Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6847 (Martin Wen-Yu Lo)

Galactic Dynamics Using 1/r Force Without Dark Matter    [PDF]

Martin Wen-Yu Lo
Dark matter, a conjectured substance not directly observable but which has tremendous mass, was proposed to explain why galaxies hold together and rotate faster at their edges than predicted by Newton's Inverse Square (1/r2) Law of Gravity. Here we propose an alternative, an Inverse Law (1/r), which explains galactic morphology and rotation without dark matter. By varying initial conditions, the Inverse Law can systematically and easily generate realistic galactic formations including spirals, cartwheels (extremely difficult under Newtonian gravity), bars, rings, and spokes. This model can also produce filaments and void structures reminiscent of the large-scale structure of the universe. Newtonian gravity cannot do all this without dark matter. Occam's Razor suggests that at galactic scales, gravity should be 1/r and dark matter is unnecessary. This simple model with its self-organizing emergent properties, combined with dynamical systems theory, has broader implications. It may help us understand more complex systems.
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