Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1207.2249 (Young-Soo Jo et al.)

Simulation Study of Dust-Scattered Far-Ultraviolet Emission in the Orion-Eridanus Superbubble    [PDF]

Young-Soo Jo, Kyoung-Wook Min, Tae-Ho Lim, Kwang-Il Seon

1207.2256 (C. Olczak et al.)

The Evolution of Protoplanetary Discs in the Arches Cluster    [PDF]

C. Olczak, T. Kaczmarek, S. Harfst, S. Pfalzner, S. Portegies Zwart

1207.2350 (M. S. Oey)

The Salpeter Slope of the IMF Explained    [PDF]

M. S. Oey

1207.2383 (Sanjoy K. Sarker et al.)

The Temperature of Dark Matter Atmospheres    [PDF]

Sanjoy K. Sarker, Allen Stern

1207.2421 (Aaron J. Maxwell et al.)

Building the Stellar Halo Through Feedback in Dwarf Galaxies    [PDF]

Aaron J. Maxwell, James Wadsley, H. M. P. Couchman, Sergey Mashchenko

1207.2455 (Maria Bergemann et al.)

NLTE line formation of Fe for late-type stars. I. Standard stars with 1D and <3D> model atmospheres    [PDF]

Maria Bergemann, Karin Lind, Remo Collet, Zazralt Magic, Martin Asplund