Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1207.5512 (Freeke van de Voort et al.)

Soft X-ray and ultra-violet metal-line emission from the gas around galaxies    [PDF]

Freeke van de Voort, Joop Schaye

1207.5519 (Paul M. Woods et al.)

The chemistry of extragalactic carbon stars    [PDF]

Paul M. Woods, Catherine Walsh, Martin A. Cordiner, Franciska Kemper

1207.5535 (Rachel L. Ward et al.)

Connecting the Dots: Analyzing Synthetic Observations of Star-Forming Clumps in Molecular Clouds    [PDF]

Rachel L. Ward, James Wadsley, Alison Sills, Nicolas Petitclerc

1207.5576 (Holger Baumgardt et al.)

The star cluster formation history of the LMC    [PDF]

Holger Baumgardt, Genevieve Parmentier, Peter Anders, Eva K. Grebel

1207.5657 (S. Hocuk et al.)

The impact of magnetic fields on the IMF in star-forming clouds near a supermassive black hole    [PDF]

S. Hocuk, D. R. G. Schleicher, M. Spaans, S. Cazaux

1207.5681 (V. Lora et al.)

Dark Matter Subhalos in the Ursa Minor Dwarf Galaxy    [PDF]

V. Lora, A. Just, F. J. Sanchez-Salcedo, E. K. Grebel

1207.5753 (Justin Comparetta et al.)

Stellar Migration by Short Lived Density Peaks Arising from Interference of Spiral Density Waves in an N-body Simulation    [PDF]

Justin Comparetta, Alice C. Quillen