Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1209.4942 (Giovanni Carraro et al.)

Five old open clusters more in the outer Galactic disk    [PDF]

Giovanni Carraro, Yuri Beletsky, Gianni Marconi

1209.4946 (Andrew J. Monson et al.)

The Carnegie Hubble Program: The Leavitt Law at 3.6 and 4.5 micron in the Milky Way    [PDF]

Andrew J. Monson, Wendy L. Freedman, Barry F. Madore, S. E. Persson, Victoria Scowcroft, Mark Seibert, Jane R. Rigby

1209.4952 (Anthony R. Conn et al.)

A Bayesian Approach to Locating the Red Giant Branch Tip Magnitude (Part II); Distances to the Satellites of M31    [PDF]

Anthony R. Conn, Rodrigo A. Ibata, Geraint F. Lewis, Quentin A. Parker, Daniel B. Zucker, Nicolas F. Martin, Alan W. McConnachie, Mike J. Irwin, Nial Tanvir, Mark A. Fardal, Annette M. N. Ferguson, Scott C. Chapman, David Valls-Gabaud

1209.5031 (Sergio Scarano Jr et al.)

Radial Metallicity Distribution Breaks at Corotation Radius in Spiral Galaxies    [PDF]

Sergio Scarano Jr, Jacques R. D. Lépine

1209.5093 (Ashok K. Singal et al.)

Giant pulse emission from PSR B0950+08    [PDF]

Ashok K. Singal, Hari Om Vats

1209.5131 (R. Sharp et al.)

Long-term stability of fibre-optic transmission for multi-object spectroscopy    [PDF]

R. Sharp, S. Brough, R. D. Cannon

1209.5247 (Patrick J. Kavanagh et al.)

XMM-Newton view of the N 206 superbubble in the Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

Patrick J. Kavanagh, Manami Sasaki, Sean. D. Points

1209.5276 (Julian Pittard et al.)

Feedback from Winds and Supernovae in Massive Stellar Clusters    [PDF]

Julian Pittard, Hazel Rogers

1209.5290 (Stefano Pezzuto et al.)

Herschel observations of B1-bS and B1-bN: two first hydrostatic core candidates in the Perseus star-forming cloud    [PDF]

Stefano Pezzuto, D. Elia, E. Schisano, F. Strafella, J. Di Francesco, S. Sadavoy, P. André, M. Benedettini, J. P. Bernard, A. M. di Giorgio, A. Facchini, M. Hennemann, T. Hill, V. Könyves, S. Molinari, F. Motte, Q. Nguyen-Luong, N. Peretto, M. Pestalozzi, D. Polychroni, K. L. J. Rygl, P. Saraceno, N. Schneider, L. Spinoglio, L. Testi, D. Ward-Thompson, G. J. White

1209.5365 (Ian M. Hoffman)

New Maser Emission from Nonmetastable Ammonia in NGC 7538. III. Detection of the (10,6) Transition and a Velocity Gradient    [PDF]

Ian M. Hoffman