Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1112.0019 (Robert J. J. Grand et al.)

The dynamics of stars around spiral arms    [PDF]

Robert J. J. Grand, Daisuke Kawata, Mark Cropper

1112.4510 (Armando Rojas-Niño et al.)

Detecting Triaxiality in the Galactic Dark Matter halo through Stellar Kinematics    [PDF]

Armando Rojas-Niño, Octavio Valenzuela, Barbara Pichardo, Luis A. Aguilar

1112.4539 (Naohito Nakasato)

Implementation of a Parallel Tree Method on a GPU    [PDF]

Naohito Nakasato

1112.4596 (Satoko Takahashi et al.)

Discovery of the Youngest Molecular Outflow associated with an Intermediate-mass protostellar Core, MMS-6/OMC-3    [PDF]

Satoko Takahashi, Paul Ho

1112.4608 (Xinyi Guo et al.)

Periodic Signals in Binary Microlensing Events    [PDF]

Xinyi Guo, Ann Esin, Rosanne Di Stefano, Jeffrey Taylor

1112.4652 (Qasem Exirifard)

Lunar system constraints on the modified theories of gravity    [PDF]

Qasem Exirifard

1112.4789 (Michael M. Dunham et al.)

Resolving the Luminosity Problem in Low-Mass Star Formation    [PDF]

Michael M. Dunham, Eduard I. Vorobyov

1112.4793 (P. M. Zhang et al.)

Kohn's theorem and Newton-Hooke symmetry for Hill's equations    [PDF]

P. M. Zhang, G. W. Gibbons, P. A. Horvathy

1112.4822 (Ruth A. Murray-Clay et al.)

Disruption of a Proto-Planetary Disk by the Black Hole at the Milky Way Centre    [PDF]

Ruth A. Murray-Clay, Abraham Loeb