Thursday, January 12, 2012

1110.3791 (Desika Narayanan et al.)

A General Model for the CO-H2 Conversion Factor in Galaxies with Applications to the Star Formation Law    [PDF]

Desika Narayanan, Mark R. Krumholz, Eve C. Ostriker, Lars Hernquist

1201.2174 (John J. Tobin et al.)

Complex Structure in Class 0 Protostellar Envelopes III: Velocity Gradients in Non-Axisymmetric Envelopes, Infall or Rotation?    [PDF]

John J. Tobin, Lee Hartmann, Edwin A. Bergin, Hsin-Fang Chiang, Leslie W. Looney, Claire J. Chandler, Sebastien Maret, Fabian Heitsch

1201.2183 (Rafael Alves Batista et al.)

Identifying Patterns on Cosmic Ray Maps with Wavelets on the Sphere    [PDF]

Rafael Alves Batista, Marcelo Zimbres, Ernesto Kemp

1201.2230 (J. Zhu et al.)

The unified model of the H II region and PDR: Infrared lines and thermal dust emission    [PDF]

J. Zhu, M. Huang

1201.2353 (Bridget L. Falck et al.)

ORIGAMI: Delineating Halos using Phase-Space Folds    [PDF]

Bridget L. Falck, Mark C. Neyrinck, Alexander S. Szalay

1201.2362 (D. Kunneriath et al.)

The Galactic centre mini-spiral in the mm-regime    [PDF]

D. Kunneriath, A. Eckart, S. N. Vogel, P. Teuben, K. Muzic, R. Schoedel, M. Garcia-Marin, J. Moultaka, J. Staguhn, C. Straubmeier, J. A. Zensus, M. Valencia-S., V. Karas

1201.2373 (Yuvraj Harsha Sreedhar et al.)

Ages and Metallicities of Cluster Galaxies in A779 using Modified Str√∂mgren Photometry    [PDF]

Yuvraj Harsha Sreedhar, Andrew P. Odell, Karl D. Rakos, Gerhard Hensler, Werner W. Zeilinger