Monday, September 17, 2012

1209.3015 (Dan Hooper et al.)

Stringent and Robust Constraints on the Dark Matter Annihilation Cross Section From the Region of the Galactic Center    [PDF]

Dan Hooper, Chris Kelso, Farinaldo S. Queiroz

1209.3021 (Alessia Gualandris et al.)

Eccentric disc instability in stellar discs formed from inspiraling gas clouds in the Galactic Centre    [PDF]

Alessia Gualandris, Michela Mapelli, Hagai B. Perets

1209.3041 (F. Grussie et al.)

The Low-Temperature Nuclear Spin Equilibrium of H3+ in Collisions with H2    [PDF]

F. Grussie, M. H. Berg, K. N. Crabtree, S. Gaertner, B. J. McCall, S. Schlemmer, A. Wolf, H. Kreckel

1209.3043 (K. M. Schure et al.)

Magnetic field amplification by cosmic rays in supernova remnants    [PDF]

K. M. Schure, A. R. Bell

1209.3046 (Paul A. Crowther)

Environments of massive stars and the upper mass limit    [PDF]

Paul A. Crowther

1209.3086 (Xin Li et al.)

Finslerian MOND vs. observations of Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558    [PDF]

Xin Li, Ming-Hua Li, Hai-Nan Lin, Zhe Chang

1209.3176 (Chuan-Peng Zhang et al.)

Triggered Star Formation from Bubbles S51, N68, and N131    [PDF]

Chuan-Peng Zhang, Jun-Jie Wang

1209.3188 (Paul Goudfrooij et al.)

Space-Based UV/Optical Wide-Field Imaging and Spectroscopy: Near-Field Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution Using Globular Clusters in Nearby Galaxies    [PDF]

Paul Goudfrooij, Jean Brodie, Rupali Chandar, Oleg Gnedin, Katherine Rhode, Francois Schweizer, Jay Strader, Enrico Vesperini, Bradley Whitmore, Stephen Zepf

1209.3192 (Richard P. Rollins et al.)

The Chemical Effects of Mutual Shielding in Photon Dominated Regions    [PDF]

Richard P. Rollins, Jonathan M. C. Rawlings

1209.3199 (Aida Wofford et al.)

Massive Stars: Key to Solving the Cosmic Puzzle    [PDF]

Aida Wofford, Claus Leitherer, Nolan R. Walborn, Myron Smith, María Peña-Guerrero, Luciana Bianchi, David Thilker, John D. Hillier, Jesús Maíz Apellániz, Miriam García, Artemio Herrero

1209.3273 (Gabriel Perren et al.)

Photometric distances to young stars in the inner galactic disk    [PDF]

Gabriel Perren, Rubén Vázquez, Giovanni Carraro