Friday, November 9, 2012

1211.1669 (Edmund J. Hodges-Kluck et al.)

A Deep X-ray View of the Hot Halo in the Edge-on Spiral Galaxy NGC 891    [PDF]

Edmund J. Hodges-Kluck, Joel N. Bregman

1211.1681 (Sven Van Loo et al.)

Kiloparsec-Scale Simulations of Star Formation in Disk Galaxies. I. The unmagnetized and zero-feedback limit    [PDF]

Sven Van Loo, Mike J. Butler, Jonathan C. Tan

1211.1688 (Seok-Joo Joo et al.)

Star Formation Histories of Globular Clusters with Multiple Populations. I. ω Cen, M22, and NGC 1851    [PDF]

Seok-Joo Joo, Young-Wook Lee

1211.1742 (Laurent Loinard)

The Gould's Belt Distances Survey    [PDF]

Laurent Loinard

1211.1744 (L. M. Bozzetto et al.)

Radio-Continuum Observations Of Small, Radially Polarised Supernova Remnant J0519-6902 In The Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

L. M. Bozzetto, M. D. Filipović, D. Urošević, E. J. Crawford

1211.1889 (Athena Stacy et al.)

Constraining the Statistics of Population III Binaries    [PDF]

Athena Stacy, Volker Bromm