Friday, August 24, 2012

1208.4599 (Cecilia Mateu et al.)

The QUEST RR Lyrae Survey: III. The Low Galactic Latitude Catalogue    [PDF]

Cecilia Mateu, A. Katherina Vivas, Juan José Downes, César Briceño, Robert Zinn, Gustavo Cruz-Diaz

1208.4602 (Chris W. Purcell et al.)

Bailing Out the Milky Way: Variation in the Properties of Massive Dwarfs Among Galaxy-Sized Systems    [PDF]

Chris W. Purcell, Andrew R. Zentner

1208.4606 (Thomas P. Robitaille et al.)

A self-consistent model of Galactic stellar and dust infrared emission and the abundance of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons    [PDF]

Thomas P. Robitaille, Ed Churchwell, Robert A. Benjamin, Barbara A. Whitney, Kenneth Wood, Brian L. Babler, Marylin R. Meade

1208.4604 (Robert Feldmann et al.)

The relation between mid-plane pressure and molecular hydrogen in galaxies: Environmental dependence    [PDF]

Robert Feldmann, Jose Hernandez, Nickolay Y. Gnedin

1208.4608 (Cara Battersby et al.)

An 80 pc Long Massive Molecular Filament in the Galactic Mid-Plane    [PDF]

Cara Battersby, John Bally

1208.4625 (Chao-Chin Yang et al.)

Thermal-Instability-Driven Turbulent Mixing in Galactic Disks: I. Effective Mixing of Metals    [PDF]

Chao-Chin Yang, Mark Krumholz

1208.4648 (R. Y. Shuping et al.)

Spectral classification of the brightest objects in the galactic star forming region W40    [PDF]

R. Y. Shuping, William D. Vacca, Marc Kassis, Ka Chun Yu

1208.4657 (Fred Adams et al.)

Background X-ray Radiation Fields Produced by Young Embedded Star Clusters    [PDF]

Fred Adams, Marco Fatuzzo, Lisa Holden

1208.4658 (Marco Fatuzzo et al.)

Diffusive Cosmic-ray Acceleration in Sagittarius A*    [PDF]

Marco Fatuzzo, Fulvio Melia

1208.4663 (Mai Shirahata et al.)

Infrared Spectroscopy of CO Ro-vibrational Absorption Lines toward the Obscured AGN IRAS 08572+3915    [PDF]

Mai Shirahata, Takao Nakagawa, Tomonori Usuda, Miwa Goto, Hiroshi Suto, T. R. Geballe

1208.4689 (Barbara Ercolano et al.)

The lifetime of protoplanetary discs: Observations and Theory    [PDF]

Barbara Ercolano, Christine Koepferl

1208.4723 (M. J. Church et al.)

Spectral Investigations of the nature of the Sco X-1 like sources    [PDF]

M. J. Church, A. Gibiec, M. Balucinska-Church, N. K. Jackson

1208.4808 (Edouard J. Bernard et al.)

A Deep, Wide-Field Study of Holmberg II with Suprime-Cam: Evidence for Ram Pressure Stripping    [PDF]

Edouard J. Bernard, Annette M. N. Ferguson, Michael K. Barker, Michael J. Irwin, Pascale Jablonka, Nobuo Arimoto