Thursday, May 9, 2013

1305.1622 (Mario Pasquato et al.)

Core collapse and horizontal-branch morphology in galactic globular clusters    [PDF]

Mario Pasquato, Gabriella Raimondo, Enzo Brocato, Chul Chung, Anthony Moraghan, Young-Wook Lee

1305.1625 (Ann-Marie Madigan et al.)

On the origin of the B-stars in the Galactic center    [PDF]

Ann-Marie Madigan, Yuri Levin, Oliver Pfuhl, Reinhard Genzel, Hagai B. Perets

1305.1626 (S. Michael Fall et al.)

Angular Momentum and Galaxy Formation Revisited: Effects of Variable Mass-to-light Ratios    [PDF]

S. Michael Fall, Aaron J. Romanowsky

1305.1630 (Matthew D. Kistler et al.)

The Cosmic Star Formation Rate from the Faintest Galaxies in the Unobservable Universe    [PDF]

Matthew D. Kistler, Hasan Yuksel, Andrew M. Hopkins

1305.1631 (Spencer A. Wolfe et al.)

Discrete clouds of neutral gas between the galaxies M31 and M33    [PDF]

Spencer A. Wolfe, D. J. Pisano, Felix J. Lockman, Stacy S. McGaugh, Edward J. Shaya

1305.1647 (M. S. Clemens et al.)

Dust and star-formation properties of a complete sample of local galaxies drawn from the Planck Early Release Compact Source Catalogue    [PDF]

M. S. Clemens, M. Negrello, G. De Zotti, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, L. Bonavera, G. Cosco, G. Guarese, L. Boaretto, P. Salucci, C. Baccigalupi, D. L. Clements, L. Danese, A. Lapi, N. Mandolesi, R. B. Partridge, F. Perrotta, S. Serjeant, D. Scott, L. Toffolatti

1305.1731 (Chin-Fei Lee et al.)

Mapping the Central Region of the PPN CRL 618 at Sub-arcsecond Resolution at 350 GHz    [PDF]

Chin-Fei Lee, Chun-Hui Yang, Raghvendra Sahai, Carmen Sanchez Contreras

1305.1781 (Xiaohu Li et al.)

Photodissociation of interstellar N2    [PDF]

Xiaohu Li, Alan N. Heays, Ruud Visser, Wim Ubachs, Brenton R. Lewis, Stephen T. Gibson, Ewine F. van Dishoeck

1305.1802 (M. Bremer et al.)

The Central 3 kpc of NGC 5850    [PDF]

M. Bremer, J. Scharwächter, A. Eckart, J. Zuther, S. Fischer, M. Valencias-S., F. Combes, S. Garcia-Burillo

1305.1857 (A. Sollima et al.)

Infrared photometry of Young Massive Clusters in the starburst galaxy NGC 4214    [PDF]

A. Sollima, R. G. Gratton, E. Carretta, A. Bragaglia, S. Lucatello

1305.1919 (F. S. Tabatabaei et al.)

Cold dust in giant barred galaxy NGC1365    [PDF]

F. S. Tabatabaei, A. Weiss, F. Combes, C. Henkel, K. M. Menten, R. Beck, A. Kovács, R. Guesten