Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4467 (Xiyan Peng et al.)

The stellar metallicity distribution of the Milky Way from the BATC survey    [PDF]

Xiyan Peng, Cuihua Du, Zhenyu Wu, Jun Ma, Xu Zhou
Using the stellar atmospheric parameters such as effective temperature and metallicity derived from SDSS spectra for 2200 main sequence (MS) stars which were also observed by Beijing - Arizona - Taiwan - Connecticut (BATC) photometric system, we develop the polynomial photometric calibration method to evaluate the stellar effective temperature and metallicity for BATC multi-color photometric data. This calibration method has been applied to about 160 000 MS stars from 67 BATC observed fields. Those stars have colors and magnitudes in the ranges 0.1 < d - h < 1.4 and 14.0 < d < 21.0. We find that there is a peak of metallicity distribution at [Fe/H] ~ -1.5 in the distance from the Galactic plane |Z| > 5 kpc which corresponds to the halo component and a peak at [Fe/H] ~ -0.7 in the region 2 < |Z| < 5 kpc where is dominated by the thick disk stars. The mean stellar metallicity smoothly decreases from -0.65 to -0.78 in the interval 0.5 < |Z|< 2 kpc. Metallicity distributions in the halo and the thick disk seem invariant with the distance from the Galactic plane.
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