Monday, July 16, 2012

1207.3078 (Andy Pon et al.)

Aspect Ratio Dependence of the Free-Fall Time for Non-Spherical Symmetries    [PDF]

Andy Pon, Jesús A. Toalá, Doug Johnstone, Enrique Vázquez-Semadeni, Fabian Heitsch, Gilberto C. Gómez

1207.3079 (Ralph Schönrich)

Galactic Rotation and Solar Motion from Stellar Kinematics    [PDF]

Ralph Schönrich

1207.3083 (Facundo A. Gómez et al.)

Vertical density waves in the Milky Way disc induced by the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy    [PDF]

Facundo A. Gómez, Ivan Minchev, Brian W. O'Shea, Timothy C. Beers, James S. Bullock, Chris W. Purcell

1207.3084 (Jamie R. Ownsworth et al.)

Evolution of Massive Galaxy Structural Properties and Sizes via Star Formation In the GOODS NICMOS Survey    [PDF]

Jamie R. Ownsworth, Christopher J. Conselice, Alice Mortlock, Willian G. Hartley, Fernando Buitrago

1207.3244 (R. Carrera)

Radial velocities and metallicities from infrared Ca II triplet spectroscopy of open clusters: Berkeley 26, Berkeley 70, NGC 1798, and NGC 2266    [PDF]

R. Carrera

1207.3310 (P. Frau et al.)

Young starless cores embedded in the magnetically dominated Pipe Nebula. II. Extended dataset    [PDF]

P. Frau, J. M. Girart, M. T. Beltran, M. Padovani, G. Busquet, O. Morata, J. M. Masque, F. O. Alves, A. Sanchez-Monge, G. A. P. Franco, R. Estalella

1207.3328 (D. Geisler et al.)

The Unique Na:O Abundance Distribution in NGC 6791: The First Open(?) Cluster with Multiple Populations    [PDF]

D. Geisler, S. Villanova, G. Carraro, C. Pilachowski, J. Cummings, C. I. Johnson, F. Bresolin

1207.3346 (Peter M. Frinchaboy et al.)

A 2MASS All-Sky View of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: VII. Kinematics of the Main Body of the Sagittarius dSph    [PDF]

Peter M. Frinchaboy, Steven R. Majewski, Ricardo R. Munoz, David R. Law, Ewa L. Lokas, William E. Kunkel, Richard J. Patterson, Kathryn V. Johnston