Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.0927 (Brett A. McGuire et al.)

A CSO Broadband Spectral Line Survey of Sgr B2(N)-LMH from 260 - 286 GHz    [PDF]

Brett A. McGuire, P. Brandon Carroll, Anthony J. Remijan
Presented here are the results of a broadband spectral line survey of the Sgr B2(N) - LMH region from 260 - 286 GHz using the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory. The data were taken over the course of a single night (May 26, 2013) during the course of science testing of the remote observational capabilities of the facility. The data are freely available to public both as raw, double-side band observational data and as a minimally-reduced ascii spectrum. The procedural scripts used for the preliminary data reduction using CLASS are provided as well. The observational parameters and preliminary data reduction procedures are detailed. Finally, we provide instructions for accessing the data as well as comment on the robustness of the preliminary reduction.
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