Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1111.5012 (T. Linden et al.)

On the Rarity of X-Ray Binaries with Naked Helium Donors    [PDF]

T. Linden, F. Valsecchi, V. Kalogera

1203.1038 (M. Uhlig et al.)

Galactic winds driven by cosmic-ray streaming    [PDF]

M. Uhlig, C. Pfrommer, M. Sharma, B. B. Nath, T. A. Ensslin, V. Springel

1203.1039 (Desika Narayanan et al.)

Cosmological Implications of a Stellar Initial Mass Function that Varies with the Jeans Mass in Galaxies    [PDF]

Desika Narayanan, Romeel Davé

1203.1045 (Murray Brightman et al.)

The evolution of the Compton thick fraction and the nature of obscuration for AGN in the Chandra Deep Field South    [PDF]

Murray Brightman, Yoshihiro Ueda

1203.1155 (Volker Hoffmann et al.)

The effect of ISM turbulence on the gravitational instability of galactic discs    [PDF]

Volker Hoffmann, Alessandro B. Romeo

1203.1190 (Michael Aumer et al.)

Idealized models for galactic disk formation and evolution in 'realistic' LambdaCDM haloes    [PDF]

Michael Aumer, Simon D. M. White

1203.1193 (Marc Joos et al.)

Protostellar disk formation and transport of angular momentum during magnetized core collapse    [PDF]

Marc Joos, Patrick Hennebelle, Andrea Ciardi

1203.1221 (Laura Greggio et al.)

The IMF from Low to High Redshift    [PDF]

Laura Greggio, Alvio Renzini

1203.1225 (Heling Yan et al.)

On the Tidal Dependence of Galaxy Properties    [PDF]

Heling Yan, Zuhui Fan, Simon D. M. White

1203.1242 (Paul Goudfrooij)

Sizes, Half-Mass Densities, and Mass Functions of Star Clusters in the Merger Remnant NGC 1316: Clues to the Fate of Second-Generation Globular Clusters    [PDF]

Paul Goudfrooij

1203.1284 (Lapo Casetti et al.)

Caloric curve of star clusters    [PDF]

Lapo Casetti, Cesare Nardini