Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1108.3840 (Mark Dijkstra et al.)

An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Lyα and UV selected Galaxies: Do Theorists and Observers `Select' the Same Objects?    [PDF]

Mark Dijkstra, Stuart Wyithe

1108.4420 (Mark Dijkstra et al.)

Constraints on the Redshift Evolution of the L_X-SFR Relation from the Cosmic X-Ray Backgrounds    [PDF]

Mark Dijkstra, M. Gilfanov, Abraham Loeb, R. Sunyaev

1111.5613 (Pavel Kroupa)

Star cluster formation and some implications for GAIA    [PDF]

Pavel Kroupa

1111.6806 (Ue-Li Pen et al.)

Refractive Convergent Plasma Lenses explain ESE and pulsar scintillation    [PDF]

Ue-Li Pen, Lindsay King

1111.6855 (Tomer Holczer et al.)

X-Ray Absorption Analysis of NGC3516: Appearance of Fast Components with Increased Source Flux    [PDF]

Tomer Holczer, Ehud Behar

1111.6915 (M. S. Paoletti et al.)

Angular momentum transport and turbulence in laboratory models of Keplerian flows    [PDF]

M. S. Paoletti, Dennis P. M. van Gils, B. Dubrulle, Chao Sun, Detlef Lohse, D. P. Lathrop

1111.6920 (Martin C. Smith et al.)

Slicing and dicing the Milky Way disk in SDSS    [PDF]

Martin C. Smith, S. Hannah Whiteoak, N. W. Evans

1111.6936 (Nick Indriolo et al.)

Investigating the Cosmic-Ray Ionization Rate in the Galactic Diffuse Interstellar Medium through Observations of H3+    [PDF]

Nick Indriolo, Benjamin J. McCall

1111.6971 (Ana Laura O'Mill et al.)

Galaxy triplets in SDSS-DR7: I. Catalogue    [PDF]

Ana Laura O'Mill, Fernanda Duplancic, Diego García Lambas, Carlos Valotto, Laerte Sodré Jr

1111.6980 (Orly Gnat et al.)

Ion-by-ion Cooling efficiencies    [PDF]

Orly Gnat, Gary J. Ferland

1111.7004 (Roger Fu et al.)

Arcsecond resolution mapping of Sulfur Dioxide emission in the circumstellar envelope of VY Canis Majoris    [PDF]

Roger Fu, Arielle Moullet, Nimesh A. Patel, John Biersteker, Kimberly L. DeRose, Kenneth H. Young

1111.7021 (S. I. Sadavoy et al.)

Herschel Observations of a Potential Core Forming Clump: Perseus B1-E    [PDF]

S. I. Sadavoy, J. Di Francesco, Ph. Andre, S. Pezzuto, J. -P. Bernard, S. Bontemps, E. Bressert, S. Chitsazzadeh, C. Fallscheer, M. Hennemann, T. Hill, P. Martin, F. Motte, Q. Nguyen Luong, N. Peretto, M. Reid, N. Schneider, L. Testi, G. J. White, C. Wilson

1111.7023 (K. L. J. Rygl et al.)

Parallaxes and proper motions of interstellar masers toward the Cygnus X star-forming complex. I. Membership of the Cygnus X region    [PDF]

K. L. J. Rygl, A. Brunthaler, A. Sanna, K. M. Menten, M. J. Reid, H. J. van Langevelde, M. Honma, K. J. E. Torstensson, K. Fujisawa

1111.7042 (Sergey E. Koposov et al.)

The Sagittarius Streams in the Southern Galactic Hemisphere    [PDF]

Sergey E. Koposov, V. Belokurov, N. W. Evans, G. Gilmore, M. Gieles, M. J. Irwin, G. F. Lewis, M. Niederste-Ostholt, J. Peñarrubia, M. C. Smith, D. Bizyaev, E. Malanushenko, V. Malanushenko, D. P. Schneider, R. F. G. Wyse

1111.7062 (Yi Yang et al.)

Quadratic Gravitational Lagrangian with Torsion Can Give Possible Explanations of the Form of Galactic Rotation Curves, of the Amount of Intergalactic Lensings, and of the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe    [PDF]

Yi Yang, Wai Bong Yeung

1111.7081 (Marita Krause)

Magnetic fields and star formation as seen in edge-on galaxies    [PDF]

Marita Krause