Friday, June 29, 2012

1206.6493 (Sherry C. C. Yeh et al.)

Ionization Parameter as a Diagnostic of Radiation and Wind Pressures in H II Regions and Starburst Galaxies    [PDF]

Sherry C. C. Yeh, Christopher D. Matzner

1206.6492 (S. Walch et al.)

Dispersal of molecular clouds by ionising radiation    [PDF]

S. Walch, A. P. Whitworth, T. Bisbas, R. Wunsch, D. Hubber

1206.6500 (Patricio Sanhueza et al.)

Chemistry in Infrared Dark Cloud Clumps: a Molecular Line Survey at 3 mm    [PDF]

Patricio Sanhueza, James M. Jackson, Jonathan B. Foster, Guido Garay, Andrea Silva, Susanna C. Finn

1206.6569 (George Heald)

Magnetic field transport from disk to halo via the galactic chimney process in NGC 6946    [PDF]

George Heald

1206.6691 (N. C. Amorisco et al.)

A Troublesome Past: Chemodynamics of the Fornax dwarf spheroidal    [PDF]

N. C. Amorisco, N. W. Evans

1206.6777 (Francisco Hernandez-Ibarra et al.)

Nuclear Activity In Isolated Galaxies    [PDF]

Francisco Hernandez-Ibarra, Deborah Dultzin, Yair Krongold, Ascencion Del Olmo, Jaime Perea, Jesus Gonzalez

1206.6784 (F. A. Gent et al.)

The supernova-regulated ISM. II. The mean magnetic field    [PDF]

F. A. Gent, A. Shukurov, A. Fletcher, G. R. Sarson, M. J. Mantere

1206.6788 (Cesar Alvarez et al.)

On the galactic rotation curves problem within an axisymmetric approach    [PDF]

Cesar Alvarez, Olindo Corradini, Alfredo Herrera-Aguilar, Ulises Nucamendi, Eli Santos