Thursday, October 25, 2012

1210.6349 (J. Koda et al.)

Physical Conditions in Molecular Clouds in the Arm and Interarm Regions of M51    [PDF]

J. Koda, N. Scoville, T. Hasegawa, D. Calzetti, J. Donovan Meyer, F. Egusa, R. Kennicutt, N. Kuno, M. Louie, R. Momose, T. Sawada, K. Sorai, M. Umei

1210.6353 (Zachary G. Jennings et al.)

Supernova Remnant Progenitor Masses in M31    [PDF]

Zachary G. Jennings, Benjamin F. Williams, Jeremiah W. Murphy, Julianne J. Dalcanton, Karoline M. Gilbert, Andrew E. Dolphin, Morgan Fouesneau, Daniel R. Weisz

1210.6362 (Samaya Nissanke et al.)

Identifying Elusive Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Mergers: an end-to-end simulation    [PDF]

Samaya Nissanke, Mansi Kasliwal, Alexandra Georgieva

1210.6368 (Paola Caselli et al.)

Our astrochemical heritage    [PDF]

Paola Caselli, Cecilia Ceccarelli

1210.6409 (J. S. Heiner et al.)

Hydrogen volume densities in nearby galaxies I - an automated approach    [PDF]

J. S. Heiner, J. R. Sánchez-Gallego, L. Rousseau-Nepton, J. H. Knapen

1210.6470 (J. Braine et al.)

A detailed view of a Molecular Cloud in the far outer disk of M33    [PDF]

J. Braine, P. Gratier, Y. Contreras, K. F. Schuster, N. Brouillet

1210.6558 (Aigen Li et al.)

The Carriers of the Interstellar Unidentified Infrared Emission Features: Aromatic or Aliphatic?    [PDF]

Aigen Li, B. T. Draine

1210.6562 (Melanie Koehler et al.)

On the Anomalous Silicate Absorption Feature of the Prototypical Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 1068    [PDF]

Melanie Koehler, Aigen Li

1210.6563 (David W. Hogg et al.)

Replacing standard galaxy profiles with mixtures of Gaussians    [PDF]

David W. Hogg, Dustin Lang

1210.6597 (F. Y. Xiang et al.)

A Tale of Two Mysteries in Interstellar Astrophysics: The 2175 Angstrom Extinction Bump and Diffuse Interstellar Bands    [PDF]

F. Y. Xiang, Aigen Li, J. X. Zhong