Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.1198 (D. R. Lorimer et al.)

Timing of pulsars found in a deep Parkes multibeam survey    [PDF]

D. R. Lorimer, F. Camilo, M. A. McLaughlin
We have carried out a sensitive radio pulsar survey along the northern Galactic plane ($50^{\circ} < l < 60^{\circ}$ and $|b| \lapp 2^{\circ}$) using the Parkes 20-cm multibeam system. We observed each position for 70-min on two separate epochs. Our analyses to date have so far resulted in the detection of 32 pulsars, of which 17 were previously unknown. Here we summarize the observations and analysis and present the timing observations of 11 pulsars and discovery parameters for a further 6 pulsars. We also present a timing solution for the 166-ms bursting pulsar, PSR~J1938+2213, previously discovered during an Arecibo drift-scan survey. Our survey data for this pulsar show that the emission can be described by a steady pulse component with bursting emission, which lasts for typically 20--25 pulse periods, superposed. Other new discoveries are the young 80.1-ms pulsar PSR~J1935+2025 which exhibits a significant amount of unmodeled low-frequency noise in its timing residuals, and the 4.2-ms pulsar PSR~J1935+1726 which is in a low-mass binary system with a 90.7-day circular orbit.
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