Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6847 (Martin Wen-Yu Lo)

Galactic Dynamics Using 1/r Force Without Dark Matter    [PDF]

Martin Wen-Yu Lo

1305.6613 (Jorge Peñarrubia)

Dynamical invariants and diffusion of merger substructures in time-dependent gravitational potentials    [PDF]

Jorge Peñarrubia

1305.6617 (Parviz Ghavamian et al.)

Electron-Ion Temperature Equilibration in Collisionless Shocks: the Supernova Remnant-Solar Wind Connection    [PDF]

Parviz Ghavamian, Steven J. Schwartz, Jeremy Mitchell, Adam Masters, J. Martin Laming

1305.6633 (Saurya Das et al.)

Can MOND type hypotheses be tested in a free fall laboratory environment?    [PDF]

Saurya Das, S. N. Patitsas

1305.6662 (Juergen Ott et al.)

Nuclear Water Maser Emission in Centaurus A    [PDF]

Juergen Ott, David S. Meier, Mark McCoy, Alison Peck, Violette Impellizzeri, Andreas Brunthaler, Fabian Walter, Philip Edwards, Crystal N. Anderson, Christian Henkel, Ilana Feain, Minnie Mao

1305.6699 (Susanne Pfalzner et al.)

Reaction of Massive Clusters to Gas Expulsion - The cluster density dependence    [PDF]

Susanne Pfalzner, Thomas Kaczmarek

1305.6877 (Hsi-Wei Yen et al.)

Unveiling the Evolutionary Sequence from Infalling Envelopes to Keplerian Disks around Low-Mass Protostars    [PDF]

Hsi-Wei Yen, Shigehisa Takakuwa, Nagayoshi Ohashi, Paul T. P. Ho