Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4310 (N. Kaltcheva et al.)

Stellar content of the young supershell GSH 305+01-24    [PDF]

N. Kaltcheva, V. Golev
We combine several surveys at different wavelengths with intermediate-band $ uvby\beta$ photometry to examine the correlation between the location of the OB-stars in the Centaurus star-forming field and the neutral and ionized material in GSH 305+01$-$24 supershell seen in the same direction. Based on homogeneous distances of nearly 700 early-type stars, we are able to select spatially coherent stellar groupings and to revise the classical concept of the Cen OB1 association. We argue that this star-forming field is closer to the Sun than estimated before, at a distance of $1.8\pm0.4$ kpc, instead of the classical 2.5 kpc. The region shows striking similarities between the stellar distribution and H$\alpha$ and H I emission morphologies, suggesting that the observed shell passes a stage through which the number of ionizing photons emerging from the central association is not sufficient to ionize the entire shell. Stellar masses and ages, calculated via the latest evolutionary models are used to evaluate whether these stars can be the energy source for the supershell.
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