Thursday, October 20, 2011

1003.1108 (Min-Su Shin et al.)

Environmental effects on the growth of super massive black holes and AGN feedback    [PDF]

Min-Su Shin, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Luca Ciotti

1006.4855 (J. A. Sellwood)

Dynamics of Disks and Warps    [PDF]

J. A. Sellwood

1101.4940 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Self-Regulated Star Formation in Galaxies via Momentum Input from Massive Stars    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1102.3695 (Ryan M. O'Leary et al.)

Recoiled star clusters in the Milky Way halo: N-body simulations and a candidate search through SDSS    [PDF]

Ryan M. O'Leary, Abraham Loeb

1105.4065 (Kevin Heng et al.)

Atmospheric circulation of tidally locked exoplanets: II. Dual-band radiative transfer and convective adjustment    [PDF]

Kevin Heng, Dargan M. W. Frierson, Peter J. Phillipps

1105.6342 (G. Morlino et al.)

Strong evidences of hadron acceleration in Tycho's Supernova Remnant    [PDF]

G. Morlino, D. Caprioli

1110.3948 (C. Codella et al.)

First detection of Hydrogen Chloride towards protostellar shocks    [PDF]

C. Codella, C. Ceccarelli, S. Bottinelli, M. Salez, S. Viti, B. Lefloch, S. Cabrit, E. Caux, A. Faure, M. Vasta, L. Wiesenfeld

1110.4029 (Felix J. Lockman)

The Milky and its Gas: Cold Fountains and Accretion    [PDF]

Felix J. Lockman

1110.4032 (Helen Kirk et al.)

Variations in the Mass Functions of Clustered and Isolated Young Stellar Objects    [PDF]

Helen Kirk, Philip C. Myers

1110.4105 (Laura Chomiuk et al.)

Toward a Unification of Star Formation Rate Determinations in the Milky Way and Other Galaxies    [PDF]

Laura Chomiuk, Matthew S. Povich

1110.4103 (Sambaran Banerjee et al.)

A new type of compact stellar population: dark star clusters    [PDF]

Sambaran Banerjee, Pavel Kroupa

1110.4106 (J. M. Diederik Kruijssen et al.)

The initial mass spectrum of old globular clusters in dwarf galaxies    [PDF]

J. M. Diederik Kruijssen, Andrew P. Cooper

1110.4107 (Reinabelle Reyes et al.)

Virial-to-optical velocity ratios of local disk galaxies from combined kinematics and galaxy-galaxy lensing    [PDF]

Reinabelle Reyes, Rachel Mandelbaum, James E. Gunn, Reiko Nakajima, Uros Seljak, Chris M. Hirata

1110.4152 (Edwin A. Bergin et al.)

Water in Star and Planet Forming Regions    [PDF]

Edwin A. Bergin, Ewine F. van Dishoeck

1110.4170 (D. M. Hammer et al.)

Deep UV Luminosity Functions at the Infall Region of the Coma Cluster    [PDF]

D. M. Hammer, A. E. Hornschemeier, S. Salim, R. Smith, L. Jenkins, B. Mobasher, N. Miller, H. Ferguson

1110.4180 (Laurent Pagani et al.)

The Ubiquity of Micrometer-Sized Dust Grains in the Dense Interstellar Medium    [PDF]

Laurent Pagani, J├╝rgen Steinacker, Aurore Bacmann, Amelia Stutz, Thomas Henning

1110.4202 (Stefan Uttenthaler et al.)

Elemental abundances in AGB stars and the formation of the Galactic bulge    [PDF]

Stefan Uttenthaler, Joris A. D. L. Blommaert, Thomas Lebzelter, Nils Ryde, Peter R. Wood, Mathias Schultheis, Bernhard Aringer

1110.4219 (R. Smith et al.)

Dust discs around intermediate mass and Sun-like stars in the 16 Myr old NGC 1960 open cluster    [PDF]

R. Smith, R. D. Jeffries

1110.4224 (M. Andersen et al.)

Dust processing in Supernova Remnants: Spitzer MIPS SED and IRS Observations    [PDF]

M. Andersen, J. Rho, W. T. Reach, J. W. Hewitt, J. P. Bernard

1110.4313 (A. Sanna et al.)

Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-Forming Regions. IX. The Outer Arm in the First Quadrant    [PDF]

A. Sanna, M. J. Reid, T. M. Dame, K. M. Menten, A. Brunthaler, L. Moscadelli, X. W. Zheng, Y. Xu

1110.4337 (N. Fornengo et al.)

Galactic synchrotron emission from WIMPs at radio frequencies    [PDF]

N. Fornengo, R. A. Lineros, M. Regis, M. Taoso

1110.4353 (K. L. Luhman et al.)

Confirmation of One of the Coldest Known Brown Dwarfs    [PDF]

K. L. Luhman, A. J. Burgasser, I. Labbe, D. Saumon, M. S. Marley, J. J. Bochanski, A. J. Monson, S. E. Persson