Friday, May 11, 2012

1205.2233 (Elizabeth K. Mahony et al.)

Is the observed high-frequency radio luminosity distribution of QSOs bimodal?    [PDF]

Elizabeth K. Mahony, Elaine M. Sadler, Scott M. Croom, Ronald D. Ekers, Ilana J. Feain, Tara Murphy

1205.2267 (M. T. Beltran et al.)

Close encounters of the protostellar kind in IC 1396N    [PDF]

M. T. Beltran, F. Massi, F. Fontani, C. Codella, R. Lopez

1205.2296 (S. L. Lumsden et al.)

Tracers of Discs and Winds around Intermediate and High Mass Young Stellar Objects    [PDF]

S. L. Lumsden, H. E. Wheelwright, M. G. Hoare, R. D. Oudmaijer, J. E. Drew

1205.2305 (Aristeidis Noutsos et al.)

Pulsar Spin--Velocity Alignment: Further Results and Discussion    [PDF]

Aristeidis Noutsos, Michael Kramer, Paul Carr, Simon Johnston

1205.2308 (Zeinab Khorrami)

Investigating the stellar system's life-time and the evolution of their mass function using N-body simulation    [PDF]

Zeinab Khorrami