Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1106.1397 (Philipp P. Kronberg et al.)

Measurement of the Electric Current in a Kpc-Scale Jet    [PDF]

Philipp P. Kronberg, Richard V. E. Lovelace, Giovanni Lapenta, Stirling A. Colgate

1107.1711 (Marcelo Ponce et al.)

Accretion disks around kicked black holes: Post-kick Dynamics    [PDF]

Marcelo Ponce, Joshua A. Faber, James C. Lombardi Jr

1109.3750 (Dong-Biao Kang)

Different thermodynamics of self-gravitating systems and discussions for some observations and simulations    [PDF]

Dong-Biao Kang

1112.3958 (Jay Strader et al.)

Old Massive Globular Clusters and the Stellar Halo of the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy NGC 4449    [PDF]

Jay Strader, Anil C. Seth, Nelson Caldwell

1112.3957 (Daniel J. Majaess et al.)

Strengthening the Open Cluster Distance Scale via VVV Photometry    [PDF]

Daniel J. Majaess, David G. Turner, C. Moni Bidin, D. Geisler, J. Borissova, D. Minniti, C. Bonatto, W. Gieren, G. Carraro, R. Kurtev, F. Mauro, A-N. Chene, D. W. Forbes, P. Lucas, I. Dekany, R. K. Saito, M. Soto

1112.3960 (Benoit Famaey et al.)

Modified Newtonian Dynamics: A Review    [PDF]

Benoit Famaey, Stacy McGaugh

1112.3963 (Daniel A. Perley et al.)

The Luminous Infrared Host Galaxy of Short-Duration GRB 100206A    [PDF]

Daniel A. Perley, M. Modjaz, A. N. Morgan, S. B. Cenko, J. S. Bloom, N. R. Butler, A. V. Filippenko, A. A. Miller

1112.4070 (Mikhail Klassen et al.)

Simulating protostellar evolution and radiative feedback in the cluster environment    [PDF]

Mikhail Klassen, Ralph E. Pudritz, Thomas Peters

1112.4157 (Rowan J. Smith et al.)

Variable Accretion Rates and Fluffy First Stars    [PDF]

Rowan J. Smith, Takashi Hosokawa, Kazuyuki Omukai, Simon C. O. Glover, Ralf S. Klessen

1112.4349 (E. Costantini et al.)

XMM-Newton observation of 4U 1820-30: Broad band spectrum and the contribution of the cold interstellar medium    [PDF]

E. Costantini, C. Pinto, J. S. Kaastra, J. J. M. in't Zand, M. J. Freyberg, L. Kuiper, M. Mendez, C. P. de Vries, L. B. F. M. Waters

1112.4421 (M. Lopez-Corredoira et al.)

On the non-evolution of the dependence of black hole masses on bolometric luminosities for QSOs    [PDF]

M. Lopez-Corredoira, C. M. Gutierrez

1112.4466 (Charles J. Lada et al.)

Star Formation Rates in Molecular Clouds and the Nature of the Extragalactic Scaling Relations    [PDF]

Charles J. Lada, Jan Forbrich, Marco Lombardi, Joao F. Alves