Monday, July 9, 2012

1207.1436 (R. Capelli et al.)

The X-ray lightcurve of Sgr A* over the past 150 years inferred from Fe-Ka line reverberation in Galactic Centre molecular clouds    [PDF]

R. Capelli, R. S. Warwick, D. Porquet, S. Gillessen, P. Predehl

1207.1505 (T. D. Kinman et al.)

A New CEMP-s RR Lyrae Star    [PDF]

T. D. Kinman, W. Aoki, T. C. Beers, W. R. Brown

1207.1544 (F. D'Antona et al.)

Models for the lithium abundances of multiple populations in globular clusters and the possible role of the Big Bang lithium    [PDF]

F. D'Antona, A. D'Ercole, R. Carini, E. Vesperini, P. Ventura

1207.1562 (M. Contini et al.)

Distribution of the heavy elements throughout the extended narrow line region of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 7212    [PDF]

M. Contini, V. Cracco, S. Ciroi, G. La Mura

1207.1573 (Haibo Yuan et al.)

Detections of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the SDSS Low-resolution Spectra    [PDF]

Haibo Yuan, Xiaowei Liu

1207.1616 (E. Pancino)

The flux calibration of Gaia    [PDF]

E. Pancino

1207.1684 (M. Wezgowiec et al.)

Tidal interaction vs. ram pressure stripping effects as seen in X-rays. Hot gas in group and cluster galaxies    [PDF]

M. Wezgowiec, D. J. Bomans, M. Ehle, K. T. Chyzy, M. Urbanik, J. Braine, M. Soida