Monday, January 23, 2012

1106.0499 (Andrew Pontzen et al.)

How supernova feedback turns dark matter cusps into cores    [PDF]

Andrew Pontzen, Fabio Governato

1111.5744 (Annie C. Robin et al.)

Stellar populations in the Milky Way bulge region : Towards solving the Galactic bulge and bar shapes using 2MASS data    [PDF]

Annie C. Robin, Douglas J. Marshall, Mathias Schultheis, Celine Reyle

1201.4190 (Judith G. Cohen et al.)

Outliers in the 0Z Survey    [PDF]

Judith G. Cohen, Norbert Christlieb, Ian Thompson, Andrew McWilliam, Stephen Shectman

1201.4204 (Thomas M. Brown et al.)

New Observational Evidence of Flash Mixing on the White Dwarf Cooling Curve    [PDF]

Thomas M. Brown, Thierry Lanz, Allen V. Sweigart, Misty Cracraft, Ivan Hubeny, Wayne B. Landsman

1201.4209 (R E Mason et al.)

The Nuclear Infrared Emission of Low-Luminosity AGN    [PDF]

R E Mason, E Lopez-Rodriguez, C Packham, A Alonso-Herrero, N A Levenson, J Radomski, C Ramos Almeida, L Colina, M Elitzur, I Aretxaga, P F Roche, N Oi

1201.4238 (Makoto Miyoshi et al.)

Analysis of H2O Masers in Sharpless 269 using VERA Archival data --- Effect of maser structures on astrometric accuracy    [PDF]

Makoto Miyoshi, Yoshiharu Asaki, Keiichi Wada, Hiroshi Imai

1201.4256 (Jean-Christophe Loison et al.)

Review of OCS gas-phase reactions in dark cloud chemical models    [PDF]

Jean-Christophe Loison, Philippe Halvick, Astrid Bergeat, Kevin M. Hickson, Valentine Wakelam

1201.4263 (Patrick M. Koch et al.)

Magnetic Field Strength Maps for Molecular Clouds: A New Method Based on a Polarization - Intensity Gradient Relation    [PDF]

Patrick M. Koch, Ya-Wen Tang, Paul T. P. Ho

1201.4273 (N. Kaltcheva et al.)

Galactic Structure Toward the Carina Tangent    [PDF]

N. Kaltcheva, V. Golev

1201.4313 (Patrick M. Koch et al.)

Quantifying the Significance of the Magnetic Field from Large-Scale Cloud to Collapsing Core: Self-Similarity, Mass-to-Flux Ratio and Star Formation Efficiency    [PDF]

Patrick M. Koch, Ya-Wen Tang, Paul T. P. Ho

1201.4345 (A. Agnello et al.)

Virial Sequences for Thick Discs and Haloes: Flattening and Global Anisotropy    [PDF]

A. Agnello, N. W. Evans

1201.4356 (M. Juvela et al.)

The effect of temperature mixing on the observable (T,beta)-relation of interstellar dust clouds    [PDF]

M. Juvela, N. Ysard