Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1304.5718 (W. F. Thi et al.)

Nature of the gas and dust around 51 Oph    [PDF]

W. F. Thi, F. Ménard, G. Meeus, A. Carmona, P. Riviere-Marichalar, J. -C. Augereau, I. Kamp, P. Woitke, C. Pinte, I. Mendigutía, C. Eiroa, B. Montesinos, S. Britain, W. Dent

1304.5807 (Ning Jiang et al.)

UM 625 Revisited: Multiwavelength Study of A Seyfert 1 Galaxy with a Low-mass Black Hole    [PDF]

Ning Jiang, Luis C. Ho, Xiao-bo Dong, Huan Yang, Junxian Wang

1304.5877 (A. A. Nucita et al.)

Polarization profiles for selected microlensing events towards the galactic bulge    [PDF]

A. A. Nucita, G. Ingrosso, F. De Paolis, F. Strafella, S. Calchi-Novati, Ph. Jetzer, A. F. Zakharov

1304.5886 (Atsushi Miyazaki et al.)

Time Lag in Intra-Day Variability of Sgr A* between the Light Curves at 90 and 102GHz    [PDF]

Atsushi Miyazaki, Masato Tsuboi, Takahiro Tsutsumi

1304.5902 (Todor V. Veltchev et al.)

Clump mass function at an early stage of molecular cloud evolution: II. Galactic cloud complexes    [PDF]

Todor V. Veltchev, Sava Donkov, Ralf S. Klessen

1304.5984 (Denilso Camargo et al.)

Towards a census of the Galactic anticentre star clusters - III: tracing the spiral structure in the Outer Disk    [PDF]

Denilso Camargo, Eduardo Bica, Charles Bonatto