Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6784 (Jeroen Bédorf et al.)

The Effect of Many Minor Mergers on the Size Growth of Compact Quiescent Galaxies    [PDF]

Jeroen Bédorf, Simon Portegies Zwart

1301.6792 (Helen Kirk et al.)

Filamentary Accretion Flows in the Embedded Serpens South Protocluster    [PDF]

Helen Kirk, Philip C. Myers, Tyler L. Bourke, Robert A. Gutermuth, Abigail Hedden, Grant W. Wilson

1301.6806 (T. J. Davidge)

The Open Cluster NGC 2437 (Messier 46)    [PDF]

T. J. Davidge

1301.6824 (Tian Wenwu et al.)

Exploration of Galactic γ-Ray Supernova Remnants    [PDF]

Tian Wenwu, Zhang Jianli

1301.7011 (Zinovy Malkin)

Analysis of Determinations of the Distance between the Sun and the Galactic Center    [PDF]

Zinovy Malkin

1301.7044 (A. P. Milone et al.)

A WFC3/HST view of the three stellar populations in the Globular Cluster NGC6752    [PDF]

A. P. Milone, A. F. Marino, G. Piotto, L. R. Bedin, J. Anderson, A. Aparicio, A. Bellini, S. Cassisi, F. D'Antona, F. Grundahl, M. Monelli, D. Yong