Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4937 (Joel C. Berrier et al.)

Further Evidence for a Supermassive Black Hole Mass - Pitch Angle Relation    [PDF]

Joel C. Berrier, Benjamin L. Davis, Daniel Kennefick, Julia D. Kennefick, Marc S. Seigar, R. Scott Barrows, Matthew Hartley, Doug Shields, Misty C. Bentz, Claud H. S. Lacy

1304.4950 (Rowan J. Smith et al.)

Line Profiles of Cores within Clusters: II Signatures of Dynamical Collapse during High Mass Star Formation    [PDF]

Rowan J. Smith, Rahul Shetty, Henrik Beuther, Ralf S. Klessen, Ian A. Bonnell

1304.4996 (C. T. Tibbs et al.)

Constraints on free-free emission from Anomalous Microwave Emission Sources in the Perseus Molecular Cloud    [PDF]

C. T. Tibbs, R. Paladini, C. Dickinson, B. S. Mason, S. Casassus, K. Cleary, R. D. Davies, R. J. Davis, R. A. Watson

1304.5036 (Jouni Kainulainen et al.)

Connection between dense gas mass fraction, turbulence driving, and star formation efficiency of molecular clouds    [PDF]

Jouni Kainulainen, Christoph Federrath, Thomas Henning

1304.5126 (Yang Chen et al.)

Linear relation for wind-blown bubble sizes of main-sequence OB stars in a molecular environment and implication for supernova progenitors    [PDF]

Yang Chen, Ping Zhou, You-Hua Chu

1304.5127 (Fabrizio Nesti et al.)

The Dark Matter Halo of the Milky Way, AD 2013    [PDF]

Fabrizio Nesti, Paolo Salucci

1304.5136 (Alvaro Sanchez-Monge et al.)

Properties of dense cores in clustered massive star-forming regions at high angular resolution    [PDF]

Alvaro Sanchez-Monge, Aina Palau, Francesco Fontani, Gemma Busquet, Carmen Juarez, Robert Estalella, Jonathan C. Tan, Inma Sepulveda, Paul T. P. Ho, Qizhou Zhang, Stan Kurtz

1304.5203 (Daniel Harsono et al.)

Evolution of CO lines in time-dependent models of protostellar disk formation    [PDF]

Daniel Harsono, Ruud Visser, Simon Bruderer, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Lars E. Kristensen