Friday, February 10, 2012

1202.1822 (Erica June Nelson et al.)

Spatially resolved Halpha maps and sizes of 57 strongly star-forming galaxies at z~1 from 3D-HST: evidence for rapid inside-out assembly of disk galaxies    [PDF]

Erica June Nelson, Pieter G. van Dokkum, Gabriel Brammer, Natascha Forster Schreiber, Marijn Franx, Mattia Fumagalli, Shannon Patel, Hans-Walter Rix, Rosalind E. Skelton, Rachel Bezanson, Elisabete Da Cunha, Mariska Kriek, Ivo Labbe, Britt Lundgren, Ryan Quadri, Kasper B. Schmidt

1202.1832 (Steven R. Majewski et al.)

Exploring Halo Substructure with Giant Stars: Substructure in the Local Halo as Seen in the Grid Giant Star Survey Including Extended Tidal Debris from Omega Centauri    [PDF]

Steven R. Majewski, David L. Nidever, Verne V. Smith, Guillermo J. Damke, William E. Kunkel, Richard J. Patterson, Dmitry Bizyaev, Ana E. Garcia Perez

1202.1866 (D. Hadasch et al.)

Long-term monitoring of the high-energy gamma-ray emission from LS I +61° 303 and LS 5039    [PDF]

D. Hadasch, D. F. Torres, T. Tanaka, R. H. D. Corbet, A. B. Hill, R. Dubois, G. Dubus, T. Glanzman, S. Corbel, J. Li, Y. P. Chen, S. Zhang, G. A. Caliandro, M. Kerr, J. L. Richards, W. Max-Moerbeck, A. Readhead, G. Pooley

1202.1873 (J. M. Silva et al.)

Nonextensive Effects on Chandrasekhar's Dynamical Friction    [PDF]

J. M. Silva, J. A. S. Lima, R. E. de Souza

1202.1875 (J. L. Han et al.)

The sino-german 6cm polarization survey of the galactic plane: A summary    [PDF]

J. L. Han, W. Reich, X. H. Sun, X. Y. Gao, L. Xiao, W. B. Shi, P. Reich, R. Wielebinski

1202.1878 (Alister W. Graham)

Breaking the law: the M_{bh}-M_{spheroid} mass relations for core-Sersic and Sersic galaxies    [PDF]

Alister W. Graham

1202.1957 (Alejandro Benítez-Llambay et al.)

Fast Integrated Spectra Analyzer: A New Computational Tool For Age and Reddening Determination of Small Angular Diameter Open Clusters    [PDF]

Alejandro Benítez-Llambay, Juan J. Clariá, Andrés E. Piatti

1202.2100 (N. R. Tanvir et al.)

The structure of star clusters in the outer halo of M31    [PDF]

N. R. Tanvir, A. D. Mackey, A. M. N. Ferguson, A. Huxor, J. I. Read, G. F. Lewis, M. J. Irwin, S. Chapman, R. Ibata, M. I. Wilkinson, A. W. McConnachie, N. F. Martin, M. B. Davies, T. J. Bridges