observations of Recombination Lines and Continuum toward the Becklin-Neugebauer object in Orion    [PDF]

Roberto Galvan-Madrid, Ciriaco Goddi, Luis F. Rodriguez

1210.1462 (M. S. Westmoquette et al.)

Spatially resolved kinematics of the multi-phase interstellar medium in the inner disk of M82    [PDF]

M. S. Westmoquette, L. J. Smith, J. S. Gallagher III, F. Walter

1210.1471 (M. Satta et al.)

Carbon Cations and Silicon Atoms in the ISM: modeling their charge exchange reaction    [PDF]

M. Satta, T. Grassi, F. A. Gianturco

1210.1520 (Tsuyoshi Sawada et al.)

Structured Molecular Gas Reveals Galactic Spiral Arms    [PDF]

Tsuyoshi Sawada, Tetsuo Hasegawa, Jin Koda

Thursday, October 4, 2012

1210.0901 (Jay Strader et al.)

Two stellar-mass black holes in the globular cluster M22    [PDF]

Jay Strader, Laura Chomiuk, Thomas Maccarone, James Miller-Jones, Anil Seth

1210.0903 (Philip F. Hopkins)

A General Theory of Turbulent Fragmentation    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins

1210.0908 (Rory Smith et al.)

Infant mortality in the hierarchical merging scenario: Dependency on gas expulsion timescales    [PDF]

Rory Smith, Simon Goodwin, Michael Fellhauer, Paulina Assmann

1210.0914 (Damiano Caprioli)

Fermi acceleration at supernova remnant shocks    [PDF]

Damiano Caprioli

1210.0978 (J. L. Caswell)

Understanding our Galaxy - key contributions from the Parkes telescope    [PDF]

J. L. Caswell

1210.0979 (J. A. Green et al.)

The Methanol Multibeam Survey    [PDF]

J. A. Green, the Methanol Multibeam Survey Collaboration

1210.0983 (Jacco Th. van Loon)

Circumstellar masers in the Magellanic Clouds    [PDF]

Jacco Th. van Loon

1210.1030 (C. G. Few et al.)

Properties of simulated Milky Way-mass galaxies in loose group and field environments    [PDF]

C. G. Few, B. K. Gibson, S. Courty, L. Michel-Dansac, C. B. Brook, G. S. Stinson

1210.1063 (Jayaram N. Chengalur et al.)

Discovery of an extremely gas-rich dwarf triplet near the center of the Lynx-Cancer void    [PDF]

Jayaram N. Chengalur, S. A. Pustilnik

1210.1151 (Xavier Paredes-Fortuny et al.)

Optical photometric monitoring of gamma-ray binaries    [PDF]

Xavier Paredes-Fortuny, Marc Ribó, Octavi Fors, Jorge Núñez

1210.1154 (Wang Jian-Guo et al.)

A Metal-Strong and Dust-Rich Damped \lya Absorption System toward the Quasar SDSS J115705.52+615521.7    [PDF]

Wang Jian-Guo, Zhou Hong-Yan, Ge Jian, Jiang Peng, Lu Hong-Lin, Prochaska Jason Xavier, Hamann Fred, Wang Hui-Yuan, Wang Ting-Gui, Yuan WeiMin

1210.1159 (Wang Jian-Guo et al.)

On the Systematic Bias in the Estimation of Black Hole Masses in Active Galactic Nuclei    [PDF]

Wang Jian-Guo, Dong Xiaobo

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1210.0040 (P. Sikivie)

An argument that the dark matter is axions    [PDF]

P. Sikivie

1210.0062 (Kathryn F. Neugent et al.)

The Discovery of a Rare WO-type Wolf-Rayet Star in the Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

Kathryn F. Neugent, Philip Massey, Nidia Morrell

1210.0073 (Y. Matsuoka et al.)

Updated Analysis of a "Dark" Galaxy and its Blue Companion in the Virgo Cloud HI 1225+01    [PDF]

Y. Matsuoka, N. Ienaka, S. Oyabu, K. Wada, S. Takino

1210.0169 (J. R. Dawson et al.)

The Supershell-Molecular Cloud Connection in the Milky Way and Beyond    [PDF]

J. R. Dawson, N. M. McClure-Griffiths, Y. Fukui, J. Dickey, T. Wong, A. Hughes, A. Kawamura

1210.0236 (Alexandra Veledina et al.)

Hot accretion flow in black hole binaries: a link connecting X-rays to the infrared    [PDF]

Alexandra Veledina, Juri Poutanen, Indrek Vurm

1210.0318 (M. Diaz Trigo et al.)

Disc atmospheres and winds in X-ray binaries    [PDF]

M. Diaz Trigo, L. Boirin

1210.0338 (Emma E. Small et al.)

Star formation history of resolved galaxies. I. The Method    [PDF]

Emma E. Small, David Bersier, Maurizio Salaris

1210.0363 (A. Siebert)

Status and results from the RAVE survey    [PDF]

A. Siebert

1210.0415 (Michael W. Feast et al.)

A Carbon-rich Mira variable in a globular cluster: A stellar merger    [PDF]

Michael W. Feast, John W. Menzies, Patricia A. Whitelock

1210.0489 (Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen et al.)

Do the Herschel cold clouds in the Galactic halo embody its dark matter?    [PDF]

Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen, Erik F. G. van Heusden, Matthew T. P. Liska

1210.0536 (Daniel J. D'Orazio et al.)

Accretion into the Central Cavity of a Circumbinary Disk    [PDF]

Daniel J. D'Orazio, Zoltán Haiman, Andrew MacFadyen

1210.0542 (Nathan Leigh et al.)

The Origins of Blue Stragglers and Binarity in Globular Clusters    [PDF]

Nathan Leigh, Christian Knigge, Alison Sills, Hagai Perets, Ata Sarajedini, Evert Glebbeek

1210.0549 (Andreas Schruba)

The Star Formation Relation in Nearby Galaxies    [PDF]

Andreas Schruba

1210.0560 (Emilio Lapenna et al.)

Tagging the chemical evolution history of the Large Magellanic Cloud disk    [PDF]

Emilio Lapenna, Alessio Mucciarelli, Livia Origlia, Francesco R. Ferraro

1210.0582 (Tal Alexander)

Stellar dynamics and tidal disruption events in galactic nuclei    [PDF]

Tal Alexander

1210.0609 (Laura K. Zschaechner et al.)

HALOGAS: HI Observations and Modeling of the Nearby Edge-on Spiral Galaxy NGC 4565    [PDF]

Laura K. Zschaechner, Richard J. Rand, George H. Heald, Gianfranco Gentile, Gyula Jòzsa

1210.0625 (Andrew Green)

AAO Observer Number 122 (August 2012)    [PDF]

Andrew Green

1210.0841 (J. -B. Salomon et al.)

A new method based on Markov chains for deriving SB2 orbits directly from their spectra    [PDF]

J. -B. Salomon, R. Ibata, P. Guillout, J. -L. Halbwachs, F. Arenou, B. Famaey, Y. Lebreton, T. Mazeh, D. Pourbaix, L. Tal-Or

Monday, October 1, 2012

1209.6370 (J. Borissova et al.)

Obscured clusters.IV. The most massive stars in [DBS2003]179    [PDF]

J. Borissova, L. Georgiev, M. M. Hanson, J. R. A. Clarke, R. Kurtev, V. D. Ivanov, F. Penaloza, D. J. Hillier, J. Zsargo

1209.6420 (Daniel E. Welty et al.)

Detection of Interstellar C_2 and C_3 in the Small Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

Daniel E. Welty, J. Christopher Howk, Nicolas Lehner, John H. Black

1209.6424 (Zhou jian-jun et al.)

22GHz water maser survey of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory    [PDF]

Zhou jian-jun, Esimbek Jarken, Wu Gang

1209.6496 (G. Fiorentino et al.)

On the central helium-burning variable stars of the LeoI dwarf spheroidal galaxy    [PDF]

G. Fiorentino, P. B. Stetson, M. Monelli, G. Bono, E. J. Bernard, A. Pietrinferni

1209.6529 (Richard de Grijs)

Advancing the Physics of Cosmic Distances: Conference Summary    [PDF]

Richard de Grijs

1209.6602 (J. M. Wrobel et al.)

Discovery of a Flat-Spectrum Radio Nucleus in NGC 3115    [PDF]

J. M. Wrobel, K. Nyland

1209.6614 (N. Deg et al.)

The Sagittarius Stream and Halo Triaxiality    [PDF]

N. Deg, Lawrence Widrow