Thursday, May 9, 2013

1305.1802 (M. Bremer et al.)

The Central 3 kpc of NGC 5850    [PDF]

M. Bremer, J. Scharwächter, A. Eckart, J. Zuther, S. Fischer, M. Valencias-S., F. Combes, S. Garcia-Burillo
NGC 5850 is a nearby (z=0.0085) early type spiral galaxy classified as LINER. It is considered as a prototype double-barred system. Our optical Integral Field Spectroscopic (IFS) data of the central 21x19 arcsec^2 of NGC 5850 show extended LINER-like emission which we ascribe to the presence of a hot and evolved stellar population, possibly together with a faint AGN. Additionally NGC 5850 shows extended `composite' ionization patterns, likely to stem from a mixture of LINER-like ionization and photoionization by star formation. The kinematics of the gas deviates strongly from a simple rotational structure.
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