Thursday, May 10, 2012

1205.1709 (M. Cannoni et al.)

New gamma ray signal from gravitationally boosted neutralinos at the galactic center    [PDF]

M. Cannoni, M. E. Gomez, M. A. Perez-Garcia, J. D. Vergados

1205.1800 (A. D. Goulding et al.)

Deep Silicate absorption features in Compton-thick AGN predominantly arise due to dust in the host galaxy    [PDF]

A. D. Goulding, D. M. Alexander, F. E. Bauer, W. R. Forman, R. C. Hickox, C. Jones, J. R. Mullaney, M. Trichas

1205.1805 (Laura Kreidberg et al.)

Mass Measurements of Black Holes in X-Ray Transients: Is There a Mass Gap?    [PDF]

Laura Kreidberg, Charles D. Bailyn, Will M. Farr, Vassiliki Kalogera

1205.1897 (Yuu Niino)

The Redshift Evolution of the Relation between Stellar Mass, Star Formation Rate, and Gas Metallicity of Galaxies    [PDF]

Yuu Niino

1205.1906 (M. Mendoza et al.)

Flow Through Campylotic Media    [PDF]

M. Mendoza, S. Succi, H. J. Herrmann

1205.1922 (B. R. Brandl et al.)

High Resolution IR Observations of the Starburst Ring in NGC 7552 -- One Ring to Rule Them All?    [PDF]

B. R. Brandl, N. L. Martin-Hernandez, D. Schaerer, M. Rosenberg, P. P. van der Werf

1205.1990 (Robin L. Shelton et al.)

Modeling the X-rays Resulting from High Velocity Clouds    [PDF]

Robin L. Shelton, Kyujin Kwak, David B. Henley

1205.2062 (Tea Temim et al.)

Properties and Spatial Distribution of Dust Emission in the Crab Nebula    [PDF]

Tea Temim, George Sonneborn, Eli Dwek, Richard G. Arendt, Robert D. Gehrz, Patrick Slane, Thomas L. Roellig

1205.2080 (J. Moldón et al.)

On the origin of LS 5039 and PSR J1825-1446    [PDF]

J. Moldón, M. Ribó, J. M. Paredes, W. Brisken, V. Dhawan, M. Kramer, A. G. Lyne, B. W. Stappers

1205.2082 (Ena Choi et al.)

Radiative and Momentum Based Mechanical AGN Feedback in a 3-Dimensional Galaxy Evolution Code    [PDF]

Ena Choi, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Thorsten Naab, Peter H. Johansson