Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1301.2600 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Turbulent Disks are Never Stable: Fragmentation and Turbulence-Promoted Planet Formation    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Jessie L. Christiansen

1301.2619 (Sergiy Silich et al.)

How Significant is Radiation Pressure in the Dynamics of the Gas Around Young Stellar Clusters?    [PDF]

Sergiy Silich, Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle

1301.2621 (T. P. R. van der Laan et al.)

How does star formation proceed in the circumnuclear starburst ring of NGC 6951?    [PDF]

T. P. R. van der Laan, E. Schinnerer, E. Emsellem, L. K. Hunt, R. M. McDermid, G. Liu

1301.2624 (L. Ricci et al.)

CARMA interferometric observations of 2MASS J044427+2512: the first spatially resolved observations of thermal emission of a brown dwarf disk    [PDF]

L. Ricci, A. Isella, J. M. Carpenter, L. Testi

1301.2669 (Victor P. Debattista et al.)

Disk Assembly and the M_BH-sigma Relation of Supermassive Black Holes    [PDF]

Victor P. Debattista, Stelios Kazantzidis, Frank C. van den Bosch

1301.2670 (Victor P. Debattista et al.)

What's Up in the Milky Way? The Orientation of the Disc Relative to the Triaxial Halo    [PDF]

Victor P. Debattista, Rok Roskar, Monica Valluri, Thomas Quinn, Ben Moore, James Wadsley

1301.2772 (J. Alonso-García et al.)

Multiple populations in Galactic globular clusters: a survey in the Strömgren system    [PDF]

J. Alonso-García, M. Catelan, P. Amigo, C. Cortés, C. A. Kuehn, F. Grundahl, G. López, R. Salinas, H. A. Smith, P. B. Stetson, A. V. Sweigart, A. A. R. Valcarce, M. Zoccali

1301.2822 (A. Bellini et al.)

The intriguing stellar populations in the globular clusters NGC 6388 and NGC 6441    [PDF]

A. Bellini, G. Piotto, A. P. Milone, I. R. King, A. Renzini, S. Cassisi, J. Anderson, L. R. Bedin, D. Nardiello, A. Pietrinferni, A. Sarajedini

1301.2890 (M. A. de Avillez et al.)

ISM Simulations: An Overview of Models    [PDF]

M. A. de Avillez, D. Breitschwerdt, A. Asgekar, E. Spitoni

1301.2899 (Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta)

Galactic Nuclear Cluster Formation Via Globular Cluster Mergers    [PDF]

Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta

1301.2916 (N. Sanna et al.)

BSS populations from the WFPC2 UV Survey    [PDF]

N. Sanna, R. Contreras Ramos

1301.2939 (E. E. Hardegree-Ullman et al.)

Chemical and Physical Conditions in Molecular Cloud Core DC 000.4-19.5 (SL42) in Corona Australis    [PDF]

E. E. Hardegree-Ullman, J. Harju, M. Juvela, O. Sipila, D. C. B. Whittet, S. Hotzel

1301.2982 (J. M. C. Rawlings et al.)

Episodic Explosions in Interstellar Ices    [PDF]

J. M. C. Rawlings, D. A. Williams, S. Viti, C. Cecchi-Pestellini

1301.2998 (Nora Lützgendorf et al.)

Intermediate-mass black holes in Globular Clusters    [PDF]

Nora Lützgendorf, Markus Kissler-Patig, Karl Gebhardt, Holger Baumgardt, Eva Noyola, P. Tim de Zeeuw, Nadine Neumayer, Behrang Jalali, Anja Feldmeier

1301.3004 (Marc Joos et al.)

The influence of turbulence during magnetized core collapse and its consequences on low-mass star formation    [PDF]

Marc Joos, Patrick Hennebelle, Andrea Ciardi, Sebastien Fromang

1301.3055 (C. R. Kerton et al.)

Massive Star Formation at the Periphery of the Evolved Giant HII Region W 39    [PDF]

C. R. Kerton, K. Arvidsson, M. J. Alexander

1301.3058 (C. F. Manara et al.)

X-Shooter spectroscopy of young stellar objects: II. Impact of chromospheric emission on accretion rate estimates    [PDF]

C. F. Manara, L. Testi, E. Rigliaco, J. M. Alcala, A. Natta, B. Stelzer, K. Biazzo, E. Covino, S. Covino, G. Cupani, V. D'Elia, S. Randich

1301.3076 (Tyler Foster et al.)

Two Radio Supernova Remnants Discovered in the Outer Galaxy    [PDF]

Tyler Foster, Brendan Cooper, Wolfgang Reich, Roland Kothes, Jennifer West

1301.3101 (F. Yusef-Zadeh et al.)

Widespread Methanol Emission from the Galactic Center    [PDF]

F. Yusef-Zadeh, W. Cotton, S. Viti, M. Wardle, M. Royster

1301.3105 (Luis A. Zapata et al.)

ALMA 690 GHz observations of IRAS 16293-2422B: Infall in a highly optically-thick disk    [PDF]

Luis A. Zapata, Laurent Loinard, Luis F. Rodriguez, Vicente Hernandez-Hernandez, Satoko Takahashi, Alfonso Trejo, Berengere Parise