Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.1411 (R. Bernabei et al.)

Dark Matter investigation by DAMA at Gran Sasso    [PDF]

R. Bernabei, P. Belli, S. d'Angelo, A. Di Marco, F. Montecchia, F. Cappella, A. d'Angelo, A. Incicchitti, V. Caracciolo, S. Castellano, R. Cerulli, C. J. Dai, H. L. He, X. H. Ma, X. D. Sheng, R. G. Wang, Z. P. Ye
Experimental observations and theoretical arguments at Galaxy and larger scales have suggested that a large fraction of the Universe is composed by Dark Matter particles. This has motivated the DAMA experimental efforts to investigate the presence of such particles in the galactic halo by exploiting a model independent signature and very highly radiopure set-ups deep underground. Few introductory arguments are summarized before presenting a review of the present model independent positive results obtained by the DAMA/NaI and DAMA/LIBRA set-ups at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the INFN. Implications and model dependent comparisons with other different kinds of results will be shortly addressed. Some arguments put forward in literature will be confuted.
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