Friday, June 22, 2012

1007.2647 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Analytic Model of Angular Momentum Transport by Gravitational Torques: From Galaxies to Massive Black Holes    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1011.3045 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

An Explanation for the Slopes of Stellar Cusps in Galaxy Spheroids    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert

1110.4636 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

The Structure of the Interstellar Medium of Star Forming Galaxies    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1110.4638 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Stellar Feedback in Galaxies and the Origin of Galaxy-scale Winds    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1206.4694 (Dimitri Veras et al.)

Disrupting Primordial Planet Signatures: The Close Encounter of Two Single-Planet Exosystems in the Galactic Disc    [PDF]

Dimitri Veras, Nickolas Moeckel

1206.4698 (A. Lazarian et al.)

Magnetization of cloud cores and envelopes and other observational consequences of reconnection diffusion    [PDF]

A. Lazarian, A. Esquivel, R. Crutcher

1206.4703 (Blakesley Burkhart et al.)

Hierarchical Structure of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence In Position-Position-Velocity Space    [PDF]

Blakesley Burkhart, A. Lazarian, Alyssa Goodman, Erik Rosolowsky

1206.4722 (Sourabh Nampalliwar et al.)

Detection of pulsar beams deflected by the black hole in Sgr A*: effects of black hole spin    [PDF]

Sourabh Nampalliwar, Richard H. Price, Teviet Creighton, Fredrick A. Jenet

1206.4730 (Michael M. Dunham et al.)

Revealing The Millimeter Environment of the New FU Orionis Candidate HBC722 with the Submillimeter Array    [PDF]

Michael M. Dunham, Hector G. Arce, Tyler L. Bourke, Xuepeng Chen, Tim A. van Kempen, Joel D. Green

1206.4828 (A. Sollima et al.)

A comparison between the stellar and dynamical masses of six globular clusters    [PDF]

A. Sollima, M. Bellazzini, J. -W. Lee

1206.4837 (J. Malinen et al.)

Profiling filaments: comparing near-infrared extinction and submillimetre data in TMC-1    [PDF]

J. Malinen, M. Juvela, M. G. Rawlings, D. Ward-Thompson, P. Palmeirim, Ph. Andre

1206.4858 (S. Aalto et al.)

Winds of change - a molecular outflow in NGC 1377? The anatomy of an extreme FIR-excess galaxy    [PDF]

S. Aalto, S. Muller, K. Sakamoto, J. S. Gallagher, S. Martin, F. Costagliola

1206.4904 (C. L. Dobbs et al.)

Giant Molecular clouds: what are they made from, and how do they get there?    [PDF]

C. L. Dobbs, J. E. Pringle, A. Burkert

1206.4905 (Julien Daranlot et al.)

Elemental nitrogen partitioning in dense interstellar clouds    [PDF]

Julien Daranlot, Ugo Hincelin, Astrid Bergeat, Michel Costes, Jean-Christophe Loison, Valentine Wakelam, Kevin M. Hickson