Friday, October 28, 2011

1103.5730 (Ping He)

Equilibrium statistical mechanics for self-gravitating systems: local ergodicity and extended Boltzmann-Gibbs/White-Narayan statistics    [PDF]

Ping He

1108.5588 (T. Bernal et al.)

Recovering MOND from extended metric theories of gravity    [PDF]

T. Bernal, S. Capozziello, J. C. Hidalgo, S. Mendoza

1110.5903 (Colin T. Slater et al.)

Andromeda XXVIII: A Dwarf Galaxy More Than 350 kpc from Andromeda    [PDF]

Colin T. Slater, Eric F. Bell, Nicolas F. Martin

1110.5906 (Eric F. Bell et al.)

Andromeda XXIX: A New Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 200kpc from Andromeda    [PDF]

Eric F. Bell, Colin T. Slater, Nicolas F. Martin

1110.5907 (T. Antoja et al.)

Kinematic groups across the MW disc: insights from models and from the RAVE catalogue    [PDF]

T. Antoja, A. Helmi, F. Figueras, M. Romero-Gómez, the RAVE Collaboration

1110.5933 (Judy Y. Cheng et al.)

Metallicity Gradients in the Milky Way Disk as Observed by the SEGUE Survey    [PDF]

Judy Y. Cheng, Constance M. Rockosi, Heather L. Morrison, Ralph A. Schönrich, Young Sun Lee, Timothy C. Beers, Dmitry Bizyaev, Kaike Pan, Donald P. Schneider

1110.5937 (Fabio Antonini et al.)

Dissipationless Formation and Evolution of the Milky Way Nuclear Star Cluster    [PDF]

Fabio Antonini, Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta, Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti, David Merritt

1110.6086 (Damien Chapon et al.)

Pairing and sinking of binary SMBHs in sub-pc resolution simulations of galaxy mergers    [PDF]

Damien Chapon, Lucio Mayer, Romain Teyssier

1110.6111 (S. S. Savchenko et al.)

Pitch angles of distant spiral galaxies    [PDF]

S. S. Savchenko, V. P. Reshetnikov

1110.6151 (Kevork N. Abazajian et al.)

Constraints on WIMP and Sommerfeld-Enhanced Dark Matter Annihilation from HESS Observations of the Galactic Center    [PDF]

Kevork N. Abazajian, J. Patrick Harding

Thursday, October 27, 2011

1110.2238 (Ian M. Hoffman et al.)

New Maser Emission from Nonmetastable Ammonia in NGC 7538. II. Green Bank Telescope Observations Including Water Masers    [PDF]

Ian M. Hoffman, Stella Seojin Kim

1110.5670 (R. N. Henriksen)

Spiral Structure in Scale-free, Thin Discs: Rigid Rotation    [PDF]

R. N. Henriksen

1110.5733 (T. Hill et al.)

HOBYS' view of Vela C and W48: a ridge and a mini-starburst    [PDF]

T. Hill, Q. Nguyen Luong, F. Motte, P. Didelon, V. Minier, the HOBYS consortium

1110.5852 (S. Rubele et al.)

The VMC Survey IV. The LMC star formation history and disk geometry from four VMC tiles    [PDF]

S. Rubele, L. Kerber, L. Girardi, M. -R. Cioni, P. Marigo, S. Zaggia, K. Bekki, R. de Grijs, J. Emerson, M. A. T. Groenewegen, M. Gullieuszik, V. Ivanov, B. Miszalski, J. M. Oliveira, B. Tatton, J. Th. van Loon

1110.5878 (Rafael Schulman et al.)

The Effect of Stellar Metallicity on the Sizes of Star Clusters    [PDF]

Rafael Schulman, Evert Glebbeek, Alison Sills

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1011.1459 (Will M. Farr et al.)

The Mass Distribution of Stellar-Mass Black Holes    [PDF]

Will M. Farr, Niharika Sravan, Andrew Cantrell, Laura Kreidberg, Charles D. Bailyn, Ilya Mandel, Vicky Kalogera

1106.1692 (Enrico Barausse et al.)

Testing the Cosmic Censorship Conjecture with point particles: the effect of radiation reaction and the self-force    [PDF]

Enrico Barausse, Vitor Cardoso, Gaurav Khanna

1108.2778 (S. Sazonov et al.)

Coronal radiation of a cusp of spun-up stars and the X-ray luminosity of Sgr A*    [PDF]

S. Sazonov, R. Sunyaev, M. Revnivtsev

1108.4018 (Julio A. Carballo-Bello et al.)

Outer density profiles of 19 Galactic globular clusters from deep and wide-field imaging    [PDF]

Julio A. Carballo-Bello, Mark Gieles, Antonio Sollima, Sergey Koposov, David Martínez-Delgado, Jorge Peñarrubia

1110.4667 (R. Visser et al.)

Modelling observations of hot molecular gas emission from embedded low-mass protostars    [PDF]

R. Visser, L. E. Kristensen, S. Bruderer, E. F. van Dishoeck, G. J. Herczeg, C. Brinch, S. D. Doty, D. Harsono, M. G. Wolfire

1110.5335 (M. A. Malkov et al.)

Proton-Helium Spectral Anomaly as a Signature of Cosmic Ray Accelerator    [PDF]

M. A. Malkov, P. H. Diamond, R. Z. Sagdeev

1110.5362 (I. Berentzen et al.)

Star cluster evolution in barred disc galaxies. I. Planar periodic orbits    [PDF]

I. Berentzen, E. Athanassoula

1110.5418 (Davide Pietrobon et al.)

Analysis of WMAP 7-year Temperature Data: Astrophysics of the Galactic Haze    [PDF]

Davide Pietrobon, Krzysztof M. Gorski, James Bartlett, Anthony J. Banday, Gregory Dobler, Loris P. L. Colombo, Luca Pagano, Graca Rocha, Rajib Saha, Jeffrey B. Jewell, Sergi R. Hildebrandt, Hans Kristian Eriksen, Charles R. Lawrence

1110.5436 (Ya. N. Istomin)

On the origin of galactic cosmic rays    [PDF]

Ya. N. Istomin

1110.5486 (N. L. J. Cox et al.)

A far-infrared survey of bow shocks and detached shells around AGB stars and red supergiants    [PDF]

N. L. J. Cox, F. Kerschbaum, A. -J. van Marle, L. Decin, D. Ladjal, A. Mayer, M. A. T. Groenewegen, S. van Eck, P. Royer, R. Ottensamer, T. Ueta, A. Jorissen, M. Mecina, Z. Meliani, A. Luntzer, J. A. D. L. Blommaert, Th. Posch, B. Vandenbussche, C. Waelkens

1110.5555 (R. Smith et al.)

Ram pressure drag - the effects of ram pressure on dark matter and stellar disk dynamics    [PDF]

R. Smith, M. Fellhauer, P. Assmann

1110.5567 (Karin I. Oberg et al.)

The effects of snowlines on C/O in planetary atmospheres    [PDF]

Karin I. Oberg, Ruth Murray-Clay, Edwin A. Bergin

1110.5624 (Evan N. Kirby et al.)

Metals Removed by Outflows from Milky Way Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies    [PDF]

Evan N. Kirby, Crystal L. Martin, Kristian Finlator

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1110.0033 (Patrick Hennebelle et al.)

Analytical star formation rate from gravoturbulent fragmentation    [PDF]

Patrick Hennebelle, Gilles Chabrier

1110.5039 (K. E. Gabanyi et al.)

Radio observations of the TeV source HESS J1943+213: a new case of a pulsar wind nebula?    [PDF]

K. E. Gabanyi, G. Dubner, E. Giacani, Z. Paragi, Y. Pidopryhora, S. Frey

1110.5151 (S. Caliskan et al.)

Abundance analysis of the outer halo globular cluster Palomar 14    [PDF]

S. Caliskan, N. Christlieb, K. E. Grebel

1110.5198 (Philip G. Breen et al.)

Gravothermal oscillations in two-component models of star clusters    [PDF]

Philip G. Breen, Douglas C. Heggie

1110.5218 (L. Sidoli et al.)

The XMM-Newton view of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: the case of IGRJ16418-4532    [PDF]

L. Sidoli, S. Mereghetti, V. Sguera, F. Pizzolato

1110.5221 (G. Kordopatis et al.)

A spectroscopic survey of thick disc stars outside the solar neighbourhood    [PDF]

G. Kordopatis, A. Recio-Blanco, P. de Laverny, G. Gilmore, V. Hill, R. F. G. Wyse, A. Helmi, A. Bijaoui, M. Zoccali, O. Bienaymé

1110.5301 (G. Castelletti et al.)

First high-resolution radio study of the Supernova Remnant G338.3-0.0 associated with the gamma-ray source HESS J1640-465    [PDF]

G. Castelletti, E. Giacani, G. Dubner, B. C. Joshi, A. Pramesh Rao, R. Terrier

Friday, October 21, 2011

1108.1749 (Paul J. McMillan et al.)

Analysing surveys of our Galaxy I: basic astrometric data    [PDF]

Paul J. McMillan, James Binney

1109.2544 (James G. Ingalls et al.)

Spitzer IRS Detection of Molecular Hydrogen Rotational Emission Towards Translucent Clouds    [PDF]

James G. Ingalls, T. M. Bania, F. Boulanger, B. T. Draine, E. Falgarone, P. Hily-Blant

1109.4150 (Mark R. Krumholz et al.)

A Universal, Local Star Formation Law in Galactic Clouds, Nearby Galaxies, High-Redshift Disks, and Starbursts    [PDF]

Mark R. Krumholz, Avishai Dekel, Christopher F. McKee

1110.4376 (Rolf Kappl et al.)

Dark Matter after BESS-Polar II    [PDF]

Rolf Kappl, Martin Wolfgang Winkler

1110.4413 (R. Roškar et al.)

Radial Migration in Disk Galaxies I: Transient Spiral Structure and Dynamics    [PDF]

R. Roškar, V. P. Debattista, T. R. Quinn, J. Wadsley

1110.4431 (Yoshiaki Sofue)

A Grand Rotation Curve and Dark Matter Halo in the Milky Way Galaxy    [PDF]

Yoshiaki Sofue

1110.4465 (Sofia Feltzing et al.)

The chemical evolution of the Galactic Bulge seen through micro-lensing events    [PDF]

Sofia Feltzing, Thomas Bensby, Jorge Meléndez, Daniel Adén, Martin Asplund, Andy Gould, Jennifer Johnson, Sara Lucatello, Avishay Gal-Yam

1110.4505 (Giacomo Monari et al.)

Constraining the Milky Way potential using the dynamical kinematic substructures    [PDF]

Giacomo Monari, Teresa Antoja, Amina Helmi

1110.4536 (Terese Hansen et al.)

The Binary Frequency of r-Process-Element Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars and its Implications: Chemical Tagging in the Primitive Halo of the Milky Way    [PDF]

Terese Hansen, Johannes Andersen, Birgitta Nordström, Lars A. Buchhave, Timothy C. Beers

1110.4545 (Shoko Jin)

Dynamics of stellar and HI streams in the Milky Way halo    [PDF]

Shoko Jin

1110.4551 (Mir Abbas Jalali et al.)

Density waves in debris discs and galactic nuclei    [PDF]

Mir Abbas Jalali, Scott Tremaine

1110.4586 (Paul M. Harvey et al.)

A Herschel Search For Cold Dust in Brown Dwarf Disks: First Results    [PDF]

Paul M. Harvey, Thomas Henning, Francois Menard, Sebastian Wolf, Yao Liu, Lucas A. Cieza, Neal J. Evans II, Ilaria Pascucci, Bruno Merin, Christophe Pinte

1110.4588 (Jihad R. Touma et al.)

Counter-rotating stellar discs around a massive black hole: self-consistent, time-dependent dynamics    [PDF]

Jihad R. Touma, S. Sridhar

1110.4599 (D. M. Salter et al.)

A single-dish survey of the HCO+, HCN, and CN emission toward the T Tauri disk population in Taurus    [PDF]

D. M. Salter, M. R. Hogerheijde, R. F. J. van der Burg, L. E. Kristensen, C. Brinch

1110.4614 (Y. Sheffer et al.)

PDR Model Mapping of Physical Conditions via Spitzer/IRS Spectroscopy of H2: Theoretical Success toward NGC 2023-South    [PDF]

Y. Sheffer, M. G. Wolfire, D. J. Hollenbach, M. J. Kaufman, M. Cordier

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1003.1108 (Min-Su Shin et al.)

Environmental effects on the growth of super massive black holes and AGN feedback    [PDF]

Min-Su Shin, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Luca Ciotti

1006.4855 (J. A. Sellwood)

Dynamics of Disks and Warps    [PDF]

J. A. Sellwood

1101.4940 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Self-Regulated Star Formation in Galaxies via Momentum Input from Massive Stars    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1102.3695 (Ryan M. O'Leary et al.)

Recoiled star clusters in the Milky Way halo: N-body simulations and a candidate search through SDSS    [PDF]

Ryan M. O'Leary, Abraham Loeb

1105.4065 (Kevin Heng et al.)

Atmospheric circulation of tidally locked exoplanets: II. Dual-band radiative transfer and convective adjustment    [PDF]

Kevin Heng, Dargan M. W. Frierson, Peter J. Phillipps

1105.6342 (G. Morlino et al.)

Strong evidences of hadron acceleration in Tycho's Supernova Remnant    [PDF]

G. Morlino, D. Caprioli

1110.3948 (C. Codella et al.)

First detection of Hydrogen Chloride towards protostellar shocks    [PDF]

C. Codella, C. Ceccarelli, S. Bottinelli, M. Salez, S. Viti, B. Lefloch, S. Cabrit, E. Caux, A. Faure, M. Vasta, L. Wiesenfeld

1110.4029 (Felix J. Lockman)

The Milky and its Gas: Cold Fountains and Accretion    [PDF]

Felix J. Lockman

1110.4032 (Helen Kirk et al.)

Variations in the Mass Functions of Clustered and Isolated Young Stellar Objects    [PDF]

Helen Kirk, Philip C. Myers

1110.4105 (Laura Chomiuk et al.)

Toward a Unification of Star Formation Rate Determinations in the Milky Way and Other Galaxies    [PDF]

Laura Chomiuk, Matthew S. Povich

1110.4103 (Sambaran Banerjee et al.)

A new type of compact stellar population: dark star clusters    [PDF]

Sambaran Banerjee, Pavel Kroupa

1110.4106 (J. M. Diederik Kruijssen et al.)

The initial mass spectrum of old globular clusters in dwarf galaxies    [PDF]

J. M. Diederik Kruijssen, Andrew P. Cooper

1110.4107 (Reinabelle Reyes et al.)

Virial-to-optical velocity ratios of local disk galaxies from combined kinematics and galaxy-galaxy lensing    [PDF]

Reinabelle Reyes, Rachel Mandelbaum, James E. Gunn, Reiko Nakajima, Uros Seljak, Chris M. Hirata

1110.4152 (Edwin A. Bergin et al.)

Water in Star and Planet Forming Regions    [PDF]

Edwin A. Bergin, Ewine F. van Dishoeck

1110.4170 (D. M. Hammer et al.)

Deep UV Luminosity Functions at the Infall Region of the Coma Cluster    [PDF]

D. M. Hammer, A. E. Hornschemeier, S. Salim, R. Smith, L. Jenkins, B. Mobasher, N. Miller, H. Ferguson

1110.4180 (Laurent Pagani et al.)

The Ubiquity of Micrometer-Sized Dust Grains in the Dense Interstellar Medium    [PDF]

Laurent Pagani, Jürgen Steinacker, Aurore Bacmann, Amelia Stutz, Thomas Henning

1110.4202 (Stefan Uttenthaler et al.)

Elemental abundances in AGB stars and the formation of the Galactic bulge    [PDF]

Stefan Uttenthaler, Joris A. D. L. Blommaert, Thomas Lebzelter, Nils Ryde, Peter R. Wood, Mathias Schultheis, Bernhard Aringer

1110.4219 (R. Smith et al.)

Dust discs around intermediate mass and Sun-like stars in the 16 Myr old NGC 1960 open cluster    [PDF]

R. Smith, R. D. Jeffries

1110.4224 (M. Andersen et al.)

Dust processing in Supernova Remnants: Spitzer MIPS SED and IRS Observations    [PDF]

M. Andersen, J. Rho, W. T. Reach, J. W. Hewitt, J. P. Bernard

1110.4313 (A. Sanna et al.)

Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-Forming Regions. IX. The Outer Arm in the First Quadrant    [PDF]

A. Sanna, M. J. Reid, T. M. Dame, K. M. Menten, A. Brunthaler, L. Moscadelli, X. W. Zheng, Y. Xu

1110.4337 (N. Fornengo et al.)

Galactic synchrotron emission from WIMPs at radio frequencies    [PDF]

N. Fornengo, R. A. Lineros, M. Regis, M. Taoso

1110.4353 (K. L. Luhman et al.)

Confirmation of One of the Coldest Known Brown Dwarfs    [PDF]

K. L. Luhman, A. J. Burgasser, I. Labbe, D. Saumon, M. S. Marley, J. J. Bochanski, A. J. Monson, S. E. Persson